Monday Giveaway & Chit Chat

Hallo lovely ladies,

What a week last week was – ever taken time of work but ended up even more exhausted? That’s me. I found many things going wrong last week but then MJ died and left me with a sense of sadness and all the general tittle tattle faded away.

Now – there have been wordpress upgrade issues – so the sidebar isn’t working quite so well and it has been nearly impossible responding to comments – but I will as soon as I can – and I appreciate every comment.

I am was a little peeved today to find that my Illamasqua Sirens palette (that I had bought and exchanged because the lid wouldn’t shut) is broken! It was fine at the time of exchange, now after a few months it has entered packaging heaven – lid will not shut and the protective layer is digging into my cream shadows. Not amused. It cost around £70 (I try to block it out of my mind).

I should announce the following winner of last weeks Boots Protect and Perfect:

RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service.jpg

!! Please email me (you can also use the contact form) with your address details.

This is also the final call for MINDY and ALICE SUTTON winner of previous weeks giveaways!

This weeks giveaway is just lovely! Two brand new and sealed Myface cosmetics. Myface is a brand that is exclusive to Boots and I really really like it – especially the bling tones. I will be reviewing it soon – you will win the green trio and the peach-nudes:

DSC02593 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Question of the week:

So, life is short and we should embrace every moment (easier said than done). You have one day left to live. What would you do?

Me: Nothing material would matter and its not enough time to catch a flight so I would put loads of make up on (waste not, want not), get all my friends and pals and cats, eat as much calorific food as possible, tell the people I find annoying that I still find them annoying but I’ll forgive them, set up loads of little pranks for people to find the day after, strip and run through town naked.

Winner announced next Monday!

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  1. Amira says

    Oooh, that’s an evil question. I’d probably go with getting/making plenty of my favourite unhealthy foodstuffs, too, make a few stacks of my stuff for specific people. Then I’d spend the day partially with my family and the rest with my best friend listening to the best music we can find and singing along as loudly as we can (no matter how high or low).

  2. Samantha says

    I would go skydiving first thing in the morning. Then I’d cram my mouth with every delicious piece of food in existence. I’d go on a shopping spree just so I could give things to my family to remember me by. Finally I’d spend the rest of the day with my family and friends.

  3. Nina says

    I’d go out and do the things I haven’t done like wear a full red lip out in public, with an extreme cat eyeliner. I’ll spend my entire savings on a pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins and wear them the whole day. I’ll hire a photographer and I’ll do a sexy photoshoot wearing only lingerie and bikinis and then one shot of me naked wearing only my Louboutins! I’ll seek out my high school crush and kiss him on the spot! I’ll stuff myself with all the food I haven’t eaten (still in my Louboutins, of course!) and then end the day with my family, reminiscing all the fond memories and good times.

  4. says

    Friday was really awful. The first news in the morning was that Farrah Fawcett had past. Then in the afternoon, while at work, the news announced that MJ had past as well. Everyone in the lab was stunned, asking each other if we all heard correctly. With Farrah, at least we knew she’s been battling cancer. With MJ, we were awaiting his huge come back. At least he’s being celebrated for his amazing talent and music.

    Now if I had just 1 day left, I’d spend it with the people I love eating yummy delicious food! Steak! Lobster! Crabs! Sushi! Korean BBQ!

  5. kirsty says

    I’d gather all my loved ones, head out for some awesome food and then host a kickass shindig. Gotta go out with a bang!

  6. Jeanie says

    I would do all the things I am too scared to do normally: go sky diving, and bungee
    jumping. I would hold a tarantula (could never do that now).
    I would also have to try the mega-hot piri piri sauce at Nandos.. my tongue would
    fall off, but I would have finally tried it! I would give away everything I have to
    charities or to the homeless, and leave just enough money to throw the biggest
    party for all my friends and family to enjoy. – Yep that would be my plan.

    Just want to say I really enjoy your blog and your opinions have helped with the
    make-up purchases!

  7. Halifax says

    Agreed with you about putting makeup on (I still have many shadows to try), call my parents, take my daughter to her favorite restaurant and favorite playground, spend lots of time with her.

  8. Jenny says

    I would definitely just spend time with my family. Yes. Lots of hand-holding, lots of hugging, lots of loving. I would call up or meet up with all the people I’ve ever known, and thank them for every thing they’ve done. And lastly, I would drive up to the highest mountain around and reach the peak. Look down as if I have the whole world in my hands =)

  9. Youngin K says

    If I had only one day to live…

    I would definitely spend my last day driving around with my best friends, windows down, top down, music blasting, and just driving with no direction! to just enjoy the last moments and cherish my friends’ company! we would have no plans and everything would be spontaneous!!!

  10. Melia says

    For my last day, I would drag my boyfriend out of work and make him come with me for a meal and shopping.I would buy all the lingerie I have wanted, then buy out Make Up For Ever and MAC (to give to 2 friends especially) and finally buy my brother a cat and a huge TV (and also have one last hug with him). I would then eat all the baked cheesecake I could find! Lastly, I would take my family, the boyfriend and our friends out to an amazing meal in an Italian restaurant that I have been meaning to go for years and finish off the night at my favorite pub.

  11. diskogal says

    Ohh tough one…My biggest wish right now is to go to Japan, but that would probably mean I would have to spend my last day travelling, so it’s not really a good choice. So, instead of that, I would take my family, friends and well, everyone I’ve ever known to the beach and throw the biggest beach party ever! And then we’d all get so happy and drunk by mojitos and dancing that we wouldn’t care it was my last day. So there would be no sad goodbyes. Yeah!

  12. mint says

    First I would go out window shopping and try on everything that catches my attention, then I’ll have my favorite food for lunch and spend the rest of the day with my family and loved ones. have the best dinner ever and then just sit around at home and watch videos relaxing.

  13. Anna says

    I would go around asking people what they really thought of me.
    I don’t know.. I just feel like before I die.. I want to know how people really feel about me, whether they are being fake to me or actually my friend.

  14. stickles says

    I would probably spend it with my husband, and yeah eat everything that I’ve ever held back from

  15. tousledkitten says

    I would spend the day with my fiancé and tell him how much I love him and he is my life. I might phone my parents and tell them that I love them even though I can’t have them in my life any more because they have hurt me repeatedly (long story). I’d get up and watch the sunrise with my fiancé and spend the day holding his hand and visiting fun a beautiful places together and then finally watch the sunset.