Multi Tasking Chocolate Hair Removing Face Mask! Chocoable EpiPack Review

When I saw this product, a Chocolate Hair Removing Face Mask, I was like hello!!!! It’s as made for me!

Not that I’m that…erm, hairy.

This EpiPack hails from Asia, naturally, don’t you just like innovative beauty products?!


When it comes to facial hair removal I use good old tweezers and rarely, I will attempt waxing. I have also had threading done and I have come to the conclusion that I need to be extremely careful with it because my skin is SO sensitive.

It goes luminous red after threading – I’ve actually had people who perform the treatment on me stopping me and going “Are you SURE you’re ok” because my skin gets so red! Plus I get loads of ingrown hair….

So here goes with the chocolate face mask!#alttext#

This stuff smells just like chocolate and reminds me of chocolate sauce. I think someone could eat this by accident!


It has a slight glue like smell to it (it can also be used for blackheads!). It’s quite gloopy and thick.

I attempted this on my upper brow area where you can see I have lots of little stray hairs.


I applied a layer – not too thick, not too thin. Make sure the area is clean first and brush the EpiPack on in the direction of the hair growth. As it dries it seems to dry quite tightly around the hairs. It takes about 15 minutes to dry properly.


Before I used it here for photo purposes, I tried it on Mr C’s nose and also on my own nose for blackheads and it did quite well and took loads of little fine hairs out.

How did it perform here….well……


It was good at pulling out the fine hairs, and a few of the dark thicker hairs but not brilliant. Waxing would’ve got rid of it but not the EpiPack.

Also my skin was quite itchy and red afterwards – it’s a bit like waxing but in slow motion :)

If your skin isn’t sensitive you’ll probably be fine!

Here is my strip:


Close look, you can see the fine hairs. If you have a lot of peach fuzz type hair this is great. If you want to remove substantial hair then it won’t work.


Well I am so glad I paid £19 for this stuff to be tortured.

Tell you what is really good fun though…using it on someone else!

I bought mine from Beautyeshop for about £19. Their stuff is really marked up in price but the service is good.

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  1. catherine says

    i soo wanna try this! its pretty pricey though so it will have to wait.

    brill reveiw hunni :) been waiting for this!


  2. Oli says

    I’d love to try this but it’s quite expensive, I’m guessing a little goes a long way? I’d have to do it on an off day bc the redness!

  3. JenT says

    Ooooh this looks fun…these kind of products always remind me of pvc glue, and the satisfaction of peeling it off your hands when you used to use it at school! Same sort of satisfaction peeling my nose packs off now!