Monday Giveaway! Body Shop Pencils

It ocurred to me today that these giveaways should be called competitions – they are competitions, no?

Anyway, this week’s prize is 5 – yes 5 Body Shop Metallic Eye Pencils and one of the Liquid Lip Colours in a gorgeous shimmery nude!


To win, look after the jump!This week Stephen Gately passed away at the tender age of 33. I can’t help but be very affected by his death because *whispers* I was a complete Boyzone fan as a teenager.

I think it was pretty apparent to most Boyzone fans that Stephen was gay but had to keep it covered up for his Boyband career – can only be happy for him that he could come out later on and find love etc. etc.

stephen-gately-pic-getty-297755975.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x312 pixels).jpg

Me and two of my friends (who subsequently moved to dublin after school because of them – no, I’m not kidding) were was known for it. I had some photographic evidence somewhere, but now that I think about it, it may be in a pile somewhere along with my scrunchies and my ‘I hate my life’ poems.

Boyzone kind of marked my teenage years, because I wasn’t allowed a *real* boyfriend so Ronan Keating would have to do. As one of the other girls said to me (mother before the end of school, naturally) – “Don’t you know any real boys?”

No. No, I didn’t.

Anyway, my questions for this weeks giveaway is this –

What song or band marked your teenage years? (13-16) If you ARE 13-16, you can tell me what your favourite band is now ) – I will pick a winner at random in the comments!

Winner announced next Monday!


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  1. says

    For me it has to be Take That, Babe.

    I loved it so much, It was the first song I bought as a teen and I bought it on LP, can you believe?! Utter Madness! I would sit in my room by myself every night and play it over and over, cooing over Mark Owens sweet voice, wishing I was his ‘Babe’ .. haha!


    … RIP Stephen Gately xxx

  2. says

    My favourite band when I was a teen has to be Travis, as my moody teen state – I think I related to ‘why does it always rain’ on me’ quite a lot….

  3. Jade Clancy says

    I loved Prodigy as a teenager and No Good (Start The Dance) reminds me of those teen years. I met my first ‘real’ boyfriend when I was 14, he was much older than me at 19 and thought he actually was Keith Flint lol Of course at the time I thought he was the height of coolness and my dad disapproved which was all good by me, good times!

  4. Tara O'Connor says

    WELL boyzone was actually my first ever concert :(

    However it was ALL about *N Sync for me. I was heartbroken was Justin went solo (although I did watch him in concert solo several times as a teen)…It will always be about JC Chasez. (The cute dark haired one!) I think im going to play some oldskool *N Sync now and reminisce lol!

  5. diskogal says

    Suede! I was so obsessed with them. I even wrote a school project about them (lame, I know). I was a bit of a groupie as a teenager and I got to meet them eventually, but I was slightly older at the time, which was good, as if I had met them earlier I would have probably died from all the excitement.
    I still love them though :)

    So sad about Stephen Gately! I’ve never been a Boyzone fan, but he seemed like a really nice guy…RIP :(

  6. Alli says

    I’ve always had a thing for the Beatles. No idea why though, but their song Yesterday is beeeautiful. Just like these pencils. The purple one looks real intriguing.

  7. says

    Ah yes, the mid-90s… I was so much into the Beatles back then. Not much else, actually. I had a huge crush on Paul McCartney in the beginning.
    It’s hard to try and pick a single song, but one that has been amongst my favourites for about 15 years is ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.’

  8. Caroline says

    I’m only 17, but the band I still remember the most was Spice Girl’s still. GIRL POWER haha. Or it would the chinese singers, TWINS. Used to adore them, although they’re still around 😀
    I still remember this from the Twins at CNY

    But from Spice girls has to be Wannabe.

  9. Elizabeth says

    (Long time no read! new student house no money for internet + bout of hospitalisation but now fighting fit!)

    Although I’m 20, and therefore not of the era that first saw them, it would had to be Pink Floyd. When I was little I used to be terrified when my parents played their albums all the strange synth sounds and scary lyrics but then years later and young love came and suddenly wish you were here was the most wondrous song ever especially when played by my then older shaggy haired artist boyfriend. Oh my how unbelievably pretentious!

  10. says

    It has to be Nirvana, I still get goosebumps listening to any of their songs. I was 17, stick thin, scarily high eyebrows, ripped jeans, tie dyed shirts and granddad tops and worst of all, NO MAKE UP!

    I have all the Body Shop pencils already so I just wanted to jump in with a comment and reminisce!

  11. Rachel says

    Mine would have to be the Backstreet Boys. Used to debate and argue with friends at school that they’re better than N’Sync. 😀

  12. Halifax says

    I was over the teenage stage when Boyzone came out, but I’d pick their No Matter What song as a fav. So sad Stephen is gone!

  13. Fiona says

    big bang! They are a korean band. I’ve really liked them since my early years in high school, and I still listen to them today! <3

  14. Joanne says

    Oh Em Gee it was N’Sync! I remember having long debates with schoolmates about the merits of N’Sync vs. BackStreet Boys about which group was better.

  15. says

    Oh *NSync, without a doubt! I even had a little website dedicated to them, remember Angelfire? I’m not even sure they still exist! But it was a terrible website, pretty much just filled with pictures of Justin and JC! Oh and I hated Britney Spears so much for dating Justin, but now I just feel so bad for her, poor girl needs to catch a break!

  16. Kimberly says

    I remember one of the first hearing Duran Duran playing on the tv one evening when i was somewhere around 9 or 10. Shortly there after i seen the video Hungry Like a Wolf & i was hooked.

  17. says

    nice post~~ a blast from past for our fav boyband..

    its a tie between TAKE THAT & BOYZONE!!
    i love TAKE THAT concerts and variation in singing…robbie & marky mark
    boyzone for their angelic voice and love lullaby…BEN! solo by Stephen Gately
    May he rest in peace! that gentle soul~~

    hope i win for your giveaways!!

  18. Jess says

    My favourite band when I w as that age was the Spice Girls. My first ever CD was their first album, then I went on collecting all their albums. I was devastated when Geri left the group.. oh man, the memories…. I still never get tired listening to their songs.

  19. says

    Hmm.. I was in year 5 when Take That were big so I wasn’t a teenager then but I did have their card and sticker collection. I also had that duffle bag with their names on it which I found the other day and actually used to take some stuff to work.

    My early-ish teenage years (13-14/15) were spent enamoured with the Backstreet Boys, I loved them. I went to the Smash Hits Poll Winner’s party (where did that go btw?!) and saw them perform. On the way home we went to the Maccy D’s near where the party was and they were in there chowing down. That was my teenage claim to fame, I still have the pics somewhere..

    When I was 15 I fell in love with GreenDay but that soon surpassed and by the time I was 16 I had found my man band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

  20. says

    hi hunnie..

    i was a boyzone fan too.. in my elem days.. here are my fave songs from them.. until now..

    ? No Matter What
    ? I love the way you love me
    ? Baby Can I Hold you

    and my all time fave.. until this very day..

    ? Everyday I Love You ?

    and i dedicate this song to the BF.. (hope you’re fine there..) he’s in Dubai
    hun, im excited about the package.. it was raining here.. (i hope it won’t rain hard..)

    hugs and kisses
    avid reader..


  21. says

    Well in my younger years i was a huge Spice Girl fan but they broke up when i was 11 so after that i was a huge Geri fan. But also bought all their solo albums. lol. I’m 23 now but still like their songs. Takes me back to my youth xx

  22. Nina says

    I was all over the Backstreet Boys when I was in grade school. And I have pretty much memorized every Spice Girls song back when they still sold audio cassettes!