Mmmm I love you….

Bayswater in Emerald. I presume its a LE since the colour is so different – This is my favourite bag and my favourite colour in the world…

*sigh* £595 quid….eeek….

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  1. Nic Nic says

    I have the exact bag in the caramel brown colour. I love it! Good choice.. go for it!

  2. R says

    Hey Nic Nic!

    At $1200 – eek its a lot of money.

    But I already have this bag in bronze, its always the one I go back to, I love it.

    But Bronze is too dull for summer :) I def need it in emerald, right?!

  3. Nic Nic says

    i might have the same colour as you?? the colour is never out of trend me thinks!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi, this comment is for a post you made a long time ago but I found it through google and I figured you would be more likely to see this if I posted it here.

    I bought Beauty 103 recently and I wanted to play the DVD but then I realized that I didn’t know what region it was for. I’m in the US so my DVD player and laptop are only for region 1, so I can only switch regions 5 times. If I put in the DVD and it’s not Region 1, Region 0, or Region All, it would switch to the DVD’s region and I would have to switch it back to Region 1, using up 2 of my total 5 switches.

    Sorry for the long question, but I would really appreciate it if you could comment back here to me.


    p.s. your blog is cute!

  5. R says

    Hi Marissa

    the dvd is region 3 as it is made in Taiwan. Are you in the US? If so you are region 1, so yes it would use 2 of your switches. However I didn’t not a problem or a limit with watching it on my Macbook? (and I have watched it about 10 times or so).

    Or if you dont want to use up your switches you can burn a copy of the dvd (for your own use of course) and depending on what software program you have you may be able to choose a ‘region free’ or ‘all region’ settings which means you will have a copy that works normally on your dvd player.

    Beauty 103 is one of my favs. I got beauty 104 which is not as good I’m afraid!