Monday Giveaway! Two Prizes! Sleek Safari Palette & Barielle Shades of Summer Polishes

This week, there are 2 prizes and I will pick two separate winners (obviously).

1st Prize:

Review_ Sleek Safari Palette & Acid Eyeshadow Palette |

Sleek Safari Palette – this is a really lovely palette, all the colours are nice and pigmented. You will get a brand new, boxed one!

2nd Prize:

Grape Escape & Lemon Drops from Barielle Shades of summer – gorgeous thick, pigmented nail polishes in nice summery shades.

Review_ Barielle Shades of Summer Nail Polishes |
Review_ Barielle Shades of Summer Nail Polishes |

You will have a chance to win either by entering once.


What do you think is the biggest beauty faux pas? (Leave your answer in the comments!)


Orange skin, orange skin, orange skin (via bad fake tan). Crusty foundation that gathers around the nose. Oily foundation that gathers round the glasses. Basically, I think people should spend more time getting the base right and lay off the lip liner.

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  1. kayce says

    -too-light foundation (people who stick to the same shade year after year, completely ignoring seasonal or age-related changes in skin tone)

    -wearing “evening” makeup (elaborate eyes, dark lips, glitter) as your day-to-day look

    -thick, tacky acrylic french manicures where the white tips are longer than the nail beds

  2. Anna says

    Mines as got to be girls that cake on way too much make up (especially those that already have flawless skin). I like experimenting with make up as well, but when girls cake on make up, it just doesn’t bring out that natural glow and beauty in them. It’s so annoying when girls put on 15448 products on their face.

  3. Stephanie says

    Eyebrows that have been shaved off then penciled on, foundation that is waaaayyyy to heavy (especially on older women, their wrinkles look even worse!), and dark dark lipstick during the day

  4. jane says

    when people don’t use the right shade of foundation… and their faces are super pale compared to the rest of their body that is darker.. HAHA 😡

  5. Stephanie says

    Hi there!! Love the blog!!! I think the biggest beauty faux pas is unkempt eyebrows. They really frame the face and polish the look.

  6. MMT says

    I totally agree with all of those things that you said! Also, overtweezed brows, undertweezed/untweezed brows, or wrong-shape brows (brows affect your whole face, so they need to be done well :) –it’s a huge pet peeve of mine!) Way too light or way too dark foundation (as in, they’re trying to look lighter or darker than they are.)

    Thanks for another great giveaway! :)

  7. jessica says

    I think the biggest beauty faux pas is when mascara runs all over your eyes looking like a raccoon and you don’t even realize it. Also, when your hiding a red pimple with green concealer and the green shows up later in the middle of your face.

  8. kirsty says

    Tide marks and badly matched foundation. The two do seem to go hand in hand as well!

  9. Amira says

    I agree with y’all, wearing the wrong foundation can make one look sick or dirty. Another thing, I absolutely hate is the myth that lips look fuller if you draw lip liner around them. It just looks ridiculous.
    And I think that if one’s going to wear sandals, one should not neglect one’s feet. Crached heels, hairy feet and too long toenails are not pretty.

  10. Nina says

    I can’t stand lipstick stains on teeth! I also hate when women who have white faces and dark necks. Tattooed eyebrows give me the creeps.

  11. Ames says

    Hmmm…dry crusty heels! If you’re going to let them hang out in sandals, get your feet looking nice. lol. I figured I’d go for the feet since the other girls had the face covered. haha

  12. Tracy says

    Foundation that doesn’t match and then is not blended into your neck. Also, too much bronzer/blush that’s not blended well either. It’s not a pretty look and it just makes you look scary!

  13. Deanna says

    I agree w/stephanie, drawn on eyebrows? I don’t think so. What are those girls thinking?

  14. sue says

    Err probably tattoo eyebrows and like you said a fake orange tan. Both very disgusting.

  15. JJ says

    i didnt want to spend money on getting my nails done, so i went to a beauty supply store and their fake nails looked really nice. I bought them and wore them on a BIG DATE. my date even told me how nice my nails were…UNTIL we walked at the park and he bought a soda he was joking saying stuff like “i bet those nails cant hadle opening a coke” so i opened it and…..three nails fell out! he was so disgussted …..hahha just horrible, never getting them ever again.

  16. RobbyRaynebow says

    The biggest beauty faux pas is….. Spidery Eyelashes!

    Omg! My best friend has long long eyelashes and she thought that if she made look like one uni-lash. It was awful and she got my other friend hooked on it. ugh! I just want to attack them with an eyelash comb.

  17. Kimberly says

    Caked on foundation, & worse yet when you can see the huge foundation line around the neck or face. Lipstick & gloss that bleeds around the lips. Flaking mascara, & eyeliner that smears. My absolute worst pet peeve is not exactly beauty related, but I can’t stand to see someone with deodorant on their shirt, how gross!

  18. Wendy says

    Foundation or tinted moisturizer not blended into the neck! I also really dislike French manicures where the white tip is at least the same length as the nail bed…*cringe*. Thick black eyeliner that’s smudged all over is pretty gnarly as well.

  19. Melia says

    My pet hate is when women put a white eyeshadow under their eyes like concealer, especially in the summer, when they have tanned (I really want to hit the person who made this a “trend”).
    Other pet hates are: winter foundation in the summer, french pedi and really long acrylic nails (scary!)

  20. Lucy B says

    I would have to say bleach blonde hair with about a mile of dark roots showing lol! And defo tango orange tan. xXx

  21. says

    I’d say foundation that doesn’t match and eyebrows that have been waxed off and penciled on.

  22. mint says

    it has to be fake tans for me. I can understand people thinking a bit of tan looks healthy but not those fake tan sprays. they are awful! they’re smell horrific, not to mention a pain to get off!!

  23. YZ says

    The biggest beauty faux pas (to me) has to be thick, cakey foundation which is way too light for the wearer’s skintone!
    Unfortunately, this sight is way too common in Asian culture, where the whitening craze prevails :/

  24. Halifax says

    Wrong shade of foundation (either too light or too dark) compared to the neck
    Eyeshadow fallout on the cheeks
    Smeared eyeliner

  25. diskogal says

    Haha, I have to agree with the commenter who suggested Crocs (ugh!)

    Other than that, I have a thing with people who wear lip liner OVER (and sometimes it’s waaay over) their lip line, in an attempt to make their lips look fuller. IT DOESN’T WORK! A girl I knew used to do it all the time, and I always ended up staring at her lips, frightened.

  26. Nicolavc86 says

    horribly drawn on eyebrows coupled with uber dark lipliner & light lipstick! also black palms from tanning & long acrylic nails where the whites are longer than the pink! looks chavtastic!! xx

  27. wendy says

    for me it would be, lining the lower part of the eyelid far too low from the lower lashes, leaving a clearly visible skin coloured “line” between your eye and the dark liner. This is particularly obvious when using liquid eyeliner because it’s extremely dark. It looks unnatural and horrible.

  28. Andrea says

    I hate smokey eyes on 15 year olds during school hours, too light or dark foundation especially when it looks greasy, and dramatic eyes with dramatic lips.

  29. Allilanta says

    Oh my oh my. Biggest faux pas has to be black polish on inch long nails!! That’s beyond creepy and way too intense! Also I despise when I see women walk by (more like strut by) thinking their eyes look amazing, but they have big clumps in their lashes! That makes me want to chuck my eyelash comb their way! Horrifying, really.