Monday Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 Kiss Nail Care Sets

vMonday is the day for winning! Says me.

Today you can win one of FOUR Nail Care Sets from Kiss, worth £50 each.


The Kiss Nail Care Gift Set Includes:

2 sets of Press-On Nail Tabs (5.98)
Draw-on French Tip Pen (5.99)
2 kits of Petite EverLasting French Nail Kit (16.98)
2 kits of Square Shaped EverLasting Nail Kit (16.98)
2 Nail Files (2.99)

The Everlasting French Nails from Kiss are now manufactured with bonded white layers for the white tip (instead of air-brushing) which makes it impossible to chip.

Plus, the new nails are much thinner and almost transparent, making them look incredibly natural and easier to remove in pure acetone.

Everlasting French Nails also come in new Petite and Clear Square shapes.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Removal of the Kiss fake nails requires 100% Acetone nail polish remover not a mix*

Wanna win?…Method 1.

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I am hopelessly addicted to post.

So name 5 things you are expecting in the post (or less!) and why did you buy them?


I have quite a few cool things due this week but I am expecting today:

1. New handbag and wallet – because my current one is white leather and quite dirty. My purse is feeling quite loose and my things fall out when I open it, so I need a new one.

2. Things from Himori – its a Korean kitsch shop, its bloody amazing. I ordered a cat business card holder, a diary (dateless) and a pen.

3. Musical Theory Book and a Manuscript Book – I am teaching my cousin how to play the piano so I keep buying her piano related gear.

4. LOVE ring – I think they are so cute (they spell out the word ‘love’), I ordered one from abroad which is being resized for me.

5. 48 Colour Palettes – Why on earth do I buy these? I already have tons of shadows but I can’t resist those stupid multi colour palettes from Hong Kong. I just wish they’d arrive in one piece more often

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win one of four Kiss Nail Care kits. For info go to –

*Competition is international*

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  1. Rachel says

    Currently awaiting:
    1) ElsieBelle Jewellery – A timepiece on a necklace, absolutely gorgeous, can’t wait for it.
    2) A taken/available necklace, Not sure Id wear it, but so cute, will put it in my house as a trinket.
    3) A new TV – I just can’t handle my second hand 32″ tv.. (the 32″ is the depth not the screen) :(

    Not sure what else I can expect, hopefully a few prizes Ive picked up a long the way. :)

  2. says

    amazing!!!!!! loving the nail kits XD
    twitter username: londons_beauty

    1) a small giveaway prize.- i won a giveaway ^.^

    2) max factor mascara that i ordered from boots. Mine ran out

    3) red and black nail polishes- I wanted them

    4) a love package from my cousin from america ^^ it’s most probably going to be food

    5) I’m not sure. i don’t think i’m expecting anymore things from the post.

    I retweeted also 😛 londons_beauty

  3. says

    expecting in the post
    1- My lost 5 NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes i ordered you can even my sad blog post on them here :
    2- My Senna parcel , which has stippling brush and i why? because i was unable to find ONE yes even ONE stippling brush in Pakistan
    3- You remember Nicki Clarke straightener i won from you , my cousin brought it to Pakistan and now i am waiting for it to reach me , so i can use it :)
    4- My letter from USA visa embassy so i can visit USA in end of year 2010..
    and i even tweeted here

      • says

        expecting in the post
        1- My lost 5 NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes i ordered you can even my sad blog post on them
        2- My Senna parcel , which has stippling brush and i why? because i was unable to find ONE yes even ONE stippling brush in Pakistan
        3- You remember Nicki Clarke straightener i won from you , my cousin brought it to Pakistan and now i am waiting for it to reach me , so i can use it :)
        4- My letter from USA visa embassy so i can visit USA in end of year 2010..
        and i even tweeted here

  4. Laura Hadland says

    Hmmm… Im expecting

    * Snacks from Warburtons – nommy.
    * TV LIcence reminder (oops…)
    * A pizza restaurant flyer

    Er…. clearly not expecting much this week! But I do love post!

