Monday Giveaway: Win one of 10 Full Sets of Purity Skincare!

*Sorry ladies missed out the link in the Twitter Entries, has now been updated*

Another Monday and it’s time for a rather brilliant giveaway!

Purity Organic Skincare is a affordable organic skincare range – I have tired the mask and scrubs and it’s really gentle on the skin and effective too.

I have 10 sets of:

Facial Wash
Facial Exfoliator
Facial Moisturiser
Anti-aging moisturizer
Conditioning cleansing lotion
Regenerating overnight moisturizer
Anti-ageing serum and mask

Total value: £46.93

That’s TEN WINNERS who will get 7 products each!


Wanna win?Answer the following question:

What do you think of when you hear the word “Purity?”


I see an angel delight, white, creamy, delicious.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win a full set of Purity Skincare. For Info:

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

See the Purity Skincare range here.

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  1. I see snow falling from the skies.

    Have RTed as well @electronicfly :) Though the msg seems unfinished? Was there supposed to be a link at the end?

  2. I see a bed with crisp clean untouched white sheets.

    I have also retweeted (glitterandlovex) xx

  3. Purity makes me think of babies – all clean and innocent.

  4. I think of freshly washed sheets, the smell of linen is purity to me :)

    Have retweeted on twitter @jadlgw

    Thanks for a fab giveaway

  5. Nicky Russell says:

    Clean, Fresh, Pure, and untouched by human hand :)


  6. I think of white, natural beauty , love pure love

    I love you’re blog

  7. I think of bubbles and a waterfall. :)

  8. Lynsey Rogers says:

    I think of a baby laughing, the purest sound there is :)

    I’ve RT’d as @iridessa76 and also wondered if the message was finished? Should there be a link?

  9. Rachel Watson says:

    I think of fluffy clouds like cotton wool and the smell of wild flowers in the blowing in the country breeze

  10. Rachel Watson says:

    Oooops have also RTd .. @Rattycat

  11. tracey rollings says:

    one word “pure” rted at mrstracey1972

  12. I think of England on a summers day.Blue sky green grass and all off nature in full bloom. @chez_01

  13. @kikicomp (wendy) says:

    honesty – pure of heart – angels – white – children


  14. The word purity makes me think of
    Fluffy White towels, Fluffy white bathrobes
    a open door with white voiles blowing through
    a double size bath with fresh smelling essential oils
    crisp white bedding
    the sound of rain
    And my man smiling at me.
    If only they could bottle that *sigh*

    RT-ed @ bofferminx


    It makes me think of Nuns!

    Have RT’d @bextow

  16. i see a deserted beach of soft white sand with not a single footstep on it and an azure sea lapping gently

  17. A new born baby.

  18. purity makes me think of virgins, white, clean

  19. i see a icecream with vanilla flavour, and sparkles on it!


  20. Heather Bellamy says:

    Purity makes me think of a blanket of fresh fallen snow, a new born baby wrapped in pure white blankets, my two children when they are fast asleep or freshly washed bed linen.

  21. I immediately see a natural spring of fresh, pure water. Ah, now I am so thirsty! haha.

  22. Purity is when your elderly mum says “What’s a Kardashian?”

  23. Oops didn’t see the Twitter bit.

  24. Cleanliness. I imagine a white room with clean surfaces, not clinical though!

  25. The first thing that came into my mind was the Jonas Brothers lol…’cos of the whole thing with Russell Brand

  26. me – i see white pillar candles, chandaliers and calm serenity

    have rt i’m @emmaand3

  27. my first thought was of naturally crystal clear, ice cold, running water – I’m not sire if that exists anywhere except in my head though!

  28. Purity makes me think of an Alpine stream running through an isolated valley, clear blue sky, crisp fresh air, soft untouched grass

  29. I think of ice, baby’s breath and white cotton bedsheets.

  30. Vicki N. Hammons says:

    I see a baby with all it’s innocense.

  31. i think of clean. everything just purified and clean. like nothing has touched it before :)

  32. I think of the water at this lake I went to. It was so clear! You could see right to the bottom.

  33. I think Clean – Pure Clean.

  34. cold and clear brook deep in the high mountains…!

  35. Verity Pink says:

    Snowdrops, my neighbour’s white cat, simplicity, icing on a wedding cake, refined gold, fluffy white clouds in an azure sky, the scent of lavender, white towelling bathrobes, cold cream….

  36. babies, angels and the colour white

  37. I think of new falling snow flakes, clear and pure

  38. I think of shiny diamonds
    a girls best friend….. 😀

  39. Lucy Taylor says:

    Running water. And i’ve also got an image of a church?!

  40. I think of a large river with blue fresh water!

  41. Color White, babies & virgins !!

  42. Purity is the white fluffy cloud above me. A little kitten under a tree. The way a little girl looks at you for the very first time. Purity is beauty.

  43. A white dove soaring through blue sky

  44. clear, pure water, frosty, white, than Alpok mountains.

  45. Purity makes me think of the lovely feeling of when you have had a shower, get into fresh clean PJ’s and into a freshly made bed.

  46. I think of Purity RINGS. And the Jonas brothers…

  47. When I hear Purity, I think of clean, chaste, peace and love!
    I tweeted too:

  48. Purity usually makes me think of small children. Innocent and naive.

  49. tousledkitten says:

    Hehehe. A piping hot bath with lots of fluffy white bubbles!

  50. Laura Sweeny says:

    When i think of purity i think of a massive waterfall always been renewed by pure clean fesh water- neverending purity!