Monday Giveaway: MU GU White Rabbit Palette, one of a kind!

Pray for me. I need this week to be easy or else I may spontaneously combust.

For you my lovelies, this week is a treat from Mu Gu, a Taiwanese brand.




Cute, huh? You get a multi striped blush and 6 cute shimmery eyeshadows all in a very sweet white mirrored palette.

To win answer this:

What is the strangest dream you have had? Can be make up related. Or not.

I ask this because last night I dreamt I found a deer’s head on the road and a dead squirrel. I took the head into a police station (which just happened to be there) and everyone in the waiting room looked disgusted, then the (fat, unattractive, although fat doesn’t mean unattractive, don’t get me wrong here…) police man questioned me about it, then asked me out on a date.

Then I was woken up by a stinky boyfriend asking me where the deodorant was.

If anyone has any dream analysis skillz, and knows what this means (other than, you’re nuts!) let me know and I’ll count it as an entry!!

Winners will be announced next Sunday/Monday.

Last weeks winner is here.

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  1. says

    I had a dream that I have huge acne on my face, the next day I wake up indeed I have got one, I need to use concealer to cover the acne as the day got dinner.

  2. says

    i actually had the same dream for like 3 times already and i found that kinda strange!
    i dreamt that i was getting married and on the day of my wedding, i figured that i forgot to arrange to have a make-up artist, hair stylist, and photographer for my wedding!!! ok seriously i am REALLY afraid this is gonna come true hahaha!!!

  3. says

    Once I dreamed I was marrying a friend of mine. I dreamed that 3 more nights. I still dream about it sometimes. It’s disturbing.

    Once my mom dreamed that my dad got pregnant. And people were acting as if it were the most normal thing in the dream.

  4. Raelena says

    Over the past 10 years I have had a recurring dream about mud monsters. They are attacking everyone in my old neighborhood and me and some other people have to fight for survival (like a zombie movie but instead of zombies there are giant mud monsters)

  5. sue says

    My strangest dream is probably meeting a taiwanese idol. I’m not a fan in real life but professed my love (enthusiastically) to him/my family in my dream. For some reason, he is good friends with my brother (?) I met him when he hung out at our house one day and fell head over heels. This didn’t come out of nowhere, I was watching his drama at the time. haha.

  6. says

    One of my weirdest dreams when I was younger was being chased by Dr. Robotnic (the bad guy) with Sonic the Hedgehog! We escaped from him!

  7. says

    I once had a dream that I was dancing with a lifesize lipstick of Coffret d’or with romantic walz music in the back, a kind of Sissy style. I was really lemming this lipstick before I fell asleep, so that must have influenced my dream.

  8. Gigi says

    Seriously? The weirdest?

    I walked into a local bakery called “Uprising Breads” (not from the point of view of myself, but as one of my best friends…this dream is strange already) since I really needed to pee and asked the store owner if he had a washroom. He pointed to a corner of the shop and I ran there, only to find that there was one toilet just standing there out in the open, surrounded by nothing.

    I asked him, “Uh…why does your toilet have…no walls? Wouldn’t the user be a tad exposed?”

    Storeowner: “Oh, why, our open bathrooms are what we’re famous for!”

    Apparently I was very satisfied with that answer because I proceeded to sit on the toilet and do my business. As I was doing so, I looked around at read the corny memorabilia on the wall a la Hard Rock Cafe and saw a little sign with a picture of an eye on it. And on it said: “I’m waaaaatching you”.

    Then I woke up. Yes, I’ve had lots of weird dreams but that’s probably the weirdest!

  9. Hannah says

    I was on a river cruise, and suddenly we all got off the boat. The whole tour group walked along the river, which coincidentally had giant turtles living in it. Then a Yakult pops out in the middle of the river. (in case you didn’t know, Yakults are a yogurt-y type drink)
    My brother jumps in to save the Yakult (??). The giant turtles attack! *cue action music*.
    My mother throws another Yakult for him to catch and I try and help by jumping in. I too am attacked by giant turtles. They nibble at me.
    At that point I wake up and find my dog chewing my toes.
    Yes, it’s completely nonsensical and disjointed. Haha.

