Monday Morning Annoucement: Sleepy Bear

It’s Monday morning…again!

Been busy, been tired with much to plan. So please excuse the lack of posts today. This is how I am feeling:


I will get on with posting tonight and answering comments! There will be a great giveaway this week and lots of fun prizes to win in December, as well as a blog sale and a little online shop I have been working on. If I can squeeze more time in, hopefully a Christmas video!

So it’s hectic. But at least it’s my birthday this week!

I see on my birthday list; a soft leather handbag, lots of Muji pens, flavoured coffee creamer and perhaps and a giant fondant fancy Birthday cake!

Have a great day ladies!

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  1. says

    Happy almost birthday to you! :) No worries about no posts – we all know how life can get hectic. Excited for the blog sale – I have become a blog sale addict lately. Hoping you DEFINITELY get the flavored coffee creamer of your dreams 😀

  2. Rebecca Ho says

    what whens your birthday?!
    I wanna tell you happy birthday at the right time 😀
    mmm cake is nice 😉