Monday Giveaway: Rimmel 15 Shadow Palette

This weeks competition is for a double tiered Rimmel Palette, which has 15 eyeshadows, 2 cheek colours and a face powder, and four cream lip colours:

rimmel palette.jpg

Doesn’t do it justice, the shadows are very shimmery and metallic.

To win, leave a comment:

Last week was super rubbish for me, but I know that all things, good and bad are fleeting. When you are feeling down what…

(Optional question) – What is making you sad/annoyed/down?

Then, What:

a. Food =

b. Make Up =

c. Living thing =

d. Song =

Makes you feel better?


At the moment, everything is quite disorganized and a lot of the time its out of my control. I have also had to deal with some really rude people lately! That drives me insane, plus being very run down and ill doesn’t help, and I have a lot – a lot of work to do. I am envious of anyone who gets a holiday this year or gets to stay at home!

a. A cup of tea and bread with salty butter

b. Something very luxurious, like my Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick, or my Guerlain Meteorites compact powder.

c. Why, it has to be the moggies. My little tortie is especially loving, she likes to knead on…well, my boobs.

d. Jackson 5: I Want You Back!

Winner announced next Monday!

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  1. says

    a. Food = McDonalds ice cream cone

    b. Make Up = eyeshadow palettes, especially the HE Japanese ones

    c. Living thing = hamsters. I don’t own any but watching the pet store hamsters run around is hilarious.

    d. Song = Goldfrapp – Saturday

  2. Diyana says

    (Optional question) – What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    My room! It’s a total MESS. I cleaned it last month and now it’s right back to square one. I have to work on maintaining skills instead of cleaning ones ya?

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Soft shell crab sushi. MMM…

    b. Make Up = Just caught onto the chocolate smokey eye bandwagon with NARS Galapagos. I love it!!!

    c. Living thing = Zabuza the kitty. Also called Zabudog. He just purred all over me and sniffed my face. I’m pretty sure they were kisses.

    d. Song = Dancey stuff. So I can clean my room whilst shaking my boo-tay.

    Makes you feel better?

  3. Gigi says

    One of my friends is being kind of a turd lately, and it’s getting on all of our nerves =_=

    a. Any type/brand/flavor of potato chips. And milk tea. Maybe not together.

    b. BRUSHES, expensive brushes. Or more specifically, washing my brushes. It’s quite therapeutic and I get something done at the same time! I find it immensely satisfying in the morning to run my fingers through a clean brush that I had washed the previous night.

    c. My mom! <3

    d. Spice Girls – Stop, preferably with my friends so that we can do the actions together haha. What can I say, I'm a 90's child.

  4. Nina says

    Right now, I hate the annoying people in my life who always want to know what’s going on with me. Incessant text messages and phone calls, quit it already! Plus I’m breaking out terribly right now. :/
    a. A really good slice of pizza and an ice cold beer!
    b. YSL Gloss Pur (I just love the scent)
    c. Kitties!
    d. The Click Five: Flipside

  5. jessica says

    School is kinda bringing me down. I feel like summer was rushed and I didn’t get enough out of it.

    a. Food =

    b. Make Up =

    c. Living thing =

    d. Song = ” What is making you sad/annoyed/down?

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Chocolate

    b. Make Up = Mascara!

    c. Living thing = Dogs (:

    d. Song = “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift

  6. says

    I’m currently working in another state apart from my parents. I feel very bad and down when I couldn’t go home to meet them when they need me. Last Saturday my mom just called me and say she missed me. I was so sad the whole day and feels like rushing back home but I couldn’t. :(

    a) I need chocolate. Lotsa chocolate. I had no idea whether it really helps because of it’s content. I simply feels that I’m happier because I love chocolates!!!

    b) Just like u! Something luxury or high end will keep me happy. I’m not greedy, a MAC Lipglass can makes me happy already.

    c) Living thing… of course my handsome Babibu!!! FYI, he’s a rabbit. An angora is cute enough, what’s more he is a lop-ear angora!!! How cute can that be? Love him LOTSSS!!!!

    d) I don’t really listen to any songs but there are singer that will makes me laugh till I cry. That brilliant singer is no doubt my bf. Songs that he modified and sing to me will always in my head. I’ll just smile whenever I think of it. It’s not nasty modify but stupid. = =” I guess that’s what I like.