  10. says

    My strangest dream was – I was a bird (really) flying happily but was shot by my good friend. I was dropping down, down and down when I woke up. I didn’t know whether I died or not in the dream. I surely wouldn’t wanna know, anyway! Huh!

  11. Nina says

    I had this dream where I owned a pet fish. The fishbowl then began to sort of “bloom” and all sorts of sea creatures started popping out, turning my room into an underwater scene. Next thing I knew, the members of my fave band rang my door bell and invited themselves in, and joined me and my family in watching a movie.

  12. Helen says

    LOL i dream bizarre dreams on a daily basis! my most recent strange one would be going to a landlord/mayor figure’s house party, but because its on the other side of town, everyone has to cross this huge lake by swimming across. so there i was swimming, i saw my friend and her boyfriend in the lake! and suddenly the skys near the tree (yes, in the middle of the water) started raining sardines ><” not pleasant, all these lil fishes hitting you.

    there was more to the dream but it went a bit normal from there on lol

  13. says

    The strangest dream I ever had was that I was 8 months pregnant and nobody noticed and my stomach was normal which was wierd. And in the dream I kept thinking “Thank god i am not getting fat like my aunt did”.. lol. I was still wearing my favourite jeans & cute little tops.

  14. Amira says

    That is one gorgeous palette.

    I don’t usually remember my dreams, except for a few snippets if I see or think of something similar the next day.
    Weirdest thing I remember: I was at the University, sitting in the library of the Department of Ancient History and everyone had something similar to a computer virus in their books and notepads. Some people were checking with these diagnostic wands and infected items would glow orangey-red. I was so surprised when one of my books glowed. 😛

  15. Elle says

    I once dreamt I was sitting at home and found out I had a huuuge hole in the back of my head. I checked in the mirror how bad the situation was and could see my brain exposed (yuck).
    The funny part of the dream is, as I was looking at my brain (which by the way was pink, not grey), I calmly pondered about whether to go see the GP first or attend scheduled lectures haha.
    Set priorities carefully, kids!

  16. says

    Hmm.. I had lots of strong dreams, but I forgot most of them.
    My last strongest one was revolting for me. I can’t forget it.
    I was in a game like Doom and me and my bf were running and hiding and all that stuff. We finally managed to get out from hell when I saw my ex boyfriend. I honestly hate him for what he did to me and I can’t even stand to hear his name. But there he was – in my dreams he was all revolting, like an evil devil like thing. Not really, he looked normal but yet he wasn’t normal. He was evil. Evil! So ok we went all toghether to some motel to get some sleep and the dude asked me if he could sleep cuddled to me this night. In front of my current boyfriend. I was shocked and said no and then said something really evil and added that being with an older boyfriend maked my skin tought. Or some crap like that. It was some nonsense of a dream, but I can’t forget about it. Luckily my dear woke me up. I had to tell him too :D.

  17. Deanna says

    One time I had a dream that all my teeth started rotting and falling out! It was so awful! I think I had it because I was worried about not getting to the dentist enough. I go every six months now though, lol :)

  18. Halifax says

    I always dream of something that I need to run away from (like a scary situation) but I could never lift my legs to run. Exhausted waking up

  19. Melia says

    My weirdest dream ever was when I saw was during a really bad day with the ex and I had gone to my mom’s office for a nap on her couch (I love that couch!). In my weird dream, I saw a cockroach come after me that morphed into a lobster and then a tank…..I refuse to nap on my Mom’s couch ever since I saw that dream.

