Monday Giveaway! Win a full set of Les Fleurs De Bach Anti Stress Skincare!

It’s Monday, it’s cold, it’s grim…what can be better to cheer you up than a gorgeous set of skincare for you to win?!

The range is Les Fleurs De Bach Anti Stress Skincare by the famous Dr Bach.

They say:

In a skincare first, the new Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress range contains thirteen certified organic, holistic treatments, designed to answer everyday skincare needs through simple beauty gestures, whilst providing a feeling of calm and inner peace.

At the heart of each calming, relaxing treatment is an exquisite and organic fragrance of “Sage and Lavender”, based on essential oils. The fragrance unravels with opening top notes of “Bergamot and Orange” which develop into a distinctive and soothing “Sage and Lavender” base before delivering a final addictive chord of “Patchouli and Eucalyptus”.


You will get:

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Cleansing Milk – £20

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Lotion – £20

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Day Cream – £40

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Night Cream – £40

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Exfoliator Cream – £22

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Mask – £24

Wanna win?

Answer the following question:

Never mind what de-stresses you. What stresses you out?!


Apart from Gillian McKeith and the usual work-life balance issue, at the moment I am finding poor customer service really frustrating and I’m talking about shops with no common sense – sending broken items and refusing to replace until I send the item back (takes weeks). It also annoys me when I pay for something and it turns out the seller doesn’t have it in stock!!!

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  1. Nickie C says

    Commuting stresses me out. I’m always late/hot/cold/tired/hungry and the tube/bus never comes when I want it to, and with the amount of money I pay for the ‘privilege’ it drives me CRAZY.

  2. Alison Eden says

    Shopping for Xmas presents in the big shopping centres at weekends on the run up to Xmas! There’s a lot to be said for on-line shopping!

  3. Starr Magenta says

    Definitely agree with you about companies not having stock when you order their goods and they don’t say until after you’ve paid :( Another stress central for me is inconsiderate parking outside my house! OMG Can’t they see they’ve blocked our drive and we can’t get the minibus out…………..feel like they are watching from somewhere and having a giggle at my expense……….grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  4. says

    what stresses me out? My insomnia (I wake up at 8am and go to bed at 3-4am) which gives me huge blue under eye circles. The fact that I have to hand in 4 assignments in two weeks and I haven’t even started two and one is just shit. I don’t have a job which is really nice before Christmas. I bought a Family Guy DVD which said “Season 9″ but according to the store it is “british version season 9″ which they forgot to mention on the dvd and now I can’t get my 20 quid back. My favorite band rescheduled their concert and now I’m not going to be able to attend + I can’t talk to the ticket company to get my 30 quid back. Money well spent. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to an idiot, not my boyfriend. My dirty housemates who don’t bother to clean up after themselves.All stress and no play makes Misha a VERY unlovable person. I’d rather consider myself f—d up, not stressed out lol.

  5. says

    School! Finals especially and I am coming up on them right now! I can feel a meltdown coming on and desperately need a way to combat it! I am now in my fourth year of University and it gets more stressful every year!

  6. Tracey Berry says

    Marks & spencer’s delivery times – you pay £3.50 delivery charge for 2 annuals that take over a week to arrive (and the warehouse is less than 10 miles from my house) in the biggest cardboard box (what a waste – they only needed to be in a padded envelope) you have ever seen with one piece of brown paper to stop books from being bashed – did it work – of course not! 2 books on their way back with a refund due…… within 10 working days!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!? And the annuals are now out of stock!!!!! Rant over – excellent competition by the way LOL :) xx

  7. Tracey Berry says

    Marks & spencer’s delivery times – you pay £3.50 delivery charge for 2 annuals that take over a week to arrive (and the warehouse is less than 10 miles from my house) in the biggest cardboard box (what a waste – they only needed to be in a padded envelope) you have ever seen with one piece of brown paper to stop books from being bashed – did it work – of course not! 2 books on their way back with a refund due…… within 10 working days!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!? And the annuals are now out of stock!!!!! Rant over – excellent competition by the way LOL :) xx @bezzzzza