    Gimme this palette!!! We don’t get it here. xD

  7. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    I recently moved to Germany for a year-long stint here, and left behind my family who lives in the US and Canada. So, currently, what makes me sad and down is how much I miss my sister, my kitties, and one of my cats had to be put to sleep, and my grandmother is dying. So, yeah. I’m a little down.

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Chocolate Chip Cookies (soft baked with semi-sweet chocolate chips)

    b. Make Up = Winged eyeliner to make me feel sexy, a little more confident, and anything to even out my complexion (whether it be powder or just primer)

    c. Living thing = Animals in general <3 I also rather enjoy contact with friends if I'm feeling down. They're the best distraction, and the best support (the animals too hehe)

    d. Song = Anything by Stevie Wonder. He's able to change the mood of anyone and everyone. He's so upbeat and happy, and so soulful.

    Makes you feel better?

  8. dana says

    What annoys me right now is the fact that I’m almost broke (getting paid tomorrow yay!).

    a)chocolate icecream with lots of sprinkles

    b) Maybelline volume express mascara- helps make my bad days great days!

    c) living thing? Has to be my husband who makes me breakfast everymorning :) although I still have to cook dinner and tea hmmm

    d) YMCA

  9. sassyele says

    hi there – i have to say depression doesn’t suit me…so i just keep on smilin!! 1st time entering on here, so hoping i’ll be lucky!

    food: Hmm…anything thats not good for you (chocolate cake, sweets, chocolate, other cake – seeing the pattern here!)

    make-up: i’m loving Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Lipcolour – it lasts for hours and hours even after eating/drinking/kissing! LoL

    Livng Thing: gotta be my 2 kids (aged 14 & 12), we’re spending tons of girlie time together since its the school hols, and i’m lovin it!

    Song: James Brown – I feel Good……this always makes me smile so i have this as my ringtone!

    good luck everyone! xx

  10. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    Firstly.. I feel like my summer hols have been really rushed and a giant blur! LOL feel like I hardly done anything .. a lot of drama has been happening. Also, the sick anticipation of TODAY! Have to go into school for something about my future and future classes.. fingers crossed it goes well!!

    Then, What:

    a. Food = I loooove anything with cheese or butter in it. Like, pasta with a nice tomato sauce… with lots of cheese. Toast…with lots of butter. Etc!

    b. Make Up = long lashes! Wooooyeah for Heroine Kiss me Mascara!

    c. Living thing = My bro. He is NUTS LOL. So funny I get stitches just thinking about past hilarious moments and comments he’s made. Hehe.

    d. Song = Mr Blue Sky! By either E.L.O (original) or Lily Allen. They’re both good at cheering me up πŸ˜€

  11. Deanna says

    Nothing is really making me sad or down but when I am here’s what makes me feel better:

    a. Food =Popcorn!

    b. Make Up =Bright Lipstick!

    c. Living thing =My Pomeranian Shady :) She is sooo cute!

    d. Song =”Candyman” from Willy Wonka & the Chocoalte Factory.

  12. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    My job. I am so sick of it. I am cramped in a small office with 2 permanent guys that’s dusty and smells like stale air. UGH! I took a ‘sick week’ last week just to get away! (I was kinda sick, but I played it up a bit.) There is nothing worthwhile to do here! I come back a week later and there’s still nothing to do. That’s why I am always on beauty sites!

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Well right now (since I am still getting over being sick) it’s toast with Smart Balance butter. ummm ummm!

    b. Make Up = Right now any mascara to make my eyes seems like I am wide awake, but really not. (Max Factor Bronze Intensity, but only the brown side.)

    c. Living thing = My puppy. She was always laying right next to me when I was feeling yucky.

    d. Song = Glycerine by Bush-great song!