  5. Jo Bryan says


    1. Nothing boohooo well a bill for my washing machine repair, thats more sad than nothing.
    I too love post yours sounds better.

  6. Julie Henderson says

    1. Dress for holidays – for wedding blessing
    2. Socks for hubby
    3. 2 Books for the beach
    4. Make-up – every girls essential items

  7. Katie says

    not sure what i am doing lol

    1) i want to win a iPad
    2) aftersun for sunburn lol
    3) New Book
    4) makeup to cheer myself up with
    5)Lamis Khamis clothes

  8. Nicky Russell says

    @paulinepppp . I am expecting

    1) A visa bill – The hazards of shopping – GULP!!
    2) A Sony DVD Player – I won it
    3) A Hairy Bikers Cookbook ( £5 On special offer , so had to buy that) !!
    4) TIGI shampoo – I really needed that :) (Another special offer)
    5) An overdue birthday card from my aunt – She probably forgot again though :(

  9. says

    i’m expecting a gmarket order, some of the items i ordered are:

    1) SIlicone muffin baking trays, in cute heart shapes, and really cheap compared to one i found locally
    2)chiffon-looking work type tops, because i’m too lazy to shop in actual shops for tops, bottoms however always need to be tried on
    3) more konad nail plates, cause for some reason i finally got them to work for me, and the top coat, otherwise the image smudges when you use a normal top coat
    4) nail polishes from etude house, as i am addicted to nail polishes and i’ve found etude house’s are pretty decent
    5) a bag organiser, as i’ve been unable to find one i like locally

    that’s some of the items, really looking forward to getting it this week! thanks for this giveaway

  10. Julie B says

    1. John Frieda Frizz Ease Products won in a competition
    2. River Island Vest ordered
    3. Car insurance renewal
    4. Any free samples of perfume etc
    5. Bills and more bills probably

  11. Caroline says

    retweeted @Pocky_c

    5 things
    1. a portable hardrive, my current 500gb one is filled up :(
    2. New essie nail polish I ordered from ebay
    3. Package from Hong Kong from cousin which should have my polaroid film and some mask and random beauty goodies
    that’s it :( I love opening packages!

  12. taryn g says

    1 Eminems new album recovery
    2 super mairo galaxy 2 game for the wii
    3 suprises (heres hoping lol)
    4 Bills
    5 bank statement

    what a fab comp x

  13. Nat says

    Red Dead Redemption on X360
    The new X360 Slim Preordered
    Some cheap lippy from ebay
    Bank Statement
    Oh, and a Solid Snake “Big Boss” figure from ebay.

  14. Beverley Cordle says

    I’m expecting:

    1) A Topshop Maxi dress from Ebay because I need a dress for holiday and I love a bargain!

    2) A DVD for my fiance – we love our TV boxsets!

    Sadly thats all I am expecting but I love surprises!

  15. Claire lawrence says

    I’m addicted to post too! Its very exciting!
    1) A new black purse, mines compeletely fallen apart!
    2) A drink aware football, i became an expert at the Hoof it game!
    3) Some skincare goodies, because I wanted to treat myself!
    4) bills :(, because theres no way of getting out of that one!

  16. Clare says

    01. A book for my Dad. He’s been away so I was able to delay buying of fathers day presents :)
    02. Body shop haul! Almond body butter, almond body lotion, Satsuma bubble bath, cranberry body butter and a cellulite massager. I realise the last thing is a gimic but I’m curious! I bought these as I’ve been hard on myself lately with the gym and dieting and wanted a pamper.
    03. Hematite star necklace with silver chain. I finished a course lately and rewarded myself with something meaningful.
    04. “Bon Voyage” card for my brother, he’s going to Australia for 6 months so I bought a lovely card from
    05. 2 x 5/8th plugs. For my ears. I recently stretched my lobes to 16mm and found some crackin’ deals on stone plugs :]

  17. harline says

    ive been expecting a birthday card from january from a certain someone who said they had posted it still waiting ha ha
    also an mp3 player off ebay has my second one went in the washing maching after leaving it in my coat pocket

  18. kirsty says

    I’m not expecting any shopping in the mail because I am a poor student! I am, however, waiting on a cheque from newvistalive which will be sent at the end of the month!

