Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish Super Glitter Chunky Monkey Polish Swatches!

I have been hauling nail polishes a lot recently – I love collecting them but I really can’t be bothered applying it most of the time – when they make drying times 1 minute or less, then I’m game. Otherwise…I just end up staring at every imperfection. I do it to other people…if you see ever see someone glaring at your nails in the lift, it’s me, it’s totally me.

I bought 2 cool chunky glitter polishes from Missha recently – they’re called The Style Crystal Polishes, and apparently consist of 20% glitter!

Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish

It comes in purple, orange and blue. I went against expectations and bought orange and purple!

I do like glitter polish because a dummy (aka. me) can apply it and it will still look nice…

It’s a pain to get off though – it goes right through me trying to take it off.

Here are the bottles.  Quite lightweight but stylish. The lids look like hearts from a birds eye view:

Misscha The Style Nail Polish Crystal Peal

Korean brands have loads of really nice and interesting polishes, I’ve realised. I’d totally recommend looking at Missha, Skinfood and Tony Moly for some cool colours and textures.

These polishes come with chunky brushes – quite thick and coarse hair and slightly thick textures.

I like thick brushes – the sooner the damn thing is applied, the better. I don’t have a problem using Missha’s although this is a glitter polish and is easy to apply:

Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish Super Glitter Chunky Monkey Polish Swatches

Purple is nice it’s very…purple.

Orange is like a copper:

Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish Super Glitter Chunky Monkey Polish Swatches 1

Brush is wonky as you can see.

This works well as a top coat although I can’t think what to put orange on top of – what do you think?

Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish Super Glitter Chunky Monkey Polish Swatches 2

These reminds me of the fun Hexogram polish from Barry M.

Anyway – I think I prefer fine super shimmer to this chunky stuff. Maybe I’m just growing up but this polish reminds of a rash, and not a good one, more of a itchy scabies type rash. Wow I am delirious. Can polish do that to you?

I bought these from eBay for about £7 each.

Chunky glitter, yay or nay?

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  1. Exactly my type of nail polish, they look awesome!

  2. I’m not sure. I have tons of nail polish and I just.. I never end up using the chunkies. Orange on top of dark brown would look lovely, by the way.

  3. Depends how much polish you been sniffing as to if it can make you go delirious :p
    These remind me of the Barry M hexogram polish too with the chunky bits…I’d wear them over black polish

  4. I like chunky glitter on my toes; orange on top of red or brown is nice, or even on top of green :)

    • Hi Kuri

      I think I still have the same colour on my toes as back in June…

      • june! i like changing my nail color with my mood, which usually lasts 2 weeks if I’m lazy. but i’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to paint my nails.
        Maybe it’s time for a nice burgundy, but I want a more cheerful color.

  5. I bought the purple and the blue today. I’m so excited to try them :) I loveee glitter and sparkles!
    bye bye :)

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