  13. Jessica says

    QUESTION– What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    ANSWER: I am super stressed right now, even though it’s summer, because I keep over thinking about the future. Hanging out with relatives makes it even more difficult sometimes because it seems like they pile on the pressure.
    To deal with stress, pressures, and just any negativity I’m feeling in general :) >>
    a. Food = Rocky Road ice cream! YUM I love the texture contrasts of the marshmallow and the nuts

    b. Make Up = Lip gloss definitely. I love my Stila It Gloss and lip gloss is a great way to brighten up any one’s day

    c. Living thing = Family and Friends. They might cause the sadness sometimes but in the end, family and friends are the ones I look to so that I can talk about all my problems

    d. Song = “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter

  14. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down? People not keeping their promises.
    Then, What:

    a. Food = CHOCOLATE

    b. Make Up = some pretty smooth lip glosses that aren’t too sticky.

    c. Living thing = Cats

    d. Song = The Call by Regina Spektor

  15. Caroline D says

    (Optional question) – What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    At this moment, I’m annoyed at my allergies. I can’t eat a a peach without wanting to scratch my throat out ;(.

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Dan Tat, the little egg tarts. Mm, so yum πŸ˜€

    b. Make Up = My KATE deep trap eye pallete

    c. Living thing = My Uncles guinea pig, so big and fluffy. Thought he was a rabbit with no ear’s at first o-o;.

    d. Song = SNSD/Girl’s generation = Gee
    So annoyingly catchy.

    Makes you feel better?

  16. Tammy says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    I’m really annoyed right now because, school is starting everything is so confusing! When i pick out classes most of them are taken! ugh!

    Then, What:

    a. Food = mint chocalate chip ice cream just soothes my problems away…

    b. Make Up = bright colors! when your down you need some attenetion and good complements

    c. Living thing =Fishy…they just look like they don’t have a care in the world

    d. Song = India.Arie- Video
    i think EVERY girl, women, grandma out there should listen to that song

  17. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    I finished college at the end of June, and since then I’ve only had TWO days off from intensive jobhunting (and those two days were my boyfriend & I’s anniversary, and my 18th birthday). It’s really getting me down because I know I’m intelligent and I’m willing to work anywhere that will take me, but I live in a pretty remote area and there’s next to no jobs available at all. And the further out I go looking for jobs, the less likely they are to employ me due to living so far away! It’s driving me mad, this stupid recession.

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Strawberries and creme fraiche, or my dad’s beef stew and dumplings πŸ˜€

    b. Make Up = Finding a perfect colour combination in your arsenal that you’d never thought of putting together before. Nothing like a bit of amazing discovery to cheer you up!

    c. Living thing = My wonderful boyfriend. Even if he’s the one causing me to be down in the first place! XD Haha but you know what it’s like when you’re in love, you just feel better when they give you a cuddle.

    d. Song = I still think the best pick-me-up song of all time ever is Junior Senior – Move Your Feet. Tacky, irritating, overly catchy but SO GOOD for cheering you up! πŸ˜€


  18. Grace says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    It’s that time of the month. Cramping :/

    Then, What:

    a. Food = any type of pasta (homemade mac and cheese is my fave), fries, ice cream, reese’s peanut butter cups, clam chowder, red robin cheeseburger, hawaiian pizza

    b. Make Up = mac eyeshadows/pigments/MSFs, amazing mascaras, lip glosses, NAIL POLISH

    c. Living thing =my friend’s golden retriever :)

    d. Song = there are so many. a soothing song is stolen by dashboard confessional. it’s been my favorite for years

  19. KC says

    Down: confused

    Then, What:
    a. bag of chips, kit kat bar, & a cup of green tea
    b. Make Up = endless supplies of eye palettes
    c. Living thing =puppies
    d. Song = Mariah Carey-Hero

