Monday Competition! 3 Full Sets of Dove Visible Care & Visible Effects Products

What’s a great way to beat the Monday blues? Why, enter my Monday Giveaway of course!

Today I am offering three winners a full set of Dove’s newest launch, Visible Care Body Washes and a full set of Visible Effects Body Lotion and Hand Cream. So that’s FIVE products for THREE lucky people!


Visible Care comes in three different formulas, Softening, Renewing and Brightening.

They say:

A body wash that promises to give you more beautiful skin may sound too good to be true, but that is exactly what new Dove VisibleCare Crème Body Wash is scientifically proven to deliver. In fact, Dove is so confident about its revolutionary new body wash that they asked thousands of real women to try it for three weeks, and tell them what they thought.

With over 12,000 respondents, the results from the biggest ever body wash trial for Dove were staggering – eight out of ten women* noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin, while 84% reported their skin felt visibly smoother and softer in just seven days.

Method 1.

Dove Visible Effects:


Dove Visible Effects uses a unique patented formula with a Multi-Layer Complex that combines three powerful moisturising ingredients to nourish all three layers of skin rather than just the surface layer.

This breakthrough technology means that Dove is able to provide essential care to the skin surface, the core and deep down, where beautiful skin begins.

Lovely Jubbly. Wanna win?

I am going on holiday soon – amazing, I know! So my question is:

What is your essential pre-holiday tip?


Make sure your passport is actually valid, duh *side eye*

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win Dove Visible Care & Effects Sets. For info go to –

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

I will pick a winner…well before I go on holiday. Hurrah!

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  1. says

    Do NOT forget your lip balm with SPF. You will regret it the moment you walk out into the sun with dry, burnt lips! :)

    Retweeted! :)

  2. says

    The one thing I always worry about forgetting is my purse. So I pack it in my suitcase but just take a small purse with me, which doesn’t hold my cards etc.


  3. says

    Hair Conditoner! Not only can you use it on your hair but when you have a shower use it on your body to replace some of the moisture that the heat has zapped from it! Saves packing body lotion or after sun πŸ˜€


  4. Shari says

    Lists! I sit down and make a list of everything – and I mean everything! – that I need to take with me for the trip. I make a list for the hubby, too, just to be sure. That way, I can go down the list, and regardless of what bag it’s getting thrown into, things get packed.

  5. says

    Always ALWAYS make sure you pack enough pants. Throw in one of those packs of plain white pants (or black) you can buy from M&S into your suitcase just to make sure or risk having to look to buy pants in a foreign country!!

  6. says

    Mobile charger .. I mean how could not one bring it ? Its a must
    2 – Chewing gums for the boring journey
    3-pain killers
    4-camera !!! Yeah baby

    Count me IN if its international or just count my comment as a suggestion only :)

  7. Harpreet says

    dont forget to take some aloe vera gel with you, its great for sun burn and insect bites. Use the gel alone or along with your favourite skin cream to help better soften and moisturise the skin.

  8. says

    You can’t go on holiday without a list. I always write one of everything I need and cross it off as I pack it. Only way I can relax and not panic that I’ve forgotten something! Oh and in case I still can’t relax, my mum always told me: ‘As long as you’ve got your wallet, you can buy anything you forget!’ Mums are always right! :) xx

  9. layla says

    definitely dont forget your camera and mobile charger (nothing worse than having ur batteries die out and having now way to charge them!) and maybe take along an extra memory card for your cam just in case you can’t transfer pics during your holiday
    is this contest international? if so.. sweet :)

  10. says

    I like to make sure I have a bit of snacks like chocolate or muesli bars with my hand carry bag just in case I get hungry and can’t risk making a trip get food in time. πŸ˜›

  11. mrsshukra says

    Make sure to bring extra memory cards for your camera! And pack comb and/or hairbrush ahead of time… and don’t forget your sunglasses and sunblock!

  12. visenya says

    ALWAYS double check & confirm your bookings. Nothing worse than turning up and finding out something’s gone wrong…

  13. merrill McGuinness says

    My favorite (and dorky) thing to do is go shopping for myself right AFTER the holidays, everything is so cheap!

  14. Jeri says

    -facial washes
    -make up
    – mini mobile stain removers
    o ID
    -Driver’s License
    o WALLET
    o camera, memory cards/film, recharger
    o MONEY
    o PHONE
    o mp3 player w/ headphones

  15. Calista 101 says

    Never ever ever ever forget moisturizer. I adore the Olay Complete Defence. My skin always dries out, and I make sure I have a travel sized moisturizer in my purse.

    Also! Hand sanitizer is important! Nothing worse than not being able to wash your hands before a meal and unable to find a toilet.

  16. nana says

    I CANNOT go to any place for long without making sure my eplilator is in my bag. Cornrows only look nice on the head, no place else! lol ew.

  17. Bev Cordle says

    Don’t forget travel sickness tablets especially if you are planning on taking boat trips!

  18. Karen Walkden says

    Get a wax done 3 days before you go away and you wont need to be wasting time shaving your legs before baring them for the pool / beach ! , and other bits defending on bikini size lol x

  19. Joanne Baldwin says

    Exfoliate for a lovely even tan and don’t forget the insect repellent – mosquito bites are not a good look!

  20. Kim Allen says

    Sorry to be boring but mine is make sure you have flight socks and have a plan to be able to move about as much as you can while travelling, even if it’s only a short flight and also if you’re not flying too! Use the socks and ankle exercises if you’ve a long car/coach trip where you cant get up and walk about much. DVT’s are nasty and aren’t just from long haul flights :-(

  21. Julie Brett says

    Lipsalve for the plane as I was get dry lips, ideally with SPF in it too so it doubles up as sunscreen

  22. toniq says

    write a list at least three weeks before for each person’s packing and make sure you double check yourself to make sure everything has been packed

  23. Lora says

    check Trip Advisor before booking your hotel – no nasty surprises that way, lol. Also good for restaurant recommendations and things to see.

    and make sure you have your ipod and a book for the airport and plane

  24. Jen says

    I usually go through in my head what I would be doing on holiday, and make a list of everything I would need to use. I also usually go through a bunch of guide books and websites and try to plan out and make lists of what to do and when, so that I don’t waste too much time on holiday. Whether or not I stick to the list…that’s another matter haha but at least there’s a guide for me!

    I also usually buy those 5-pack panties from Primark for like Β£2, and then usually just throw them away rather than having to handwash them and hang them out to dry in the bathroom at the hotel, or bring them back as dirty laundry…I would use the disposable ones but really don’t like the feel of them!!

  25. FionaLynne Edwards says

    Write a list and cross it off as you pack. Keep essentials with you – passport, money, tickets, lipstick(!) and try not to stress!

  26. Denice says

    I always make sure that I do all the packing, no point leaving it to my OH or the kids, they really have no idea how much they wear!! and always take a stock of calpol, lip balm and plasters :)

  27. Elena says

    Go to the wax salon before traveling! If you do it during the days you’re under the sun, you’ll end up with uneven skin.

  28. Dawn says

    A week before the holiday, get out your flight bag. Every time during the week you think of something you need to take with, such as camera, spare glasses, tissues, pop it in the flight bag there and then.

  29. maureen quinnell says

    get waxed before you go and then get that holiday list going – a guaranteed way not to forget things.

  30. Claire lawrence says

    Always make a list and check off everything as you pack! Its the worst feeling in the world sitting on a plane and remembering something you left behind!