Mmm Lunasol…

I adore Lunasol it must be one of my top three brands.

There is a new video up on You Tube – it is in Cantonese so I can understand it but if you don’t, just watch the purdy lady…

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  1. MandyPandy says

    IDK, I can understand the Engrish parts.

    I’m really interested in the ‘sick shat ‘o color’.

  2. Row says

    Oooh whereabouts my love? give me the minutes and I’ll tell you what it means..if you are actually interested!

    Aren’t you a good asian girl?!

  3. Row says

    I’m glad you like it YZ – there are lots o good videos on you tube even if they aren’t in English

  4. MandyPandy says

    I think she meant to say ‘six shadow color’, but it sounded dirtier/funnier/better when she said it. There were other hilarious moments when I had to do a double-take, but that one was solid gold! I’m not sure that I could find the minutes, though, as it’s a 10 minute video and it took much concentration to get through it.

    I think makeup videos in general are fairly simple to understand, regardless of the language, because they’re very hands on/visual; that said, I’m probably missing a lot of the little details.

  5. Row says

    Yeah you missed the bits about the aliens. You will never be able to recreate this look now!