Monday Giveaway: Goody Hair Brushes For The Win!

Morning my lovelies – are you ready for an exciting week?

I have no internet (don’t ask) because of male stupidity, so I am blogging across the road, drinking overpriced tea in order to use their rubbish wi-fi connection.

Today’s prize is a selection of brushes and goodies from the aptly named, Goody Hair. I have been dying to try their things for a while but their stuff was based in the US. Well now they are here!

I have been testing various brushes and I have picked out my favourites for one lucky reader to win.


The prize will be:

1 x Ouchless Shower Comb
1x Ouchless Hot Round Brush (for styling)
1 x Ouchless Purse Brush
1 x Ceramic Ionic Flat Comb (this is AMAZING, you use it with a straightening iron)

Wanna win? Well you gotta be in….it!

Method 1.

I can’t think of a question. So my question is, ask me a question. Nothing rude. Can be rhetorical.

Me (asking myself):

Where did you put your wallet?

Answer: I don’t know

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win Goody Hair brushes. For info go to –

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

I will pick a winner for last weeks Giveaway as soon as home internet has been restored, and I don’t have to keep smiling sheepishly at the guy behind the counter who is wondering how I’ve managed to make one cup of tea last 3 hours.

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  1. nana says

    why are you so generous?
    lol i just watched your latest video. i know you will deny it as it’s a compliment haha!

  2. Caroline says

    Are you fully Chinese?
    Just wanted to know cause your eye colour seems more of a greeny brown :)

  3. Alison says

    would you rather have make up in your life..or your cats :)
    I also retweeted: yellowjellybaby

    • Row says

      I’m not sure – I’ve never been a pet person at all but it sort of happened because these cats were abandoned and vulnerable. So I have grown to be really into cats!

  4. layla says

    What did you have for breakfast today? :) I’m always forever running out of ideas for breakfast, flip thru my cookbook before admitting defeat and reach for my Special K 😀

    • Row says

      I feel too old to go out clubbing and getting drunk so I go for a nice meal, perhaps the theatre

  5. Heather says

    which is your fave make up brand and which product from it do you like the most? xx

    • Row says

      There are so many Heather, it’s too hard to say!

      At the moment I love Skinfood, and I love their Banana Concealer

  6. Pauline Collings says

    A butcher is six foot tall, wears size 14 shoes, and has a 50 inch waist. What does he weigh? :)

    I also RT’d ( @pimmie_1973) :)

    P xx

  7. Rachel says

    If you were to own a makeup line, which makeup item would you like to be known best for?
    For e.g Shu Uemura – eye lash curlers, Nars – Orgasm blush, Sleek – eyeshadow pallets.

    • Row says

      Well I would love to be known for amazing concealer or foundation.

      The instant conceal all base stick – you draw a few lines on your face, blend and all flaws have gone!

    • Row says

      I quite like the Goody Mosaic 2 In 1 Smoothing Brush (I have a thing for Goody brushes at the moment!)

      I think bristle brushes also leave a shiny smooth surface

    • Row says

      My love and obssesion with make up! Just a way to document everything I own and share swatches and rant to begin with!

  8. Samantha Clarke says

    Do you get out of bed easily in the morning or do you get annoyed and bash the alarm clock on to snooze until the last minute?? xxx

    • Row says

      Always always always always bash the alarm, accidently turn it off then wake up 35 mins later than planned.

    • Row says

      Hi Jules

      There are a few – I loved 1st year at university, I was so care free and having fun. I would also go back to the moment that I first knew I loved Mr C and also just family gatherings when we are not fighting with each other!

    • Row says

      Hi Jo

      There are few people who are my foundation, (can I name more than one person?! and not including cats!).

      1. Mr Candy
      2. My Mother
      3. My Auntie
      4. My Nan
      5. Megan

      That might sound like a cop out?! But I truly love these people as much as each other (extremely close family), I would sacrifice my life for any of them


    • Row says

      I loved being 19 and being at my first year at University – just endless fun. I don’t think the best time of my life has come yet, maybe in the next 3-5 years :)

    • Row says

      Just being really interested in make up – I never thought of myself as a “beauty blogger” though….

  9. Eva says

    Is this international? Ahaha. It wasn’t going to be my original question but I just wanted to know. :)
    Anyway, another question:
    If we’re not supposed to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge?

    • Row says

      Yes it is.

      I think people are supposed to have midnight snacks 😀 I think it’s the law!