  19. nana says

    1- a wallet i had ordered for my dad for father’s day which has not arrived yet!
    2- loreal voluminous mascara.

    That’s all that i am expecting!

  20. Patricia says

    Things I’m waiting for in the mail:

    1. Etude House V-line 10 (tan?) BB-Cream. I bought this after reading the review done by Ms. Candy. Actually got it in the mail today and I hope this works out!

    2. Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge in Pink. I’ve been lemming over this damned thing for a while and it’s been really hard to find.

    3. Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupon. I need to buy a new comforter and who can pass up on a 20% on any one item?

    4. Student aid check. I’m in college and I need money.

    5. And a book I ordered a few weeks back that’s supposed to be given as a gift to the BF’s dad.

  21. says

    1) Parcel from my friend Amber with cool make-up from US. We did a swap.
    2) Nail polish I won in Olivia’s contest.
    3) Decision about college funding – this one’s important!
    4) Letter from Dr asking me to go for my monthly blood test – not so fun!
    5) Letter from an old friend – this is the one I am most looking forward to and least likely to get lol.

  22. says

    I love reading what others are expecting in the mail XD
    I’m expecting:
    -Moschino purse
    -Baviphat skin products
    -Havaiana flip flops
    -Maquillage palette
    -Handmade pouch from Eki Love


  23. says

    the things im expecting in the post is my loxyfoxy hair clip extension O.O
    i bought that because soo hyped on youtube ><
    im sucks with hype lol 😀

  24. says

    1) ysl lipstick in peach passion – cause i can’t resist to anything in coral or peach, and i’ve seen it on temptalia and loved!
    2) jordana makeup on cherry culture – cause they are so cheap! i hope they are good too!
    3) tbn mac pigment samples – cause i’m obsessed with this store, can’t stop buying!
    4) skindinavia sprays – i’ve seen some reviews and got curious about them

  25. Harpreet says

    im expecting:

    1. a dress that i ordered from river island- its this gorgeous one shouldered dress that ive been eyeing up for ages!
    2. mac viva glam gaga lipstick- its been sold out for a while and finally ordered it on the mac website. love the colour!
    3. loreal glam shine lipgloss in sheer papaya- saw cheryl cole advertising it and ordered it from ebay. its a nice peachy coral colour.
    4. silver sandals from next- i realised that I dont have any silver sandals and need these for a wedding im going to in a few weeks.
    5. benefit coralista blush- Love this colour, nice for the summer.

  26. Ava says

    1. A lovely lovely letter from my friend in the US
    2. An order from ELF (!)
    3. Ummm…my hydro bill, unfortunately.
    4. A gorgeous pair of earrings from Etsy
    5. A lippie from Ebay (warm tone coral)

    Maybe some nail polish too? 😉

  27. says

    Dont know why my previous comments weren’t published
    so here we go again
    expecting in the post
    1- My lost 5 NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes i ordered you can even my sad blog post on them
    2- My Senna parcel , which has stippling brush and i why? because i was unable to find ONE yes even ONE stippling brush in Pakistan
    3- You remember Nicki Clarke straightener i won from you , my cousin brought it to Pakistan and now i am waiting for it to reach me , so i can use it :)
    4- My letter from USA visa embassy so i can visit USA in end of year 2010..
    and i even tweeted here

  28. says

    Im expecting lots of stuff because I love internet shopping

    * My E.L.F. order
    *my Tarte order
    * A coupon for snickers from this Tweet I made
    * Eyeshadow pallete from Ebay
    * makeup Brushes from Ebay

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  29. layla says

    wow! i was just reading everyone else’s posts. I’m not expecting anything through the post! Unfortunately, I am still yet to locate the post office here in Kuwait. We only get our mail through P.O. Box nos. Yes, so sad right? Anyway, my mum’s sending a few snacks through a relative when he comes to Kuwait, so I’m expecting that.

