Mini Screw You: Aveda

So off I went to Aveda today to pick up my Birthday freebie.

Aveda have a special offer, if you join their club you get a card, which offers rewards the more you spend, and a freebie on your birthday.

Last year I got a purfume which was oily and was not much of a scent.

This year I got there and the girl tried to push the shower gel on me.

“Seriously, the shower gel is AMAZING” she says.

How opinionated, I thought, I haven’t even looked at the list yet.

You can pick between Shampoo & Conditioner, a Shower Gel, a Body Lotion, Purfume and Massage Oil. The shower gel was worth the least, a poxy £10. The Massage Oil was worth £24. Give me the most expensive thing, I said – well, it is free!

So I sniffed a few scents and she mixed something up for me. I get home and it’s kinda empty:

I know! You would never buy that in a shop! Pppfffttttt.

Nevertheless, I now have massage oil and very achy limbs, so hint hint *someone*, I could do with a rub.

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