  20. Gwendolyn says

    (Optional question) – What is making you sad/annoyed/down?:
    I’m REALLY annoyed by the fat truck, bipolar, mean truck driver who drives the ice cream truck I work on. You’d think that ice cream truck drivers would be nice and jolly, but this one talks behind your back, complains about things not being clean even though she doesn’t give you time to clean them, complains about you “not doing your job” when it isn’t your job to stock the truck, you’re just the server, and… she has terrible breath and a bit of a mustache/beard.
    I’m also down about school starting in less than 9 days, because I won’t be able to sleep in and I’m going to have a freshman class because I need to get one of the graduation requirements from it (it wasn’t available for freshmen to receive, and I didn’t have room for the class my sophomore or junior year). I also have to read two of the most boring books for AP English 4… and I have to read them before summer ends, and then write 8 pages worth of essays on the four books that I read (or will read).

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Burger King Double Whopper with a large fry. Or Wendy’s chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and a large fry. Maybe even a plain peanut butter sundae with whipped cream or a small cup of soft serve chocolate with chocolate dip… that has yet to dry.

    b. Make Up = I really love my C.O. Bigelow tinted lip gloss, it’s OH SO MINTY and makes my lips feel lovely, and my Loreal HiP cream eyeliner.

    c. Living thing = I don’t have any pets, so I’d have to say two of my friends and my older sister. My older sister is so much like myself and we can talk about lots… I’d say she’s the closest person to me and we’re both creative people with similar interests.

    d. Song = There’s so many songs! “Gara Gara Go” by Big Bang, “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, and “Satellite” by Oceanlab~.

    Makes You Feel Better?

  21. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?

    The fact that I’m only home enough to make a mess. Never there long enough to clean it up!

    Then what?

    a. Food = Sugar Free Jello

    b. Make-Up= New pigments, and making my primer

    c. Living thing= My dogs. One which is due to give birth any day now!!

    d. Song= Animals. Nickleback

  22. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    Seeing my friends and family hurting and I can only do so much about it or to comfort them :( Also this economy being laid off and having a hard time as is affording to send my mom to her doctors to help beat this Cancer it’s really heartbreaking.

    Then, What Makes you feel better?
    a. Spending quality time with my family and friends no matter if it’s on the phone, in person, online, texting. Just having them in my life and talking to them makes my day.

    b. Cooking new recipes especially if you throw in baking too :) I love to entertain even if it’s for a small group and nothing extravagant.

    c. Designing jewelry. Nothing to awesome at the moment but getting into cheaper versions of crafts like knitting definitely helps keep me occupied and i’ve been donating the items. Being able to still help even in the smallest ways until I get back on my feet is great, seeing the faces light up when they receive a gift is priceless.

    d. Dressing up even if I have nowhere to go. Why not doll up for me and take some fun pics? Gives you a boost of confidence and everyone should have a “I feel like a gem” moments especially at their hardest times.

  23. Allilanta says

    Can’t seem to lose that last 10 pounds! Curse the podge, and curse my weakness to lovely lovely mochas and chocolate biscuits.

    a. Food? Definitely chocolate biscuits that are just warm and fresh from the oven. Heaven.

    b. Make up? One word. ILLAMASQUA. Oh wait, that was 3 words..

    c. Living thing? My children. They always perk me up. :)

    d. Song? Hmmmm. That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say “When I’m 64″ by (you know it) the Beatles!

  24. Jessica says

    What is making me sad/down? = being away from home

    a. Food = chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates! plus any cravings that get satisfied

    b. Makeup = lip gloss

    c. Living thing = best friends

    d. Song = currently Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas

  25. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?
    …(sad) my bf is leaving this september/october, he’ll be working abroad (i’ll be working abroad too) but he’ll be in Dubai.. and i’ll be in Singapore
    …(annoyed) my co worker acts bossy over me, hmf im quite pissed off
    …(down) i want my two other siblings to finish their studies, so they wouldn’t be discriminated in work because of educational background

    Then, What: (Makes me feel better)

    a. Food = Chocolates, Coffee, and Fried Chicken
    b. Make Up = Eyeshadows (any brand – locally or branded)
    c. Living thing = my family, the bf and our pets
    d. Song = “Last Time” by Eric Bennet

    Makes you feel better?

