Monday Giveaway – Illamasqua Lipstick in Scandal!

I will announce last weeks winners on Wednesday (since it was set on a Wednesday!). Also I haven’t sent out previous winners prizes out yet – sorry guys, been incredibly busy this month, but I will get it out by the end of this week!

You know you want some Illamasqua, eh eh eh eh?! At the moment the Illamasqua website doesn’t ship abroad, but I have a little treat for you this week.

Give away, a brand new and boxed Illamasqua lipstick in Scandal!:


Scandal is what I’d call a pigmented true rosey pink. It’s not a NUDE pink but a very unashamedly true pink that can be work sheer or rich.

Here is a picture on the lips (yours will be brand new! I haven’t tested it out first!). It is pinker in real life:


It’s definately one of the first colours that caught my eye at the counter.

I really like the Illamasqua lipsticks, by the way. I have also tried the intense gloss and sheer gloss but the lipsticks are really a stand out. They are matte (largely) and VERY pigmented, but soft at the same time. They kind of do what I wanted Nars Semi-Mattes to do (Nars matte lipsticks dry my lips out big time) but without and dryness.

It’s a nice change from my usual super sheer, watery feeling Japanese lippies – a grown up lip colour perhaps? You can also get 4 shades in one compact for….£16! (On the website). A single lipstick costs £14. I am going to buy my favourite shades in the tube form, simply because its easier to carry around and use.


What would your personal make up brand be called and what are your three star items?


My range is called Princess-Yuki-Bear (named after my cat), and my sell outs include a flat, white kabuki brush, made of pure white cat hair (deflead), a mascara called ‘meow-perm’ that perms your lashes into a curl as you apply, and a ‘grumpy-cat-lipstick’ that changes colour depending on how I am feeling. Based on my cats emotions, so it varies from Red (annoyed), Pink (nonchalant), Green (hungry) and Orange (sleepy).

Please leave you answer in the comments box.

I will announce the winner next Monday!

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  1. Gigi says

    My makeup brand would be called Lolli-G (because lollipops are cute and G is my first initial), and it would definitely be one of those cute-sy Asian brands with adorable packaging.

    1) An eyelash curler that you can adjust to fit your eye-shape perfectly (so hard to find a curler that gets the lashes on the outside corners). Or if that doesn’t work, I would make custom eyelash curlers. Like, provide some way for customers to make a “lash line mold” so that a curler that fits your lash line perfectly can be made. I would call it “Custom Curl” or something like it.

    2) A bright pink stain for lips and cheeks that is not drying on the lips (I’ve been watching too many Korean dramas lately and all the girls wear it – and I’ve become a little obsessed). It would be like a stain/balm hybrid…and because I’m boring I would probably just call it the Staining Balm.

    3) Innovate a new, revolutionary face primer that works like UDPP. It would keep sweat and oil from messing up your makeup. It would be like…face deodorant. Except I wouldn’t call it that and it wouldn’t clog the pores…I would call it Pure Canvas.

    That was actually harder than I thought it would be, haahah.

  2. RobbyRaynebow says

    Idk if I’m eligible because I won the Clarins l/l but, if not this is still fun to think of.

    My brand would be called Raynebow Classico. 10% percent of everything my brand makes would go to charities that help LGBT teens.

    1. Foundation that pumps out in rainbow colors, but blends to match your natural skin tone and provide full coverage. The bottle is shaped like a rainbow with a pump dispenser.

    2. A cream eyeshadow with Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White in little vials that when you put it on the correct color setting. It dispenses that color in a long-lasting, high pigmented eyeshadow.

    3. A rainbow shade of lipstick that turns matte, opaque, white and serves purpose as a base for other lipsticks. Not only does it enhance color, but it plumps lips and prevents running of color.

  3. says

    Ruby Begonias – Name (borrowed) from a vintage store in my town. I love vintage, so the theme of my line would be vintage.

    1. Mary Jane: Ruby red lipstick with gold micro shimmers. It will be moisturzing yet offers an intense color payoff, long lasting and is waterproof.

    2. Pinch Me: A cream to powder blush range that will have 4 colors. Each will be for a certain skin tone and it’ll look like a healthy glow with micro shimmers in it to add that extra “oomph”. Oil free and waterproof.

    3. Flutter: A mascara that is waterproof, lengthening and volumizing. It will have the same concept of adding little “tubes” around your natural lashes.

  4. says

    My line would be called Juicy Watermelon!

    The best seller would be a delicious and juicy bright pink lip gloss that tastes just like those Jolly Rancher watermelons. MmMMmm!!! It would make lips super duper shiny and pretty, and make the user feel like it’s summer time all the time!!

