Multi Tasking Bag & Film Review – In Bruge

Although I am not a big fan of the LV monogram I did buy this little pouch – why? Its a real multitasker!

The Pochette Marelle.

I needed a bag for three things.

1) A bum bag type contraption as I am planning to do some car boot sales

2) A smart clutch bag for a dinner party I’ve got to go to in a month or so

3) A make up bag with enough space.

Ta da! I figured out this bag will work –

It is spacious enough day to day for my make up, it has a removeable strap for bum bagging or clutching. Yeah!

Now all it needs is a magic button that spits out money. Then it would be the best bag, ever!


I’ve just finished watching a film called In Bruge with Colin Farrell and Ralph Finnes. Its one of those films the boyf just sticks on when you are trying to concentrate but….

Oh my god. It’s BRILLIANT.

I am a cinema snob. I won’t spend money watching films that:

a. Are chick flicks

b. Are blockbuster types

c. Teen Horrors

d. Anything with Keira Knightly

e. Anything with Kate Beckinsale

Etc. etc. etc.

Once, a friend said to me that Jeepers Creepers was an “amazing film”. I made her give me back her half of the forever friends keyring.

Films I do like (so you can decide if I am talking rubbish or not7):

1. Old Boy (Korean)

2. Spirited Away (Japanese)

3. Sympathy for Lady Vengence (Korean)

4. Zatochi (Japanese)

5. Save the Green Planet (Japanese)

6. The Prestige (Christian Bale, mmmmm)

7. Team America (Love Trey Parker)

If you were lost from film number one, then you probably won’t like In Bruge. It’s violent, its sad, its a little bit disturbing.

The story is about two Irish hitmen in Bruge who are given a priest to hit on. By accident Colin Farrell kills a little boy, and his friend and collegue then sets out to kill/save him.

I loved every second of it. It was extremely funny in a charming way, extremely moving.

The real star is Brendan Gleeson, who plays Colin’s comrade – amazing actor, made the whole thing magic for me. He’s not a babe by the way – thats why Colin is there, but he is a fine, fine actor.

Oh its bedtime for me. I’m scared of having nightmares – kids, don’t grow up to be hired killers.

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  1. Chica says

    I LOVE Old Boy and Lady Vengeance, I noticed you haven’t got Sympathy for Mr Vengeance on the list – is it because it confused you too?
    I nearly didn’t watch the second two because of how little I understood of the first one!
    I love a lot of the films on that list & also refuse to watch anything with Keira Knightly but unfortunately I’m a sucker for a chick flick…and zombie films :o)
    Ooh – and my over £31 order didn’t get hit by customs – YAY

  2. Payal says

    Hello! I’m new to ur blog (just found it today) .. and i’m amazed at your beauty stash lol!

    I’m Payal by the way and definately going to be a regular around here!

    I just wanted to say, have you tried the RMK shiny mix cheek colours, or the shiny mix eye colours? they r limited edition but look AMAZING but quite pricey! Was wondering if you had tried it on before i go and buy it!

    Btw .. am loving the louis vuitton bag with the red on it, and i liked In Bruges as well though i must admit im more of a chich flick or blockbuster kinda girl!


  3. MandyPandy says

    In Bruges, eh? IDK; I love Brendan Gleason but I’m not so crazy about Colin Farrell. In anything.

    I also can’t stand watching Keira Knightly onscreen. Bend it Like Beckham was my first and last KK movie. Still, at least she’s not Parminder Nagra. :-/

    Park Chan Wook and Hayao Miyazaki are geniuses and I’ll watch anything they make.

    I can’t say the same for Christopher Nolan; though ‘Memento’ was great, The Prestige was middling, at best. I’d say it was awful, but Hugh Jackman…mmmmm…

  4. Jaime says

    I haven’t seen The Prestige but I love your film choices too!!! And have had a silly fangirl crush on Mr Trey Parker for years, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched BASEketball just to ogle….