  26. says

    What is making you sad/annoyed/down?

    That summer is almost over and i haven’t gotten to take a vacation to the U.S.A

    Then what?

    a. Food = pastries

    b. Make-Up= my coastal scents makeup palette

    c. Living thing= my boyfriend

    d. Song=Sweet Dream- Beyonce

    What makes me feel better?

    Going to the club with my girls

  27. says

    At the moment I am stressing over moving back to London, a lot of work that needs doing and the fact that I only have a few months of uni left then I am left out in the big bad world all alone o.O

    a. Tea, always tea :)

    b. Red lisptick!

    c. My fiance. He never fails to make me smile. Even if it’s been him that’s put me in the bad mood!

    d. MGMT – Electric Feel

  28. Heather says

    What makes me feel down is that I have soo much work to do this week.
    a. Food = something yummy and healthy like kiwis

    b. Make Up = Creating a really pretty look

    c. Living thing =My friends

    d. Song = Alanis Morisette: crazy

  29. says

    Hope I have a chance to win :)

    a. Food = Gourmet Chocolate… You can’t say no to a gourmet chocolate!

    b. Make Up = blush on! no matter how depressed I feel inside, I see the pink of my cheeks and it all seems better somehow!

    c. Living thing = My goldfishes, icingdeath and twinkle! They’re my constant best friends!

    d. Song = Flowers in the Window – Travis

  30. Vanessa S says

    The thing that is making me sad……The decisions that a family member is making.

    A. Craving lobster at this moment.
    B. Eyeliner.
    C. My kids and rabbits.
    D. Anything Michael Jackson/Jackson 5.

  31. Dora says

    I am retrying cause i didnt see the questions only to leave comment..dismissed my previous entry please πŸ˜‰

    that i cant be with my brit and our nana is struggling with cancer.

    a. Food =anything chocolate and tamales

    b. Make Up =red lipstick and my eyeliner

    c. Living thing =my brit and my familia

    d. Song = Smiths or Morrissey – Swallow on my neck.

  32. Lisa says

    a. Food = Haagen Daz Cookies and cream ice cream.! =)

    b. Make Up = Lots of black, black eyeline, black mascara, black lipstick.

    c. Living thing = Friends phoning me up and asking if I’m alright ^^

    d. Song = ‘Sorry, Sorry’ – Super Junior – Brightens my mood up and makes me want to get up and dance! πŸ˜€

  33. Michelle says

    a. Food = A cupcake and/or croissant

    b. Make Up = A neutral look with pretty lip gloss

    c. Living thing = My sister’s cat, Timi

    d. Song = Wow….there are a few…but prob “Why I Feel So Sad” by Alicia Keys

  34. says

    (Optional question) – I am annoyed because a reporter wrote an unfair article about the place where I work, because another department fell down on the job. Now my department looks bad and has to handle all the inquiries from the public.

    Then, What:

    a. Food = Chocolate Delights trail mix. IT contains almonds, peanuts, m&ms, raisins, and sunflower kernels.

    b. Make Up = Cover Girl eyeshadow in Indigo

    c. Living thing = my two little girls–JoJo and Dew; and my husband

    d. Song = Several. When I’m angry I like to listen to DMX’s Party Up or Ghostface Killah’s Run. When I need cheering/spiritual revival, I listen to Mary Mary’s Get Up or the Clark Sister’s “You Brought the Sunshine.”

  35. Emma says

    Lately, I’m down about some stuff going on at work. And also some things in my personal life. I’ve been trying to stay optimistic though…I am a glass half-full kind of person by nature :)

    But these things help:

    Food: Swedish Fish–the big bag of them, all red ones!

    Makeup: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Destiny–it’s peachy/coral with lots of shimmer and shine

    Living Thing(s): My one year-old daughter, Lilly

    Song: Let’s Hear it for the Boy (random, I know!)