Monday Giveaway! Win a full set of Les Fleurs De Bach Anti Stress Skincare!

It’s Monday, it’s cold, it’s grim…what can be better to cheer you up than a gorgeous set of skincare for you to win?!

The range is Les Fleurs De Bach Anti Stress Skincare by the famous Dr Bach.

They say:

In a skincare first, the new Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress range contains thirteen certified organic, holistic treatments, designed to answer everyday skincare needs through simple beauty gestures, whilst providing a feeling of calm and inner peace.

At the heart of each calming, relaxing treatment is an exquisite and organic fragrance of “Sage and Lavender”, based on essential oils. The fragrance unravels with opening top notes of “Bergamot and Orange” which develop into a distinctive and soothing “Sage and Lavender” base before delivering a final addictive chord of “Patchouli and Eucalyptus”.


You will get:

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Cleansing Milk – £20

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Lotion – £20

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Day Cream – £40

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Night Cream – £40

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Exfoliator Cream – £22

1 x Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti-Stress Mask – £24

Wanna win?

Answer the following question:

Never mind what de-stresses you. What stresses you out?!


Apart from Gillian McKeith and the usual work-life balance issue, at the moment I am finding poor customer service really frustrating and I’m talking about shops with no common sense – sending broken items and refusing to replace until I send the item back (takes weeks). It also annoys me when I pay for something and it turns out the seller doesn’t have it in stock!!!

Method 2.

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  1. Mongo says

    My life stresses me out!! Having a dominant mother, arranged marriage, a guy i dont love, to live with him, and dont have the guts to break out. Why, cos i do care abt my mon and my siblings, cos i know they will have to pay :(

  2. Elizabeth says

    If I can’t find a book – I almost lose the will to live. I find myself in a contorted mess trying to find it.

  3. says

    moving home stresses me! currently in the midst of that and i have breakouts around me jaw line arghhhh >.<

    xoxo elle

  4. Wendy Shippam says

    Everything. Catching every ailment going, no money, too much work, hyperactive kids…need I go on?!

  5. says

    ah i can go on non stop, like people who don’t even try to listen when you genuinely are trying to help. and when I’m overloaded with work and people still continue to pile more on.

  6. KIM says

    Christmas shopping stresses me out!!!
    Way too many people in tiny shops… pushing shoving.. and in the end either you give up or you don’t find what you were looking for!!

  7. says

    my boyfriend. sometimes i’d like to have one fo those huge anime hammers, you know? but it’s rare, we love each other.
    my mom too, especially when i go back home and she yells for help at night because our lovely cat tries to kill her in her sleep haha 😀 ok, this one doesn’t count, it’s too funny 😀

  8. layla fletcher says

    I hate it when people lean on my pushchair and when I ask them not to they look at me and say No its ok! No its bloody not! And when people walk into, im nearly 6ft and not exactly slim grrrrrrrrr

  9. Cindy says

    My school work stresses me out more than anything. Finally, I’ve completed my degree. I am now playing the waiting game for my exam results. That’s pretty stressful also.

  10. Kirsty Fox says

    Being snowed in since Sunday, really starting to go mad now, only so much housework and playing Toy Story 3 on the Wii with the kids you can do!!!!

  11. Jane says

    I don’t really get stressed out about anything, once I have a short rant I’m ok. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

  12. Roisin Curran says

    confronting people about problems is the worst, also having people in my flat I don’t know when I’m in pajamas and want to go into the kitchen.