  30. visenya says

    1. books – because I’m running out of reading material
    2. lunasol limited edition eyeshadow palette (EX01 nature summer blue) – the colours are gorgeous!
    3. shu uemura lip gloss – you know the one :p
    4. bb cream – i’m going through a bb cream phase right now
    5. misc skincare stuff – changing up my routine since the weather’s been so dry lately

  31. JULIE PANNELL says

    1 jet for vespa scooter

    2 eye brow stencils

    3 black bolero jacket

    4 knots & bolts for vespa scooter

    5 probably a bill of some sort

  32. says

    1 Solicitor stuff cuz me and the boyf are buying our first house, yay.
    2 A pair of looovely heels that I cannot afford
    3 A few bits from elfs studio range
    4 Family Guy boxset 1-8 (apparently we can count this as ‘new house essentials’)
    5 Big fat bonus from work
    (oops that last one was wishful thinking…dammit)

  33. Jo says

    I’m not expecting anything exciting unfortunately :( Just some printer ink, both black and colour (I splashed out LOL) Hopefully I’ll get some surprises as I’ve entered a few giveaways recently :)

  34. Danielle Graves says

    1) A top from ebay – I liked it and it was cheap.
    2) Morganville Vampires book 2 – the local book shop didn’t have this one and I have nearly finished book 1
    3) Some clothes from New Look, the shop didnt have my size in stock so ordered online.
    4) Some earrings from ASOS because I love them and they are cute and funky.
    5) Some sweets from a USA Candy store because they are my favourites.

  35. janie h says

    i am expected some silver holographic edible cake glitter in the post. i bought it so i can make beautiful sparkly cupcakes for my mum and my friends.

  36. Gerard Larkin says

    What I’m expecting in the post…..
    1. Red ded redemption for my Xbox!
    2. Arrested development on dvd, classic tv
    3. England it cheap, might as well show some support whilst there still in it!
    4. Meh thats about it!

  37. Giselle says

    i’m expectiiing…
    1- harajuku lover’s G should be arriving at my house any day now! love the coconut smell but the bottle is tiny so i run out fast
    2- angora cardi polish from essie. a pretty shade i dont have yet
    3- urban outfitters shorts i ordered from ebay..i’ve always had luck with the fit of clothes from uo
    4- 12-pack socks i ordered from ebay lol because i always lose my socks somehow!
    5- tigi rockstar conditioner..i’m running out and it makes my hair so soft!

  38. Teresa Lee says

    1. Two tickets to see ‘Love never dies’ at the West End next month.
    2. A new cooling fan, hot weathers coming ‘n’ my old ones on its last legs.
    3. Guitar strings
    4. Ironman toy…for grandson he’s mad on ironman at the moment
    5. Learn Hypnosis dvd by J.Royale- this actually arrived last week but thought I’d mention it cos it really is brilliant, basically teaches u step by step how to do Hypnosis. Feels kinda empowering in a way like someones just let u in on this really hidden juicy secret.

  39. says

    3 of the items I’m expecting are Rimmel makeup packs, all of which I won in an instant win competition (I’m giving two of them away as presents – 1 to my mum, and 1 to my best friend). I’m also waiting on some mixed lollies I bought on special online, and on a less tasty note… my phone bill. :(

    Kate1485 at

  40. maliha rohail says

    hey.. the five things I’m expecting in post are:
    1- A specially printed t-shirt with my pic for my fiance.. :) *sigh*
    2- A 3 in one printer I won from HP :)
    3- Fashion collection monthly magazine
    4- Hopefully a surprise bunch of flowers from you know who 😉
    5- A bracelet I ordered from a local company for my sister’s graduation gift..

    Thats it.. I tweeted abt this giveaway at :