Monday Giveaway: Nars Liquid Liner & Gloss In Orgasm & Striptease

Yup, the post is in the title.

Giveaway – one full size Nars Liquid Liner with mini brush, called Shakedown, a warm plum/burgundy and a dual ended lipgloss with the shades Orgasm and Striptease.


In other news: Lots of cool stuff coming next week beginning the 18th. Stay tuned!

To enter, leave a comment answering this:
What intentionally annoying thing do you do?

Me: I always ask for a new collectors card every time I go to Cafe Nero for my daily coffee because I’m to lazy to reach into my giagantic handbag (Chanel Portobello, natch) to find the one I got yesterday. I think the Barista lady (with amazing cheekbones) is catching on.

Winner will be announced next Friday!

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  1. says

    Oooh. This one is hard. I have this friend who is also really intentionally annoying. He only compliments me when he feels really guilty about something, like going out with his girlfriend when he was supposed to be working. It shows in the way he talks. “eh. heh heh. Uhh… you’re really awesome. Like… stuff… you do blah blah blah and… eh… heh heh…”

    And i say, “shut up.” And that annoys him…

  2. Halifax says

    I constantly stalk the cosmetics isle at the drugstore. The ladies must have known my face very well by now. I guess I annoyed them when I left the store empty handed :-)

  3. makeloveup says

    I always ask how much things are in the dollar store. My daughter dared me to ask the checkout clerk if the socks were a dollar a pair or a dollar each. I asked as if it was the most legitimate question ever and she answered a pair without skipping a beat. No smiles, laughter, nothing. Also. if anyone ever says I got it at the dollar stor, I ask how much it was.

  4. Kalyn says

    I intentionally hide items at stores I want to buy when there’s only one left. Then I can come back to the store and purchase it later.

  5. Nina says

    I know I’ve won your twitter giveaway so it’s okay if you don’t count my comment but I’d like to share anyway! I have this annoying habit when I browse through stuff in a store and I see something I particularly like but I wouldn’t buy (because I’m cheap like that!). I pick the item up and look at it, put it down, go around the store and then come back to that same item and look at it all over again! My sibs get annoyed a lot, they always say, “Just buy it!”. But I never do!!

  6. Hannah says

    In Beijing, all the drugstore counters are manned, or womanned I guess, by heavily made up 20 year olds. Me and my friends like to go there, hang round till the ‘makeup ladies’ go to visit their friend’s counter, then dive in and try on all the testers. When they come back, about three seconds later, we run for it. It’s practically a sport!
    Wait, you can send it to Beijing right? Sorry. If not, sorry for wasting your time reading this.

  7. Robby_Raynebow says

    Ooooo the most intentional annoying thing I do is…. When someone asks if I did something, I admit to it. Ik it seems like that would be good, but when one of my friends asks if I took a french fry when they weren’t looking I just say in my sarcastic voice “Yep, I took it and I ate it and your little dog too” or something along those lines. Its annoying because no one ever knows whether I’m telling the truth or I’m lying.


  8. says

    I’m not the one who makes the cups of tea in my marriage… so I make this really loud and over the top slurping type noise which translates to ‘Please can you make me a cup of tea dear husband’. He knows the drill by now… stops what he’s doing, sighs and heads defeated into the kitchen. It makes me feel less of an asshole by making noises at him rather than asking outright. Of course, it actually makes me more of an asshole and he hates it, but I get my tea.

    Yes, I’m a git.

    Thanks for the giveaway (and the opportunity to confess my wicked selfishness.)

  9. Caroline says

    When I’m bored in class, I pick at my nail polish and flick it off because I wanna save on my nail polish remover. That’s me being cheap and that’s how bored I get. But I use some nail polishes from HK and when I peel my nail polish off it come’s off all at one go. My friend’s and teacher complain and they say I leave my ‘droppings’ behind each lesson. haha. 😀

  10. amy says

    The most annoying thing i do is, since i’ve been told, be embarrassing. ahaha. I will dress like a FREAAAK in neon bright UNMATCHING to a formal dinner and embarrasse my friends. I will sing cheesy love songs at the worst moments.

  11. MMT says

    Take up the whole bathroom counter w/my makeup and beauty products. Yes my brother needs more room. Am I willing to be less annoying and move my stuff? Not really 😛 Fortunately, he hasn’t complained…

  12. says

    Haha, I do the exact same thing as Nina and Caroline…

    But I have another to add though. When I am waiting for bus I hum (pretty loudly) and since most of the time I listen to classical music, I usually hum a whole piano concerto and something like that…(which is around 20 minutes-30minutes in length) or recite songs from Opera, I guess it’s a bit disturbing when a grown-up women tried to sing like a man or little kids…

  13. Kaoru says

    When I forget a word that I want to say, I say “thing” or “things” instead of just taking a few seconds to think of the word, or give the definition (or point at the object). This used to really get to my husband, but now he’s doing it too, hehe.