    An edible watermelon bath scrubber with chopped up watermelon seeds as the exfoliator. Yummy!!

    Super duper awesome multi-use powders resembling fruits, packaged in the shape of the fruit!! Strawberries would be bright red with golden yellow dots that would be a great blusher or highlighter, blueberries would be eyeshadows, etc.

    This was fun!! I love reading all the other products too!

  5. Melia says

    My company would be called “Meli”, it’s a play on the name my mum wanted to call me, but didn’t.
    My star products:
    1) A cream blush in the perfect dolly-reddish pink. It would be a cross between just-back-from-the-cold and that just-pinched colour. The compact would be a totally retro silver one with a mirror inside of course!
    2) A loose khol in a shimmery light gold that will actually show up, without going over the top. The bottle/vial would be shaped like a delicate lily.
    3) The perfect vampy nail polish, blackened blood red that has no brown undertones and that under the right lights would turn heads. The bottle would be shaped almost like a perfume vial.

  6. Nina says

    It has been my dream to put out my own makeup line. Mine would be called Nina.Heart.Toby in honor of our beloved Persian cat named Toby. My top 3 products would be:

    1. A full coverage foundation that would effectively cover the birthmark on my right cheek. Even if it’s full coverage it wouldn’t look heavy or cakey. It would be seamless and blends like second skin. Since it can cover that, it will cover everything!

    2. A waterproof mascara that is curling, lengthening and volumizing at the same time. Easy to remove with water but doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day.

    3. A semi permanent lip color that doesn’t dry the lips and is actually moisturizing. This is for those who do not like to reapply their lip color constantly.

  7. Libby says

    Being naturally ginger but the fact being well hidden, I would have a makeup range for freckly pale gingers like myself that others can use too. I think it would be called ‘Not just for gingers’.

    First there would be the freckle eraser, it would look like a large lipbalm, really thick, and it’d have the colour of blue prittstick, because its a fun colour! You’d apply it all over your face and remove after five minutes leaving porcalain, de-freckled skin. No acid burns are guaranteed from this product.

    Next would be Lash Seed, because i am sick of having pale short straight stumps. Basically you’d eat a pill, the chemicals of which would rush to your eyelids and push out your eyelashes, while curling them. it would send black dye up the follicle of the hair on your eyelashes and make them the blackest, thickest eyelashes ever.

    Next would be the chameleon lipstick, it would look like a lypsyl in pretty packaging, but once you hold it against a background it will change colour accordingly, so any colour you like you could be on your lips in second.
    This would be most like viva glam, all the proceeds from this lipstick would go towards curing gingeritis.

  8. Deanna says

    My make-up brand would be called “Vixen”, I know it’s probably already taken but what the hey. And my 3 star items would be:

    -Bubble gum Pink Lipstick.
    -Black Mascara that makes your lashes super long!
    -And a shimmery face powder.

  9. Tasha says

    I’d name my make up brand Sabine just because I think it’s a really pretty name. The packaging for my brand will be very cute and princess-y with a lot of intricate details and general Victorian theme.

    1. Powder Pearl Highlighters! These items will be packaged in a container that resembles a Victorian jewelry box and will come in white (Provence), pink (Paris) and peach (Polignac) shades.

    2. High Definition Foundation with Anti-Aging properties. It will come in a range of shades and packaged in a Victorian atomizer. Shades will be named after various members of the royal family (ex. Katherine, Beatrix, Marie Antoinette, etc.) Application will be through a spray mechanism.

    3. Mascara Wand that heats and curls lashes during application. This mascara boasts of being smudgeproof. lengthening, volumizing and curling as well. It also comes in black, dark brown, plum, midnight blue and dark green. A waterproof formula will also be available.

  10. says

    Wonderful question!

    I will call my cosmetic brand: “NIKKI” it’s not because I love my name so much but because I want to show people that I am proud of my products to be able to put my name on it! :)

    My 3 start item from my makeup line would be —
    1. contouring pen for the nose, I honestly hate contouring my nose because of the hassle, so I would like to create a contouring pen wherein you have a very small brush that disperse product and apply it on the nose bridge, then on the other side, there is a sponge like tip to “blend” the colors. Not sure if this product already exist in the market.

    2. Super emollient long lasting lipstick. I stressed super emollient because most long lasting lipsticks are dry to the lips, and I myself have the driest of all dry lips, so I want to create a lipstick for people who has dry lips like mine

    3. A 2-in-1 mascara. when you apply a coat, it gives out base and mascara all in one :)

    Am I dreaming? hahahaha