Monday Giveaway 02nd March: Clarins Plum Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid Eye Liner - No. 03 Plum - Clarins - Cosmetics & Make Up -

Brand New and Boxed Clarins Plum Liquid Eyeliner.

To enter, tell me in the comments:

“What was the moment that you fell in love with make up?”

You can be deep, you can be funny, you can say what ever you like.

My moment? I didn’t even wear mascara untill I was 20. Then a Shu Uemura counter opened in my city, and a very talented make up artist called Vicki Booth gave me a make over and (to this day) gave me the most amazing, incredible, defined, long, curled lashes with her curlers and Length & Waterproof mascara that I have ever seen, and she did it effortlessly. Then I bought one Shu shadow, and started to collect them….it began there.

Winner will be picked this Friday and announced on Saturday.

Anyone can enter (once)!

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  1. Rose says

    The moment I fell in love with make-up was when, aged 7, I first saw an episode of Charlies Angels. Wow. I was in love with Farrah Fawcett [heck – I still am!] and her mass of curls [height of fashion at the time, ladies, lets not forget…!] and she had this gorgeous, almost airbrushed look to her.

    About a week later I was reading OK! magazine with my Mother on Thursday, which used to be our Mother/daughter time and there was a full page picture of Farah sans make-up. My god, she looked hideous. I’m sure she had a great excuse [just popping to shop for milk/ late night/ stressful times etc] but she looked really awful.

    That was when I understood, appreciated and admired the magic of make-up.

  2. Tasha says

    My moment was when I finally learned how to line my eyes. It took so many mind numbing hours of obsessively watching youtube videos, several frustrating failed attempts and of consequently cleaning up my emo/panda eyes. After that the spending never stopped from mascara to BB cream to all sorts of foundation, to blush, to skincare… (LOL I can go on and on) I definitely have too much make-up but the make-up sickness seems to be very good at leading me to believe I have a few hundred faces. But try as I might I can’t bring myself to find a cure.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Once my Mum went off to work, I used to use some of her foundation and proudly go to school with a congealed face, and pretend to my friends that I had nothing on… yet it was rather obvious that I was caked in the stuff and most of looked like some sort of flat faced alien having no other product on. It also made it ten times worse as it was completely the wrong colour, seeing as my mum is a beautiful half english/swedish rose with lovely skin – and I am really pale but at the same time yellowy/greeny olive due to my dads background of scottish-italian. What a hybrid I am!

    However my serious addiction and love of make up sicken paralleled falling in love for the first time 4 years ago. My then photographer boyfriend was at St.Martins college and made me feel absolutely beautiful using me for loads of his coursework dressing me up in all sorts of things. His first present to me was MAC eye shadow in freshwater and I rocked it every single day. I gained so much confidence and started to use more and more products and make the most of what I had. But of course 2 years later and the glorious puppy love came to an end, and I mourned the loss of our relationships for months and months. I remember dropping freshwater and it smashing all over the bathroom floor, and in my angst-ridden ways thinking that it truly was the end, and crying my eyes out over it.

    I still need to buy it back because it?s so beautiful, but I have that silly association with it and him. Oh dear is does sound all a bit trivial, but it was so poignant at the time! x

  4. Heather says

    The moment I fell in love with makeup was all thanks to my fiance. He loves to research things online, and we go to the mall often. So anytime we’d walk by a makeup counter that he knew had great reviews, we’d stop and he’d tell me what he knew about them. Well, for my Valentine’s Day gift, we went to the mall. He told me he had to go get my gift and asked me to wait on the other side of the mall while he was gone.

    About 10 minutes later, he walked up to me with a huge grin on his face and bag in hand. When we got in the car, he finally let me open it. It was all MAC STUFF (except the mascara was Dior)!! I couldn’t believe it! He bought me MAC eyeliners, MAC eye shadows, MACbrushes, the MAC makeup bag, and Dior mascara.

    He didn’t stop buying me makeup, and that just got me really excited about learning what is good out there. Which is how I found out about your blog, as well as others.

    His sweetness made me love makeup.

  5. Deborah R says

    I fell in love with makeup when I was a toddler, watching my mother apply her makeup and being rewarded with a pat of powder or a dot of lipstick.

  6. Melia says

    I always used to try on my Mom’s makeup when I was young, but the turning point was when I was about 17. I had bought a Lancome eyeshadow pallet at a Duty Free shop and it had the most amazing turquoise-blue eyeshadow. I wore it for the first time for a party and my eyes looked so gorgeous. My best friend at the time commented that my hazel eyes looked almost grey (OK, that must have been a stretch of imagination from her), but I loved the effect and it really boosted my confidence.
    That pallet had the most perfect colours of all time in my memory, as I finished almost all the colours and then set off on a mission to find them again. That was when I started collecting eyeshadows and loving to wear makeup.

  7. Carol says

    I remember the moment vividly. I was a tomboy, and in 9th grade, there was a school dance. My friend made me up, used a little eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow. I looked amazing, so unlike anything I’d ever seen in my mirror before.

  8. says

    Since forever. I was in ballet as a little girl, so first it began by standing in line while some mommies applied bright blue and purple eyeshadow on us, while another pounded on blush and lipstick. Then we’d all go to the older girl’s dressing rooms and watch them apply liquid liner, mascara, false lashes, and what not.

    Then I had my first counter make over when I was 13. And let’s say, since I’ve earned money, then I’ve been obsessively buying make up.

