Moisturizer in a Tin? Spa Paradisa Body Balm Review

Benefit Cosmetics must be doing something right, because so many other brands seem to rip off their design ideas and packaging.

Here today, we have a Spa Paradisa Body Balm product which sits in a tin – very similar to Benefit Bathina Body So Fine Body Balm. I do like Benefit’s offering a lot because I adore the scent. Other than that, I find it a bit of a time consuming thing to use regularly.

Spa Paradisa, in my opinion, looks like a range that costs a lot more than it actually does. I love the tropical design on the packaging:


They say:

This skin-illuminating and sensuously fragranced body balm has a subtle sheen that catches the light, giving skin the radiant glow of a Pacific Island princess.

In this large tin is a soft application sponge and the balm on the other side. It has a slightly floral scent – it’s quite nice, but not to die for like the Benefit scent.

At first glance the balm has a slightly oily film on the surface:


There is a fundamental difference between this product and the Benefit Bathina balm…

(I can’t help comparing them since they are both very similar in concept!).

The Spa Paradisa product is more oily and like a thin balm – like a light lip balm type texture.

Benefit Bathina is thicker and creamier. It leaves more of a whitish sheen on the skin, it’s drier, but it’s also more hydrating if that’s what you want.

This product after all, is not really a everyday moisturiser, more of a balm to add a soft sheen to the skin…

Here it is rubbed into my hand. You can see there is a light sheen – it’s quite nice and subtle and the oiliness does subside after a few minutes:


The ingredients aren’t madly impressive – there’s mineral oil, petrolatum etc. but I guess this is reflected in the price.

If you are looking for a product to hydrate a little and add a pretty sheen, to be honest this will do the job and look very pretty on your dressing table. The Benefit is nicer, in my opinion but also three times more expensive!


Benefit Body So Fine is £24.50 (£19.60 at the moment on the Benefit website) and the RRP for Spa Paradisa Body Balm is £10 but its just £5.12 on the Superdrug website.

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  1. barbara taylor says

    couldn’t find spa paradisa on superdrug website. so why do they keep advertising what they don’t have?

    • Row says

      HI Barbara

      I think it’s been discontinued…I tried to find it in superdrug but it had gone!