Monday Competition & Winner Announcement & Chit Chat!

Is it Monday again?!

The weekends past far too quickly for my liking sometimes. Have a jam packed week ahead, but I am looking forward to getting lots of gorgeous beauty goodies in the post and hopefully making progress with the big important life things we have need to look at from time to time.

This week’s competition prizes are some random pieces I picked out:

2true tan giveaway.jpg

Want to know how to win? Want to find out if you won last week’s Frontcover palette? Want to have some random chit chat with me?

Last Week’s Winner

Monday Giveaway_ Frontcover Cosmetics Miniature Make Up Collection and Shadowline — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Sent me your address, Elle – rowena AT cosmetic – candy. com


I saw UP this week, although I had actually been putting it off because the Girls on Twitter have been commenting on how it left them sobbing in the Cinema.

And yes…it was incredibly touching. There is a bit at the beginning, part of a sequence which is so tragic and heartbreaking because it is also true. Let me know if you watch UP! and what you think of it….

Last week I bought…

Estee Lauder Lip Products and Foundation

Trish McEvoy (damaged) bits and not so damaged bits

An Alexander Wang Bag!

This week I’d like…

Some Trish McEvoy Eyeshadows to fill up my double decker palette

Some bits for a Halloween make over tutorial

A big, thick, warm black scarf. I can’t bear cold ears or cold necks.

Last week I …

Worried, procrastinated, asked Why? quite a lot

This week I…

Hope to get things done and dodge a few bullets

How about you?

This Weeks Giveaway:

Fake Lashes
2True Tanner
2True Tan Wipes to go
Sleek Body Bling

All you need for a PAR-TAY!

How to Win:

I completely forgot it is Halloween this week! I wish it was a bigger deal in the UK I kind of find it fun, especially for kids.

So answer this in the comments –

What will you be dressing up as for halloween?


Why, a cat of course.

If I could be anything for Halloween, I pair up with Mr Candy as Wayne and Cassandra. I would be Wayne and he would be Cassandra.

wayne and cassandra.jpg

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  1. Nina says

    I have never dressed up for Halloween. If I did, I’d probably be Lady Gaga. I know, how terribly original! LOL

  2. says

    Alexander Wang bag! *dies a little* That rocks!!

    For Halloween I’ll be a tiger. Boring, right? My husband bought me this funny little tiger hat though, so I’ve gotta do it!

    If I could be anything, I’d probably pick Rogue and Iceman from the Xmen comics. What a dork! I just love her hair XD

  3. says

    If we had Halloween in Italy, or if I were still in the UK to celebrate it, I’d dress up as Poison Ivy from Batman. I’d have so much fun doing all that green makeup!!! And wearing a red wig!

  4. says

    We don’T celebrate Halloween here…only if some helds a party….so if I could dress up as something, it would be a vampire queen (LOL am a Twilight and any other vampire fan), with long, blond wavy hair, deadly fair skin, bloodstained lips, and a champagne colored renaissance style dress *.* pretty~

    Post photos of you Halloween look, please ;D

  5. Alli says

    This year I will most definitely absolutely be an orange M&M and my loverboy will be the black-brownish one :)
    Loads of fun, and yes, please post pictures of your costume, Row!

  6. sue says

    I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz last year. I made my own costume! This year I’m a bit lazy….so I’ll go as a modern day vampire. Like the vampires you see on Twilight or True Blood. I’ll wear my *own* clothes but keep a pale face. I’ll carry fangs too. No blood, cause it’s messy.

  7. Pikko says

    commenting on UP – i saw it and my tears wouldn’t stop! so touching yes it is – i thought i was the only one who felt that way! oh can we see the alexander wang bag?!?!? did u get the coco duffel???

  8. Heather says

    I’ve been wanting to see “Up” for the longest time. I keep hearing the same reviews about it–touching and such a great story! :)

    I think this year I will be a conjoined “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” :)

  9. acelira says

    I don’t know what would happen that day yet, but I have been wanting to dress as a nurse from Silent Hill, any of them, but I guess I’ll go for the easiest design.

  10. Sabine says

    Hm probably as a magician’s assistant? But then again I’m horribly boring so I’ll probably be dressed as myself. :)

  11. mayrei says

    I have to work that night (I work in a store), so I might just paint my face. I don’t really have any ideas yet… maybe flames around my eyes or something like that? Or maybe I’ll just dump glitter on my face and call it a day. I wore fairy wings last year, and they got caught on everything at work and were shredded within a couple of hours.

  12. Heather says

    I was wanting to be a conjoined “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”, but alas, I didn’t have the money to put it together. So instead I was a Walmart Shopper, haha. Really hideously matched clothing. If you’re unfamiliar with Walmart, here’s a website to explain why I’d dress up like that:


    • Row says

      Hi Heather


      WE don’t have Walmart in the UK but we have “People on 24 hour Asda” and “The bitches of Primark at Lunchtime”

  13. diskogal says

    Hehe, we don’t really celebrate Halloween over here (even though we do have some sort of carnival celebrations in February…)
    Anyway, I know that a iphone costume is kinda lame, but being the geek that I am, I think this is very cool:

    However I don’t think I could afford (or carry) the whole thing, so maybe a plain cardboard interpretation would suffice…