Monday Giveaway: Win one of 10 Full Sets of Purity Skincare!

*Sorry ladies missed out the link in the Twitter Entries, has now been updated*

Another Monday and it’s time for a rather brilliant giveaway!

Purity Organic Skincare is a affordable organic skincare range – I have tired the mask and scrubs and it’s really gentle on the skin and effective too.

I have 10 sets of:

Facial Wash
Facial Exfoliator
Facial Moisturiser
Anti-aging moisturizer
Conditioning cleansing lotion
Regenerating overnight moisturizer
Anti-ageing serum and mask

Total value: £46.93

That’s TEN WINNERS who will get 7 products each!


Wanna win?Answer the following question:

What do you think of when you hear the word “Purity?”


I see an angel delight, white, creamy, delicious.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win a full set of Purity Skincare. For Info:

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See the Purity Skincare range here.

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  1. Sorry I’m going to lower the tone – when I hear the word Purity, all I can think of is the Jonas Brothers in South Park with their Purity rings LOL

    Have tweeted too :)

  2. when i hear it i think of clear beautiful skin
    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  3. when I hear purity I think of clear refreshing water and nature.


    when i hear purity i think of natural and simple

  5. When I hear “purity,” I think: clean, clear, and simple.

    I also RT’d:

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  6. Hm.. Purity. Hope this doesn’t put anyone out but that word makes me think of virgins! Also, an image of a white dove comes to mind.

  7. When I hear purity, I think of the white untouched snow under the sun. Love it!

  8. Roisin Curran says:

    All I can think of is those purity rings that you wear to show you’re keeping yourself pure for marriage, but this may have been ingrained in my head from my years at a convent school.

  9. I think of heaven when I hear the word purity.

  10. I think of clean, innocent, sweet


  11. When I hear purity I think of clean, white, fresh.

  12. When i think of purity, i think clean and freshly scrubbed. Like the feeling you get after a nice long hot shower scrubbing away with your loofah after a day at the beach (all gritty and salty) :)

  13. I think of Purity rings! And then the Jonas Brothers. And then virgins. And then the colour white. And then lilies. And then weddings. And then wedding dresses…. I could go on and on and on and on!

  14. hmm Vera Wang wedding dresses, brita filtered water anddd cirrostratus clouds!
    (hope I’m not too late to enter!!)`

  15. I think of angels dressed in white gowns with a halo atop their heads, praying for you.

  16. joy shildrick says:

    purity makes me think of a fresh &dewy autumn morning,when the air is very crisp.It makes everything feel clean

  17. When I hear purity I think of milk.

    I don’t know why, it must be the whiteness.

  18. Purity makes me think of freshly fallen snow.

  19. Makes me think of a womans face covered in face cream x

  20. Julie Brett says:

    When I hear Purity I think of water that is clean and crisp.

  21. I think of the minds of children unsullied by the cruel world we live in& the skin of a newborn child. I think of a winter’s morning with pure, crisp, white snow which hasn’t yet been walked upon & I think of the pure clean air in the countryside away from the traffic fumes of the towns & cities & now of course I think of the Purity Skincare range which hopefully I will soon be able to try for myself if you are kind & pure enough to choose me : )

  22. When I thought of the word ‘purity,’ the first thing that popped into my head was
    Michelle Pfeiffer as Madame de Tourville on her deathbed in Dangerous Liaisons!

    How morbid is that?!

  23. hrm… fresh snow. new cotton.

    I tried to think of something interesting, but nothing came up.

  24. The huge waterfall I found in the australian outback. Got grimy getting there though!

  25. I think of freshly bathed newborn babies wrapped in white fluffy towels!

  26. Something clean, fresh and pretty

  27. Jenny Price says:

    Crystal clear glacial water comes to mind when I think of the word purity.

  28. When I hear the word purity, I think of: clean, natural and simple! :)

    I have RT your message under the same name I have here :)

  29. i think of water

  30. Janaid Anwar says:


  31. clear

  32. Jim Torbett says:

    Young Boys

  33. Amelia Royle says:

    Chemical free … just good, natural ingredients!

  34. young boys

  35. Georgina Ball says:

    The colour WHITE

  36. Linda Bunning says:

    I think of gently, loving, honest care.

  37. Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:

    I think of purity as being clear and crisp, kind of like ice.

  38. Shazmeister says:

    Not tainted, not altered, not spoiled… the beginning when all before you is exciting and new

  39. Heavenlyink says:

    A virgin bride in a white dress, carrying white roses with dewdrops on…too much?!lol

  40. CERI MORGAN says:

    A moment in time that is true and clear

  41. For some reason, I think of white candles

  42. I think 100% natural with nothing added

  43. purity – like a fresh light show


    I think of purity as being Special and Refreshing

  45. It makes me think of something like this image

    I’ve tweeted as well as @MunchKim

  46. Purity = Innocence, Integrity, Sincerity.

  47. Purity makes me think of:
    babbling, crystal clear, brooks and morning dew.
    Cucumber sandwiches (white bread,with no crusts!)

    Slighly bizarre.

  48. Virginal

  49. CLEAN

  50. Makes me think of Mom’s hug , pure and unconditional.