Monday Giveaway: Goody Hair Brushes For The Win!

Morning my lovelies – are you ready for an exciting week?

I have no internet (don’t ask) because of male stupidity, so I am blogging across the road, drinking overpriced tea in order to use their rubbish wi-fi connection.

Today’s prize is a selection of brushes and goodies from the aptly named, Goody Hair. I have been dying to try their things for a while but their stuff was based in the US. Well now they are here!

I have been testing various brushes and I have picked out my favourites for one lucky reader to win.


The prize will be:

1 x Ouchless Shower Comb
1x Ouchless Hot Round Brush (for styling)
1 x Ouchless Purse Brush
1 x Ceramic Ionic Flat Comb (this is AMAZING, you use it with a straightening iron)

Wanna win? Well you gotta be in….it!

Method 1.

I can’t think of a question. So my question is, ask me a question. Nothing rude. Can be rhetorical.

Me (asking myself):

Where did you put your wallet?

Answer: I don’t know

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win Goody Hair brushes. For info go to –

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

I will pick a winner for last weeks Giveaway as soon as home internet has been restored, and I don’t have to keep smiling sheepishly at the guy behind the counter who is wondering how I’ve managed to make one cup of tea last 3 hours.

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  1. hope you get your internet back soon. must be annoying blogging at a random place.
    here’s my question. 😛 how long do you think a holiday should be?

  2. I hope you get your internet back soon!! :) What inspired you to create this blog? :)

  3. I can feel your pain, what can we do nowadays without internet?
    As for the question: Do you prefer to wear your hair straight or wavy?

  4. I can feel your pain, what can we do nowadays without internet?
    As for the question: Do you prefer to wear your hair straight or wavy?

    Sorry for the double comment, I didn’t notice the twitter box bellow! As my twitter account is protected, I believe you can’t see my RTs. Which sucks greatly!

  5. I follow u on twiter as Silverstargirl2
    and retweet here:

  6. Julie Henderson aka leiajulie says:

    What is your most important piece of make-up that the world would seem as if it had ended if you didnt have it anymore

  7. baby in a corner says:

    Ok – my question – Which is more necessary – make up or food?

  8. Michelle Pratt says:

    Do you cleanse, tone, and , moisturise? If so, how often!

  9. What could you not live without? x

  10. Kelly Ward says:

    Hi I am @bluekit15 What is your fave colour?

  11. Jane Willis says:

    Where did you find that gorgeous cat photo?


  12. cheryl pasquier says:

    My question is – how long did you eventually manage to make one cup of tea last ?

    And I’ve also RTed on twitter @cherylp59

  13. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

    But seriously. What kind of foundation do you prefer (liquid, loose powder, cream, etc.)?

  14. I just got to ask, but what did the male in your life do to your internet and what punishment is he suffering?

  15. Ashleigh says:

    question – what happened to your internet?

  16. amy bullock says:

    How long has cosmetic candy been around for? ive just stumbled across this site and it looks fab!!! hope you manage to keep up the great work from the internet cafe :)

  17. What job do you have?

  18. enter me please :)

    how much do you spend on make up per month? :)


  19. Gail Reid says:

    Does a bear poo-poo in the woods?

    (I also want to know how to get to Sesame Street….. so let me know if you find out, Karli lol)


  20. what’s the best place for french fries?

  21. Following you on twitter as Innocent122
    i tweet here:

  22. Joanne Torrance says:

    My question is: If you could chose anyone in the world -Who would you like to have a cup of tea with?

  23. What’s your favourite kind of cheese?

  24. My question is: Do you do it today or put off till tomorrow?

  25. What type of make-up do you recommend for holidays, especially very hot places?

  26. Laura Hickey says:

    team edward or team jacob?

  27. Ian Flack says:

    Why is there an octopuss on my face?

  28. Ian Flack says:

    Also That is not my twitter i do not own one.

  29. lol to managing to make a cup of tea last 3 hours…I can’t even manage to get my phone to connect to the free wi-fi hah!!

    My question is: What’s your most prized possession in the whole wide world? :)

  30. Tweeted. n_n

  31. who is your favorite cartoon character?
    thank you. :)

  32. Kim Allen says:

    What is the film that you could watch again, right now, even if you’ve only just finished watching it?

  33. Pamela Gossage says:

    With hindsight which ex- boyfriend do you wish you had not finished with or vice-versa ?

  34. Hi xx

    Here’s my q!

    Which vampire/werewolfefrom twilight would u most like to snog and why!

  35. lisbeth says:

    Hi this is exactly what my 9 year old daughter wants and needs LOL she has tangles and then combing looking for headlice eggs is so hard.

    My question is@ what can be done to change the style if you don’t want to lose long hair nor have a fringe?

  36. Arianne says:

    Hiya 😀 how often do you re-apply make up throughout the day? :)

  37. What is your favorite brand of face makeup?

  38. Thanks for the giveaway 😀 Lipstick or Lipstain?

  39. Jo Bryan says:

    How overpriced was the tea?

  40. Question(s): I forgot, are you on a no buy still or have you given up? How does one stay commited to a no buy/low buy??

  41. cheryl hadfield says:

    Thanks for the Giveaway. My Question is ….Tea or Coffee???

  42. Hi, great giveaway. My question is … Does my bum look big in this?

  43. Calista says:

    Oh,not having internet must suck! I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

    Question: Of all the nail polish brands, what is the best in terms of money, quality, color?

  44. What was your first ever pet?

  45. Danielle Graves says:

    Hope you get your tinterweb back soon doll.

    My question is:

    If you could create your own cosmetic range, what would it be called?

  46. What is your all time favourite beauty product?

    p.s i love your blog :)

  47. Harpreet says:

    whats your favourite lipstick?

  48. What is the worst impulse buy you have ever made?

    (most of mine are hahaha)

  49. Giselle says:

    what’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

  50. What’s the first thing you’d save in a fire (not counting people)?

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