Monday Random Haulage Pics

I am finally off my death bed. Had a terrible week – hoping for a better week to come though. Random quick haul pics. I am totally off buying things at the moment…shopping has become so…boring? Either they need to make something more exciting for me to buy or I finally need to find a new hobby.

Small Adambeauty Haul.

MAQUillage LE Gold Highlighter, Majolica Majorca LE Brown Mascara and Juju Moisture Spray:

This is a nice product. Leaves a intense light gold shimmer:

Do you need it? Of course you don’t NEED it but it’s very nice. It’s a jelly texture, no cream and blends away nicely.

This is Majolica Majorca’s Gorgeous Wing Lash Mascara is a LE shade of coppery brown:

I haven’t tested it yet but I can see that there are lots of little fibers on the mascara wand. This will either be a killer for my sensitive eyes or it will be ok – I’ll let you know, if I still have my vision.

This was a completely random purchase – Juju Moisture Spray – its really nice! Unlike other misting products, it disappears quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft. No residue, that’s the most important thing!

I discovered Julie Hewitt after seeing her name in Make Up Artist Magazine (a fairly good read) and located a place in the UK that sells her palettes – MAP (now known as PAM due to being sued by a big company – could it be M*C? I merely speculate).

This palette is called Boudoir and I believe all four colours are multi purpose.

There’s a plum, a gorgeous gold, a nude caramel and a white highlighter

I wasn’t overly impressed by the condition this arrived in – they said it was the last one they had but they arrived with slightly smudged surfaces and at £38 its not exactly cheap. They colours are very well pigmented but are quite creamy so I forsee smudging and lots of creasys on the eyes.

Finally –

Suqqu Brow kit. This is a bargain at £15 won off eBay because it’s like $70 or thereabouts online.

There’s no wax! Where’s my wax?!?! These are all brow powders so I don’t know anyone with three shades of brow hair, that’s for sure. But I am sure there is a logical explanation for it all…

How is the post for you? I have about 3 missing/delayed items but since we are in Dec, the excuse will be the fact it’s all Christmas Post.

I have to head back into civillisation today! It was depressing being a hermit all week I am practically begging to be pushed and shoved by the Christmas crowds…

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  1. Chica says

    Bored of shopping? Row! Although I kinda agree, there aren’t any collections screaming ‘buy me’ at the moment.
    But fear not – MAC Hello Kitty next year 😀

  2. says

    I’m glad your feeling better, but do take all the time you need to get better. The flu that’s been going around this year seems to be particularly vicious as I was out for 1.5 weeks and still feel like hell several weeks later.

    I’ve also had my interest piqued by Julie Hewett for quite some time now, but I can’t find any place near to me that sells it. The products aren’t terribly cheap, and I’d like to at least try them before purchasing.