  9. Krista says

    i started watching youtube videos on makeup tutorials and it was like magic. i just wanted to learn to be as good as all the people on there. so i have been practicing and buying and trying new producta and now i am a makeup junkie.

  10. Susan says

    I was in junior high and decided that I must have mascara. My older cousin went with me to the big department store and I bought a Revlon mascara in a gold tube. I felt so glamorous! All these many years later, I still love it – I think of makeup as paintboxes and crayons for grownup ladies to play with.

  11. says

    Even though I can’t remember when it was I know I was around 6 or7. My mom’s bestfriends teenage daughters did my hair and makeup and took pictures of me posing around the house. I was amazed as a kid about how different and pretty I looked. As soon as I got old enough to be allowed to wear it I did. Till this day you will rarely see me completely bare.

  12. kim v says

    When I was six and I discovered my mom’s cosmeti case (it was a suitcase). It had brushes and shadows and lipsticks. I became interested in makeup after that discovery,
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. RobbyRaynebow says

    I have had a long hard road with makeup. Being a guy in high school and in a small town. It’s hard decision between being tortured and being happy with who I am or just hiding it. Well I want this eyeliner so you can guess the one I chose.

    I fell in love with makeup not when I first started wearing it. Mostly because I started with the goth rimmed eyes look then have progressed to actual makeup application. I fell in love with it the last thanksgiving when I came out of the bathroom with gorgeous makeup on (IMHO) and my mother commented to me that I looked like a drag queen even though I had no more makeup on than most women wear on a daily basis. Which is less than a drag queen, right? lol. Well I walked into the bathroom and was about to undo my face and stay home while my family went to my aunt and uncles. When I realized that I didn’t look bad. I looked fabulous. And

  14. RobbyRaynebow says


    as corny as that sounds. That is when I fell in love with makeup. Makeup to me is much more than something we smear on our face every morning in a futile effort to hide all our imperfections. Its a gateway to self love. I wouldn’t feel half as good about myself without at least a coat of mascara or a dab of powder. It seems like I’m rambling. I’ll stop now. lol


  15. Gigi says

    I don’t have any sort of interesting story haha. My mother hardly ever wears makeup, and when she does it’s more for the hell of it than anything, so I didn’t learn a thing about makeup from her.

    My obsession with makeup started a few years ago, the summer of 11th grade. I knew that in 12th grade I would have to deal with all the excitement of grad – dresses, dances, dinners, makeup, etc. I was raised to be a cheapass though, so I decided then that I would refuse to pay to get my makeup done.

    I happened to stumble upon YouTube (not that I didn’t know about it back then), but more specifically, the makeup videos. I started watching them every day, any time I could. I learned so much (and I still am). I began reading makeup blogs like yours and the obsession really started to build up after that.

    The obsession has never stopped since then…sigh.

  16. Nina says

    I started playing around with makeup when I was little and began to ransack my mom’s makeup bag, which just contained lipstick and an eyeliner. My mom doesn’t wear makeup at all, save for some lipstick or gloss. It seems that out of all the women in my family, I’m the only one who cares for and loves makeup! When I was in the 7th grade I became interested in foundation and concealer because I wanted to conceal my birthmark and acne scars. As I grew older, I got into blush, lipgloss, and just recently, mascara and eyeshadow. Now I want everything!!!

  17. Becky says

    I’ve loved makeup since I can remember. I remember lip gloss was the only thing my parents would ever let me wear; so I have an obsession with it. lol. But I remember in Jr. High I had some beautiful makeup brushes with clear handles.. I loved those so much. Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

  18. Halifax says

    I didn’t really enjoy putting makeup on my face until quite recently when I started to have fun with mineral pigments. Sounds strange, as pigments are messy and hard to apply, but I had fun with looking at colours and see how different they are on my lid. So the moment for me was about half a year ago. I couldn’t stop buying since

  19. Ellie W says

    I believe the moment that I fell in love with make-up was the first time I tried mascara. Who knew I actually had eye lashes? It was a true eye opener for me.

  20. says

    The moment that i fell in love was when i was about 4 years old. My mother, which is a person who normally doesn’t use makeup at all, bought from a friend a complete makeup set, a proper professional one, or at least what they thought it was professional in the 80’s.

    With so many colours of lipsticks and eyeshadows, almost like a rainbow, the big pallete became my playground instead of creating the habit of makeup for my mother.

    She never told me not the play with it, and quite encouraged me when she saw the satisfaction in my eyes of aplying makeup in myself, or even in my grandad!

    Today I am 25 years old, but still have the sparkle in my eyes of that 4 year old girl who was very impressed with rainbow coloured makeup palletes.

    • Row says

      Hey Larissa

      It seems like a lot of girls facinations with make up began with their mothers! I think my mum (also not much of a make up wearer) had one of those 80s palettes I used to dip my fingers into. It was a really crap and crumbly one though!

  21. says

    Are you kidding!!!!! The moment I Fell in Love with Make Up happens everday of my Life! I am a hopless Romantic. Throw me into A Parfuem Clad Masquerade of Beutifull Colors and Scents and I am in Love intoxication! I just walk past the Cosmetic counter at Norstrom’s and my heart beats a little faster ..My endorphans run a little wild and I start to Recall my Grandma;s first words as she handed me my first Cosmetics! “These little Goodies will change your life!” Who knew the euforia a new lip gloss could bring! You know some may call the momentary rush entoxication List but with my emotions running as deep as 20 years It’s love baby! Thanx Grandma! Boy’s love their Cars and Girl’s love’s there Mascera! Simply put we have a relationship that will never waver…After all my Grandma said so!