Multi Colour Eyeshadow Palettes

I know everyone goes nuts for those multi coloured eyeshadow palettes on eBay – I have a problem with them because I find they tend to stain the skin. Nevertheless, being bored I grabbed a few off eBay:

120 Colour Palette:

I love brights, so I like this.

If you like neutrals you might use about, ooohhh 3 colours.

There’s an interesting marbled section:

Then I picked up two small palettes:

A great one full of neutrals:

Let’s face it – it would be almost impossible to find out the exact ingredients in these palettes. However, they are super soft and pigmented – I can see the attraction of these for those with smaller make up collections. Pigmentation is nor a problem but they don’t last long on the skin. Not a problem for me, I always use a base – if you don’t, then you should.

This is a really quick random swatch:

All soft, some are more glittery than pigmented, such as the grey 4 across. But you can’t complain – the small palettes are about £7, and the big one is about £11.

Another thing though is that the powders are very soft and 2 of the pans had been completely crushed in transit. You can only hope that your seller will package it well….

Going to do a look with this palette – there are some really really sexy shades in this palette.


I am not liking it. I used the red last week to do a Sympathy for lady Vengence look. Although I removed it all before bedtime, my eyes were completely crusted up. Strange I thought – today I am wearing a gold shade and I have a burning pain on my eyelid – on the skin, not in my actual eye where I put the colour. I am concerned I may be allergic to these palettes or they may have an ingredient that doesn’t work for sensitive eyes.

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  1. says

    oh no, those are definitely allergies! sorry to hear that it doesn’t work for you, sometimes, inexpensive stuffs really comes with a price :( Hope your eyes get better

  2. says

    That sucks that they give you a reaction. I’m actually avoiding the temptation of getting these as much as possible. They’re just too ridiculously cheap, and that they’re made in china…so I really don’t trust whatever the ingredients are in there. These palettes are just too common and obscure in origin so it kinda bugs me.

  3. Chica says

    That’s pants Row :( -hugs-
    I’m always put off trying these things because my eyes are so bloody sensitive they react to perfectly ok products so they’d probably hate me forever with these.
    Stephy – have CS advised their palettes are eyesafe and listed the ingredients?
    In other news – IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS :)

  4. Row says

    Hi Stephy!

    I have tried one – that was actually ok on my eyes but its so hard to predict, since they all come from the same factories :/

  5. Row says

    Hi Nikki!

    my eye is still watering like crazy today but I moved back to my usual make up! So it seems to be having a long lasting effect!

  6. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Thats the thing – even the seller couldn’t give me an ingredient list. So it’s very hard to be positive of whats in them and I know the UK and US are quite strict with what can be put into cosmetics – I wonder if these would pass the test!

  7. Row says

    Hey Chica

    Indeed, it is nearly Christmas! :) although I doubt I will get anything exciting. You know I am the only person in the world who will know what everything under the tree is including my own presents. No one can suprise me effectively!

    My eye is still watering today! I am like you – when something’s wrong my eye goes *poof*. I am actually to scared to use these colours – I mean I know some colours, red, greens and purple are supposed to contain a dye which can cause more allergies than other shades. These palettes are so bright and colourful can you imagine whats in them!?!!?

  8. says

    It’s also difficult to for me to find eye makeup that doesn’t irritate my eyes. I thought I had found the perfect shadow in Sugar’s Round the Clock palette, but the line seems to have been discontinued; I’m scrambling to buy up any of the remaining palettes.