  20. christie says

    just last night, i dreamt that my husband came home with makeup done. (mind you, he never wears makeup. haha :D) but instead of thinking that the makeup was strange, i became super jealous, because i knew that some girl had put it on him. it was purple, smoky, dramatic. i woke up sad. but for no reason, since he’s a loving, beautiful and loyal boy. 😀 funny dream though, huh? i hope i win!! :)

  21. Caroline says

    I dreamt I turned into a man, and that I wondered what could I do that I couldn’t do as a man. Then I pulled down my pant’s and started to pee out my name. I was laughing in joy in my dream o-o. Then I was running out of ‘fuel’ and whipped out ribena (I dislike this drink) and started to pee out random words in purple pee and I was so amused. My whole dream consisted of me pee-ing purple pee. I think I needed to pee? 😀

  22. Martan says

    I dreamt I was kidnapped by some lady that she proclaimed herself Goddess of the humanity

  23. Jessica says

    My strangest dream was where I was chased by my neighbour’s dog in their backyard round and round in circles. When I finally managed to escape, I had to kill somebody who was in my way. The thing was everytime I chopped his head off, a different head would grow back.. This was when I was waayyy younger and til now have no idea what triggered this random violent dream!

  24. diskogal says

    I actually had the weirdest dream yesterday. Right now I am having my final exams at uni and I’m really stressed so my dreams are usually exam-related too (sucks, I know!)
    So in my dream, one of my professors (a really random one) came to my place so that I would have one my final exams privately at home. He was wearing his pyjamas (which was a really weird sight on its own, as I have only seen this guy wearing a formal suit, with a tie and everything). Anyway, he handed me the exam and then went to the living room and started doing housework (vacuuming and stuff). I realised that along with the exam he had given me the answers of all the exams I have to take (for the courses I have left until my degree). So I had to decide to either copy the answers for the future exams or focus on the one I was having. So I was too stressed and couldn’t do neither and just sat there, sweating. Ah, such a stressful dream, and it had a WEIRD David Lynch a la Tween Peaks sort of atmosphere. Probably sounds boring now but it was such a nightmare :(

  25. says

    I had a dream once that a character in a novel I wrote was stuck in a zombie apocalypse with me, and he stole my shotgun and left me for dead. I think it was his way of getting back at me for writing such a crap life for him! LOL

  26. Alice Sutton says

    I think it is because you must have notice something the day before that triggered you to think about it in your sleep, although it sounds strange. I had a really wierd dream that I was in the middle of a jungle when my cat came running along with a snake on top of her and they were friends. I have a huge fear of snakes so I kiked it off and picked up my cat and ran. Then we ran over the side of the waterfall and landed perfectly in a boat and it was all like james bond but then we saw sharks (I have a fear of them too) and they were trying to attack this plane so we quickly got to an island and I ended up in the 2true bit of superdrug and got the 3 for a fiver offer! It was a good drem :)

  27. mint says

    the strangest dream i’ve had was from a many years ago… i dreamt that i went back to my high school cos there was something i wanted to get from my locker. as i walked down the corridor the sky seemed to get darker. the buildings seemed messed up and the corridors didn’t link as it did in real life. then i turned into a corner and next thing i was in front of my locker. i didn’t see what i wanted just saw myself closing it. but when i was making my way out and got to the end of the building, the doors were locked and i couldnt get out. and it seemed it was way after hours. so i ran to the next exit and the next but all of it were locked. then i thought started to hear foot steps and i ran for it. then i finally found an exit that wasnt locked, got out and ran across the oval to my usually bus stop, then i woke up. strange scary dream =/ especially since i’d finished highschool already…

  28. Fi says

    I dreamt I was on a rollercoaster and couldn’t get off, was on with someone who kept their face hidden, and I kept having to deny my father was the king! Eventually I got off and met my friend Jen who was pregnant. We went up to someone for another ride, and they gave her chocolate with whisky, as that would enduce the baby! They said we don’t know what to do with you, your a lost cause as you can’t eat chocolate and no liquor for you! Then I woke up.

  29. tousledkitten says

    I kept dreaming that I had won a YouTube make-up contest and then apparently I was basically talking make-up tutorials out in my sleep. My bf was very amused.