MSH Eyescream Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold

Perhaps it’s this time of year with the giant yellow glowing thing in the sky, but I can’t stop thinking about Ice Cream (my favourite: Solero). And I was totally sold on this MSH gel eyeliner called Eyescream as soon as I saw a YouTuber using it – it’s called Eyescream after all! How cool is that!  

MSH I believe is a Japanese brand which has a number of eyeliners.  Eyescream is just one of their ranges which has gel liners in a pencil form and liquid.  They come in these foil packs:

Eyescream Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold

There are 4 shades and 1 limited edition one: Black Coffee (Black) Chocolate Brown (Er, brown), Strawberry Pink (take a guess), Ramune Green (which looks more like a turquoise).  There is also a Gold (I think it’s called Golden Apple) which I have here. There are 2 liquid liners in the Black and Brown only. 

I love gel liner pencils!  I have reviewed Avon’s Supershock Gel Eyeliner which is so creamy but a bit too much so.  My current favourite pencils are Clio’s Gelspresso which have a nice combination of ”hardness’ and pigmentation. 

Very important note: these pencils swivel in ONE WAY ONLY.  They will NOT retract.  In other words don’t wind it up too much!

I like how the pencil looks like an ice cream cone! 

MSH Eyescream Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold

I have so many black eyeliners that I decided to go for brown and the gold.  I chose the brown liquid liner too as I like to use the gel to tightline but a liquid on top (I purchased all of these from eBay and paid about £9 per pencil). 

MSH Eyescream Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold 1

I like my brown liners to look BROWN not just black but I don’t like them too light either and this chocolate liner is really lovely – it’s softer than hard black but is rich. 

The texture is perfect. It is really really really creamy regardless of how cold it is, and works perfectly on the waterline.  It applies well under the lashes too (to tightline) and just as well as a liner on the top of the lashes.  The liquid liner is great too – brown liquid liners can be super lame sometimes but there is plenty of ink running through it and it’s pigmented and applies well.

All of these pencils last well. The only thing is that with super watery eyes like mine are, they will run ever so slightly under the eye (I have hayfever at the moment so that is why the eyeliner ran slightly).  Even so it’s a very long lasting eyeliner, more so than other smudgy gel liners I have tried. I even think this pencil is creamier and softer than Gelpresso which makes it easier to apply on the waterline. 


MSH Eyescream Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold 2

The liquid liner is on top, the the gel underneath which is a darker hue. They go well together on the eye though. 

An idea of what it looks like:

MSH Eyescream Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Chocolate and Gold 4

Here is the MSH Eyescream website.

These eyeliners are really really excellent in texture, pigmentation and for durability. I do not think it is 100% waterproof as I mentioned my super watery eye did make the liner move slightly.  I still think these are brilliant liners and are easier to use than a gel liner in a pot which of course requires extra fuss.  

If I can get my hands on other colours I will! I’d consider buying the black colours too after I’ve actually used up just ONE of my other black liners!

*Purchased from eBay.

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    Oh, how lovely! I’ll have to try the brown one.
    It looks like they don’t sell the gold one on the website anymore – they just list pink and lime now.