Monday Giveaway: Morgan Love de Toi Perfume Gift Set

I wouldn’t leave you totally in the lurch! Today you have the chance to win this lovely fragrance set from Morgan.

morgan love love coffret release-2.pdf-1.jpg

This fragrance set has a EDT spray (30ml) and a scented Body Lotion (100ml).

They say:

This irresistible perfumed pair contains mouth-watering fragrance top notes of pink peppercorn, raspberry and green apples, soft pastel blossom middle notes and base notes of musk and spicy morello cherry to provide a fragrance that is light, yet sensual.

Wrapped in hues of pink, the Love Love de Toi packaging is as fresh and fashionable as the fragrance that it contains. The curvaceous bottle features a beautiful butterfly tattoo and sparkling jewel – a perfect reflection of the feminine world that is Morgan.

How to enter…

Either leave a comment telling me ‘What is love and who/what do you love?’ (the first person to type ‘baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more’ gets a lump of coal).


Love, I think, is sort of a pinky peach…Love is having a unconditional sense of responsibility and caring for another individual.

I love my Kittehs, I love (most of) my family, I love Mr Candy, I love my readers, I love finding money, I love getting post and I love Chicken Katsu Curry with salad and mayonnaise on the side.


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Winner announced next TUESDAY!

Good Luck!

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  1. says

    Love is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. Hehe *kidding*
    Love is something un-conditional, something which makes you do crazy things and yet makes you grow up every time .I love my nephew”ayaan” , he is 4 and whenever I he calls me “shar-rah”not sarah , it fills my heart with so joy and pride. He is a sweetheart. He lives so far ,I miss him so much and I love my God for giving me him. And I love my parents , they are reason for who I am today .. Stil strong after so many things happened last few years with us,I love my knowledge of makeup .its a hate and love kinda thing so does it count ?

    P.s retweeted ur giveaway as makeupdivaa.

    Hope u had fun at imats

  2. says

    Love is kindness and compassion. Love is patience and careful allocation of free time. Love is knowing when to listen and when to talk. Love is knowing the conversation will be painful but having it anyway. Love is being there. Love is making someone chuckle when they’ve been crying for days. Love is knowing what’s important and what is fundamental. Love is being comfortable in each other’s company without any external distractions or entertainment. Love is finishing each other’s sentences but it’s also not needing to hear those sentences because you already know what’s on their mind. Love is taking responsibility but it is also making yourself vulnerable. Love is not living in fear of having your heart broken or cast aside when it is no longer useful. Love is unconditional trust.

    Love is intoxicating. Love is a mind that swims with thoughts of another person; their appearance, their voice, their mannerisms, their touch, their smile, the laugh they save just for you. Love is staying up all night together and never getting sick of each other’s company. Real love is endless and you’ll find traces of it in the recesses of your heart long after you thought it had disappeared forever. Love remains sometimes even when you wish it would disappear. Love is knowing when to say you’re sorry and when to say you’re disappointed. Love is never parting company without resolving an argument. Love is acknowledging that life is far from perfect but that the ride is almost worth a shot with that one special person.

    Love is never having to wonder if they feel the same way because you know. Love is never being made to feel like the bottom of the pile. Love adores all of you, not just the parts that suit others best.

    I love many things, some of them love me back.

  3. Halifax says

    To people, love is being able to live with good and bad sides of the person. To makeup, love is going crazy until being able to get your hand on it, lol

  4. Irene says

    love is stay very very well with a person
    I love my family ( my 3 brothers and my sister are the most important people for me)

  5. Jess says

    Love is the feeling that you will drop off the face of the earth if anything should happen to your beloved.

    I love my family, friends, fashion, make-up and food!

  6. says

    Realistically speaking, I believe love is dependability, reliability, understanding, and honesty… all the others ideas such as love as first sight, “I’ll die without you,” you’re-the-only-person-I-will-ever-love seem to be cinematic notions, good for setting the tune of an entertaining story or film, but not truly applicable to the real world (ex. we may think that we’ll never move on, but as a human being, we usually do).

    Nowadays there’s too often cases of divorce/heartbreak through incompatibility, cheating, or simply just losing touch with one another, either in marriage or in a relationship. Thus, for a long-term fulfilling marriage/relationship, I believe the key is to love not via the “feeling” of love alone (physical & emotional attraction), but more so in the “actions” — always keeping your partner as a top priority on your list, truly listening and trying to compromise, sharing the burden through hard times, being faithful and honest…. basically putting in 100% effort throughout the entire relationship and not just throwing in the towel when things get tough. I believe that this is how love should be understood, not merely as the fanciful ideas that we find in romantic novels/films/music (too many relationships end because both individuals have the wrong idea of love, and as the “attraction” fades, the relationship ends).

    To end, I love myself first and foremost, and I also love my family and boyfriend very very much. I would dutifully add beauty & fashion, but those belong more in the obsession category LOL, so I’ll keep them on a separate list! :o)

  7. Natalie says

    Love is undescribable. As cliche as it sounds, it really is. It causes such turmoil. One minute you are a giddy and smiling the next it hurts so bad you feel like dying. Love hurts.

    I love my kitties and their little noses. I love my dogs. I love my friends and family, of course. And I love makeup lol

  8. Andrea says

    “Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end.”

    I love my parents, my sisters my nephew more than anyone in this world. And I love my 2 dogs, they love inconditionally.

    (And I love to read beautyblogs)


  9. Deanna G. says

    I think love is caring about someone more than you ever thought you could & I love 2 people: My mom & my best friend!

  10. says

    Love is willing to give up everything you have for someone else. Love is lounging around in pj’s and pouffy hair and not caring!

    I love my family, friends, ice-cream and my angora rabbits. Cutest rabbits ever!