Most annoying people of 2008

The BBC did their annual 100 most annoying people on TV charts today. The most annoying celebrity is apparently model Agness (can’t spell it, ok?) Deyn – more annoying than Kerry Katona? More annoying than Megan Fox? More annoying that Jennifer Anistons chin? I don’t actually understand what she’s done that’s so wrong but anyway…

It occurred to me that the most annoying people of all are not the celebrities mention but the half entities, reality tv show contestants etc. giving their ‘opinions’ on people far less annoying than them. Like –

Two morons from a children’s tv show where they pretend to be chefs. Yes, one of them is ginger:

BBC iPlayer - Most Annoying People_ 2008_ Part 1.jpg

Nikki Graham, was a contestant on the UK big brother. As irritating as ingrown hairs:

BBC iPlayer - Most Annoying People_ 2008_ Part 1-1.jpg

This one is a presented from some fashion show..I forget her name and I can’t be bothered looking it up, but she was quite rude about Agness, no doubt she’d be kissing her ass a week later at some fashion show.

BBC iPlayer - Most Annoying People_ 2008_ Part 1-2.jpg

Get a real job you morons!

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  1. Zereen says

    I watched that too – I think Kerry Katona and X Factor’s Alexandra should have one that trophy!!