  8. Kassandra says

    Stupid people when you’re out trying to do your Christmas shopping…stopping starting just randomly stopping in the middle of aisles with their trollies/buggies…ahhhh! Just walk, get what you need and get out!!!! Grrr

    This stuff sounds lovely though, sounds like could be could for my stupidly dry eczema probe skin :( must investigate more :) xx

  9. michelle says

    coursework definately is stressing me out! i regret taking 2 BTEC courses now :( i would love a day where i just dont have to do coursework, or even think about it!! :) xx

  10. says

    What stresses me out ? When my little cat Mya makes seizures :( it hurts me a lot.
    Fortunately, it is infrequently .. !
    A snowy hello from France !


  11. Gemma says

    Wow, the way I’m feeling now….this competition is perfect for me! I seriously need to vent.

    What stresses me out? Lazy people in working parties/groups/departments. At this moment in time, I’m frantically trying to prepare a presentation that the other people in my group cannot be bothered doing. It hasn’t occurred to them that as I’ve done all of the research, prepared, collated and made the literature to go with the presentation and actually made the powerpoint slides, perhaps I should be exempt from standing in front of 100 people tomorrow. Noooo, instead “you’re the most prepared Gemma”, “you did all the work so you know it best”. Worst thing, I know I won’t get the credit for it. I need to stop being such a doormat! >:(

  12. Sita says

    Urgh, bad customer services/lack of common sense drives me nuts, too!
    I recently paid for 7 items but received only 4. The company did not alert me to the fact that they had run out and didn’t offer a refund until I found this out for myself and ASKED for a refund!

    Also, Christmas shopping: the mad people either walking really slow and taking up all the space, thus making me lose time while trying to do stuff like grocery shopping; or bustling past you carefree, bumping into you and being general asses who don’t even look back at you, much less apologize! Rar!!

  13. janet says

    customers at my workplace stress me out,
    never ready with cash or bags
    how difficult is it to shop??

  14. toniq says

    What stresses me out? Having no sleep cause the other half snores away like a piglet, getting woken up by the dog who scratches, rushing inside and out picking kids up from school AND having to prepare dinner! these are a few things that stress me out on a regular basis!

  15. Claire Simpson says

    Christmas shopping in the freezing cold really stresses me out… infact even thinking about it stresses me out!

  16. Kirsty Taunt says

    I get stressed out quite easily! I would say the worst thing that stresses me out is trying to get me and the little ready, it’s become a nightmare

  17. says

    There are a lot of things that stress me out but a few of them are: zombie-like idiots in the supermarket, bad manners, PC issues which eat time out of my day, shaky liquid liner lines, but most of all I stress myself out! Mainly by sleeping too late then running around like a blue-arsed fly and flying out of the door on an empty stomach.

  18. says

    Oh my, my job stresses me out! I hate the line of work I’m in (I work at a hotel) – so stressful. Kissing guests butts, having to apologize for things that weren’t my fault, and dealing with them complaining about things that aren’t even a big deal! Argh! Ah, and it doesn’t help when my coworkers don’t do their jobs!

    Tweeted! :) xx

  19. Yasmin Butt says

    This year Hillingdon Council planning dept have really stressed me out with the awful way they’ve handled the plans to build a block of flats next to our homes. It’s been an eye opening nightmare because they don’t seem to be accountable to anyone with a heart who cares about the impact their action has on our day to day life. I think they need divine intervention to knock them into line. Or maybe a visit from Jacob Marley.

  20. Shari says

    It goes without saying that the holiday shopping causes stress; I especially get stressed by the rudeness and idiocy that this season brings out in people. My messy house is causing me stress, as is the overall lack of time I have to do everything I need to get done.

