Move over Kermit: Naris Up Frogtime Moisture Veil Mist Review

If I were thinking of the name of a skincare product, which had to have the word, ‘time’ in it, I’d think of a few things, like ‘Peachy-time’ or ‘Lovely-time’ but it wouldn’t really occur to me to call it Frogtime.

But that’s why I love Japanese beauty products and their zany names!  Naris Up’s Frogtime range consists of only a few products such as this moisture mist and some sun screen. It could be that it’s aimed at little mites:

Naris Up Frogtime Moisture Veil MistWhen I say mites, I mean kids by the way, not actual mites.

I was kinda duped into buying this because the official listing said it contained sunscreen. It does NOT contain sunscreen – it is a moisture mist only and a pretty dinky one at that.  Good for the handbag though.

Naris Up Frog Time Moisture Veil MistI took this with my on a trip to London and because I had forgotten to pack cream I spritzed this before foundation application instead and to be honest, it did quite a good job of hydrating my skin throughout the day.

It doesn’t replace cream at all but it was just a nice top-up product.  It feels richer than a water type spritz with a sort of slightly sticky finish that fades after a minute or two. It doesn’t contain alcohol either so no stinging.

Naris Up Frogtime Moisture Veil Mist 1I like this although it is, in all honesty, a novelty beauty purchase.  It’s quite nice to take on journeys and spritz if you have dry skin like me, it saves ruining the make up by adding a layer of cream on top.

I bought this from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.

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