MONDAY! Winner Announcement & New Giveaway

The question I asked last week was:

“What was the moment that you fell in love with make up?”

I loved reading the responses to last weeks give away! All of the answers were so interesting, and different.

If you want to have a browse, its just here.

But I have to choose a winner, so I pick…


If you send your address to me – rowena @, I will send the Clarins eyeliner to you :o)

This week, I have two of these Blue Heaven brand authentic Indian Kajals in Black! Which means there will be two winners.

Preview of “Indian Kohl - Blue Heaven”.jpg

Please leave your answer in the comments. I will pick 2 winners and it will be announced on the following Monday!

Your house is burning. Oh why didn’t you turn the oven off?! Now you can only grab three things before a hunky fireman/woman rescues you. What do you pick

*(Make up items. I presume your kids/pets/ps3 comes before make up)..


I can’t live without concealer, and I need something on my lips of I look corpsey, and I don’t do mascara without curlers, but I can’t pick four so….

1. Concealer – I’ll grab Cle De Peau

2. Lips – I’ll take a easy nude...Nars Baraberella

3. Eyeliner – Hmmmm I’ll grab a Becca dual ended pencil.

What about you?

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  1. says

    I would grab my cup of brushes, that count as “one” thing, right?
    My ben nye palette and my nars super orgasm blush. 😛

    (ps, I was the winner of a stila powder…but it never came. ^_^ Just giving you a heads up in case you had the company send it to me. I’ve won another contest where the company never sent me anything, as well.)

    • Row says

      Hey Quynh!

      Hey email me again with your address, so I can check it was sent? I had a ton to send out that day (they are all my personal items so it was me sending them out so its possible I was ditzy and missed yours out). Email –

      Cup of brushes! Waaayyyyy cheating!

  2. RobbyRaynebow says

    OMG. This is the first contest I’ve won. I’ll make sure to send a pic of my first look I do with it. Just to show that I’m putting it to good use. Omg. Expect an email from any minute now.

  3. Marilyn says

    1. My Benefit PlayStick foundation in Paper Dolls (I use it as a concealer and cannot live without concealer!! and PlayStick cost me $34. Jeez)).

    2. My clinique foundation brush. LOVE it, need it. Would get my skin looking fab really quick before that hunky fireman got there!

    3. Eyeliner pencil because I gotta have that too. I’d smudge it out a little and get a nice look w/o eyeshadow.

  4. Li says

    The last of my discontinued Agnes B Lolita perfume (I hope one day to rediscover a hidden cabinet of it somewhere in Paris)

    My MAC computer, wait, wait, how else would I stay up to date and nourished with cosmetic candy?

    And, Yves Saint Laurent Milky Veil Cleanser, to wash off the sooty kisses from the fireman.

  5. Nina says

    1. My concealer! I can’t leave the house without it!
    2. Blush. I use e.l.f. in Glow and I freaking love it!
    3. Lipgloss. My fave is Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Heatstroke. I’ll be ready when that hunky fireman comes to rescue me! LOL

  6. Heather says

    1. My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I hate the horrible creases I get with out it!

    2. My MAC #224 Tapered Blending Brush. Even though I haven’t owned many eyeshadow brushes, this one definitely works amazing well for me–and is so much better than the little stick sponges that come with a lot of eyeshadows.

    3. My DuWop Lip Venom. I absolutely love the way this makes my lips feel and look. The tingling/burning is actually quite enjoyable, for some odd reason and I love the plumpiness of my lips after a minute or so :)