  14. says

    One annoying thing I do? hahaha I pick up a polish, try it on my thumbnail just to see if i like the color..and then NOT buy because I ended up not liking’s bad..but can’t blame me because they don’t have testers :(

  15. Nadia says

    I sometimes talk to my boyfriend in a baby voice-I even annoy myself this way but I can’t help it, hehe :)

  16. jess says

    i crack my nuckles alot and my right ankle cracks constantly so i’d do it in a really quiet room to break the slience

  17. Emily says

    In any of my lectures, if I have a question, I wait until the end of class to ask it. So the lecturer will ask at the end “does anyone have any questions?” and I wont raise my hand, and then as soon as possible after that I go down and ask in person. Im pretty sure it drives lecturers nuts but I do it anyways…

  18. Deanna says

    I don’t do anything intentionally annoying, not to say I don’t do annoying things I just don’t do them on purpose to annoy people. I try and be considerate :)

  19. Melia says

    I go into shops, especially cosmetic counters and will ask all the sales assistants at the counter when the new collections will come out (we get them a few weeks later than the rest of the Europe for some weird reason). The annoying part for my friends, is that I will ask at almost all the different counters and take ages. The annoying part in for the sales assistants, is that I will ask them every single time I go in to the store. The worse service I get at a particular counter/shop, the more I ask them about their products that they have no clue about.

  20. Libby says

    this is a faux entry because i won the illamasqua lipstick and it wouldnt be fair
    but I always tell my boyfriend ‘come here, come here’ until he comes near me then i’m like ‘closer, closer!!’ Then when hes like really close I shout GO AWAY!`
    but the funny thing is that when i say it again like 5 seconds later he keeps falling for it, he’s so cute haha.
    He loves it really… ehe.

  21. Elle says

    I love seeing how far I can push my boyfriend by asking him questions like ‘Who do you think is prettier- me or (whoever’s on tv at that time)?’ etc ALL THE TIME to provoke him and see if his replies equate to the level of annoyance he feels.
    I also refer to my soft toys as our ‘kids’ and involve them in our conversations!

    Unfortunately, he has remained very tactful and sensitive so far… must try harder!!

  22. Coco says

    One annoying thing I always do, is being late. Whether it’s for a date, a class, or just meeting with my girlfriends, I’m always at least 15 minutes late. The thing is that, contrary to what everyone thinks, I don’t really do it intentionally, in fact I try very hard to be on time, but it just never happens! Something always has to come up just a minute before I leave my house!

  23. says

    I have a voice that can’t be toned down and I honestly can not stop talking. I’ve been known to cause migraines

  24. Kim says

    I pick my split ends when im on the computers in the library, im sure that must annoy the person who uses it after me, oops

  25. Hels says

    funny question!
    lol i drive my mum nuts by asking so many weird questions i know she doesnt know the answer to. during dinner too lol. drives her crazy, but now i feel like its a ritual i have to do… =)

  26. Wei says

    LOL! I’ve noticed that ‘psychological abuse of the other half’ seems to be a recurring theme here, so naturally I had to contribute 😛 I drag my boyfriend to this stupidly over-priced souvenir shop every day. I make him look in the window, I point at the huge Hello Kitty plush doll sitting inside, and I say, Little Britain style, ‘Want that one.’ Cuz I’m subtle like that :)

  27. Li says

    I squint when I’m thinking. It’s to distract the other person so that I can see how much they’re concentrating and to give the impression that I am too :)

  28. Blair says

    I keep asking “are we there yet” or “how long is it going to take” every 5 minutes when I go on a trip with my family or friends hahaha

  29. says

    I’m really sarcastic all the time.
    It’s not even the funny type of sarcastic…xD.
    It’s always like when someone asks me a question about something I’ve said or did, I always reply back in a way that they could never tell if i’m telling the truth or i’m being sarcastic. xD It’s awesome to see their confusion.

  30. Heather says

    Whenever I go to Starbucks or an ice cream shop, I take forever to decide what I want. When I finally decide, I will end up changing my mind! It’s so hard….. Everything looks so good! 😉

  31. Tasha says

    While my boyfriend’s busy doing something (LOL playing games and abusing his laptop most of the time) I attempt to pull out his leg hairs without him noticing until it’s too late to stop me.

  32. diskogal says

    I eat other people’s food! I just can’t help it, everything seems so delicious when someone else is eating it, hehe!

  33. tousledkitten says

    We have this kettle that has a really annoying artificial whistle. My bf leaves it on because he likes it for some random reason. As soon as he’s not looking I lift the kettle up and flick it off. Sometimes it takes him ages to notice, it really annoys him lol.

  34. Lola says

    At my aunt’s house, I always leave any kitchen cabinet slightly open instead of closing it all the way. I am still mad at her for letting my dog escape from my house when I was 4 :/