  21. Phoebe C says

    PHYSICS HOMEWORK! It just really confuses me, and it scares me that I don’t understand what the hell its about! I’m often brought to tears over it! AHHHHHH! xxxxxx

  22. eva says

    mu job stresses me out, because there is too much to do and too little time for this.
    also, bad customer service everywhere stresses me out: come on, i have had to make 4 (!) trips to the dry cleaners to get 2 blouses ironed and 4 metal buttons replaced. how sick is that? probably should have thrown the items away in the first place.

    and also snow stresses me out. we have like a half of a meter of it down on the streets and if you want to drive you have to DIG yourself to your car. not to mention congested roads and cold weather.

    rrrgh, i don’t want to continue, EVERYTHING makes me stressed out right now :(

  23. Rebecca Ho says

    essays and exams definitely stress me out and probably stress everyone else out.
    Theres a lot of exams going on in this month and the next so it sucks!!!! I hate how they’re all bunched up within 3 weeks >.<

  24. says

    Mostly school. Homework, coursework, revision and exams is not fun. There’s always something that needs to be done.
    I also get stressed when I don’t get to do the things I want to do because I have to do something else that I don’t like.

  25. Debbie Curwen says

    Having a cold is stressing me out just now. I love my job and work from home but just don’t have the energy and feel so weak! So busy at this time of year too. So inconvenient!

  26. Seree Harding says

    My husband.. Coming home from uni stressed and taking it out on me and the kids… Never fails to get my goat and ruin a good day (luckily it does not happen often :) )

  27. Heavenlyink says

    Ignorant, selfish people..especially when out shopping! They walk in to my little girl all the time, barge you out of their way but couldn’t give too stuffs if they’re in your way! The worst are the people who expect you to get out of their way even though you’re already face to face with the shelf & there’s nowhere else to go! Whaddya want me to do? Teleport or summat?!?

  28. Nicky Russell says

    I m am stressed out by people in supermarkets who stand so close behind me at the till, I can feel their breath on my neck…. They re re not gonna get to the till any quicker !!!!!!!!! – I have a solution tho, I swing one leg backward and forward till I kick them !!!

  29. Pauline Rendell says

    Don’t want to name names, but currently offers in supermarkets that don’t exist because by the time you get there the shelves are empty of that particular product and NO i do not want an alternative!

  30. Stephanie Cummins says

    What stresses you out?!
    my mother in law…nothing i ever do is good enough and shes always butting in!!!

  31. Amy says

    Ah yes my selfhandicapping stresses me out haha. Too much procrastination when finals and two research papers coming up :(

  32. Jeanine Cannings says

    Chipping two inches of ice off my car in the morning before work stresses me out! Where are all the men when you need them??

  33. Jen says

    The start of the Xmas craziness is stressing me out already!! Shops being overcrowded, nothing being in stock (sold out already?!), people who in shops decide to either walk reaaaally slowly in front of you or stop for a chat right in the middle of the aisle, hence blocking the way….a Saturday out trying to get some Xmas shopping done has already left me wanting to hibernate until it’s all over!! And it’s not yet even December!!

  34. Giselle says

    Exactly what Nadine said! Being in my 20s with acne and hyperpigmentation is a daily stress for me.

  35. Dana says

    what stresses me out- I work constantly and get no sleep :( was supposed to be moving out but couldn’t because the estate agency lied about the price! I also get zits when I stress out then I stress out about having zits so I break out even more! I stress about my weight (I’m not obese or heavily overweight) I could do with losing a few more just to be on the safe side! don’t even get me started about christmas!

  36. says

    What’s really stressing me out right now is that I’ve finished my foundation (college foundation, not the face foundation) and I have no idea what degree course to take! Sometimes I think the only interest I have is my blog (which isn’t going to buy me food in the future). My dad’s asking me non stop about it and I’m going nuts just thinking about it >_<

  37. layla says

    boy do i need this! what stresses me out? haha.. i’m 5 1/2 months pregnant, so pretty much everything is stressing me out. right now, its work and how we have so many lazy people in my department who think its ok to dump all their work on poor lil (not so lil now with the belly.. lol) me coz i’m the youngest at work :(