Mini Haul: Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo in Rock & Roll and Eye Colour Trio in Night Cafe Review

A week or two ago, ASOS had a beauty flash sale where items were reduced by up to 30% for just one day, and I couldn’t help but divulge in some bits from Paul & Joe cosmetics.  It’s a Japanese brand (Paul & Joe is of course a fashion label primarily) that holds a special place in my heart, although in recent years I haven’t really bought much from them.  I think their range is super duper duper adorable but I’m not always bowled over by the actual products.  

Anyway I hauled a Paul & Joe Eye gloss duo in Rock & Roll and one of their newer Trios in Night Cafe:

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review

I am no stranger to Paul & Joe eye glosses and have been using them since their very first formulation (amazing) to the second incarnation (not as great) to the duo format (review here) and now these new colours.  As you can see I am into SUBTLE colours!  

The Paul & Joe trios come in a selection of colours. Not long ago I was buying solo shadows to go into a P&J palette which is great but also quite expensive to do.  A trio is a nice way to have a set of colours without spending too much. 

Well…I say that but the colour is £23 and the cardboard palette is £7 and the plastic one is £6 so you are looking at £29-£30 smackers for what is a relatively small eyeshadow palette.  I bought a plastic case as I love it’s compact size and I HATE CARDBOARD PACKAGING but you could go wild and pick one of their cardboard designs.  

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 1

Night Cafe – I was bowled over by the beautiful bronze and nothing else in the palette mattered to me. There is also a glittery white top coat – knowing Japanese eyeshadows and knowing that they like quirky things like a ‘glittery top coat’ for the eyes, I knew to expect little pigment from this shade.  The black is a deep grey charcoal, quite sexy and I do have a thing for black eyeshadow.  Lots of the other trio combinations also look very nice. 

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 3

So the white is just a sparkly top coat, very little pigment. 

The bronze is beautiful but not as pigmented as I hoped for – I wanted a molten rich buttery bronze. However, it is nice for a more subtle eye, more mistake proof, and quite Japanese in that sense, as the focus tends to be on more natural make up for the office. 

The black-charcoal is very pigmented and rich. Nicer than a matte flat black.

My eye gloss, which I thought would complement the eyeshadow because of the gold and black:

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 2

The eye gloss has the same fragrance as all the eye glosses which I love, even though fragrance in eye products make no sense.  It’s got that same texture, like a gel, but it’s thicker this time and also more pigmented. So unlike the old formulas that were all sparkle, these are sparkly but more refined, not just large chunks, and they are pigmented enough to wear as actual colours on their own. 

You honestly only need a dot per eye, but it is buildable.


Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 4

So below I am wearing the eyeshadow trio. White under the brown, bronze on the lid and the black to line. I am happy with how it looks, far from a severe smokey eye I think it gives a very wearable polished look despite being sparkly. 

DPaul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review

Another view:Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 5

If you want something with a stronger bronze, the Urban Decay Naked palette should have what you want, but for something more compact and wearable, this is your friend:

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review 6

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo and Eye Colour Trio Review Night Cafe

Here I added the Eye Gloss on top which added more pigment, and also more shimmers. It does not crease after setting and I would use this OVER the powder rather than under, as putting powder on top reduces the amount of sparkle the gloss has. 

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo in Rock Roll 1

It’s a very pretty shimmer I have to say and I am super fond of this product since I can’t think of anything else on the market similar to it (well the Western market that is).  For a chunkier sparkle, I’d use something like Jill Stuart eye jelly which is sparkle central. 

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo in Rock Roll 2
All in all, I am happy with my purchases, even if they don’t seem like very summery colours! They are wearable smoky colours which I like, even though originally I was looking for a stronger bronze shadow.  These products are currently in my every day make up bag, so that’s a compliment!
There was 30% off on the products at the time so I got a decent deal on them too, otherwise I’d be a bit annoyed about paying for the eyeshadow then a case too.  I mean…how about £26 all in, case and eyeshadow Paul & Joe?!?!   
I bought them from ASOS (see the full range here) also they seem to have some exclusives there!
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