MUA Haul: Make Up Academy – the £1 make up range from Superdrug

A couple of weeks ago, I was skulking around in Superdrug when I noticed this rather simple looking range called Make Up Academy, or MUA.


They do liquid eyeliner, lip gloss in a tube and in a long container, nail polish, blush, eyeshadow, eye dust, mascara, eye glitter and lipstick.

Everything in the range is just £1 – so I decided to buy a few things to play with.

Superdrug being Superdrug, a lot of the items were opened and tested, and there wasn’t much left.


See, £1 is more like it. Although I admit I spend most of my time sourcing unusual Asian beauty products and high end Western brands, I am impartial to a bargain too.

I was surprised to see the price of high street (or drugstore) brands – £7-£10 for a mascara, £6-8 for a lipstick. This is not cheap! Its bordering on MAC prices, no?

I spent £4 exactly on an eyeshadow, 2 lipsticks and a liquid eyeliner.

The lipsticks:


The first thing I noticed about these lipstick….…is how it’s a little uneven. There are little air bubbles at the top of the lipstick – doesn’t affect it, of course, but its the first time I’ve seen air bubbles in a lippie!

The lipsticks are low-medium pigmented, and leave a soft, shiny finish. They are certainly wearable and comfortable to wear, although there’s nothing amazing about the finish. The lipsticks feel a little hard to me.

On the lips:


4 is a candy pink in the tube but its quite a sheer and pretty, if not slightly non descrip – colour.

11 is better, it has more pigment although it swatched as a nude, its actually more of a warmish-chestnut-nude on. It’s not bad:


The eyeshadow is pretty decent although it depends on the shade. Some of the others I swatched didn’t show much colour – this green is one of the better ones.

The liquid eyeliner is as I expected – its a little bit too liquid, it takes a while to dry but once tried, its fine. Not completely long wearing – feels more like a liquid shadow than a liner to me since it isn’t that pigmented:


All in all, not a bad range – as a teenager I would’ve loved this range because its cheap and there’s so many shades to choose from. So for its target market (I imagine young girls or anyone on a budget) it’s pretty good. For me, it’s been fun but realistically its not a range I would buy anything else from, I prefer more interesting colours and textures.

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  1. says

    I saw these the other day while I was looking for Loreal. I picked one of the lipsticks up and took a swatch on to my hand, I must admit the texture wasn’t very good and I also tried some eyeshadows from them, somehow one fell on to the ground (they were overly stacked up) and the whole eyeshadow cracked up like literally cracked up.

    The other items such as the eye pencils were ok and for a few pounds, its vaue for money (for some items) in my opnion.

    One more thing, is there a scent to the lipsticks, I haven’t been able to try them that day and only swatched it on my hand ^^

    • Row says

      There’s a slightly plastic-y smell to it. Whether that’s just the scent of it, or an added one I can’t say :/

      • says

        Thanks for that Row,

        I think the pink lipstick version looks nice on you, I have to say I think the pink color is very sheer but natural at the same time =)

  2. Missy says

    Thanks for the reviews. Would you say they are similar to Constant Carroll? Would you suggest we spend a little more and get something from the 17 range of boots or Miss Sporty? How would you compare this brand to the other cheaper brands available? I don’t have Superdrugs anywhere near me but I do have a Boots.

    • Row says

      Hi Missy

      You know I haven’t used Constance Carroll for a long time but I would say its comparable with No. 17! It reminds me a bit of Collection 2000 too (which is not that cheap anymore!)