Mini Haul: Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes Review and Swatches

I am not a big buyer of Solo or Single Eyeshadows, because I dislike the fuss of having to find all the colours you want, opening lots of different separate compacts…I like one palette with all the colours I could possibly need. 

However – it was a long day – we were on a trip and because of a motorway accident, a 3 hour trip took 7,    so I ended up taking advantage of technology and purchasing two Nars eyeshadows via iPhone. Sigh. I chose Ashes to Ashes and Etrusque:

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes 1

Did I ever tell you I have a Nars drawer? No other brand has it’s own dedicated drawer in my collection. I have a special place in my heart for Nars even if I don’t seem to pay much attention to new collections anymore.  (I also realised that I own more shades than I realised…a quick Google confirmed that shades I thought I wanted to buy I already owned!).

They say:

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes 2

Lumionous, light-reflecting shades for shading, highlighting, and lining eyes. Highly pigmented, longwearing, crease resistant colors that can be applied sheer or layered for more dramatic effects. Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly.   

Ashes to Ashes is described as a ‘Shimmery violet based brown’

Etrusque is described as ‘Antique’ (Gold I presume).  This is a ‘Vintage’ shade -if you want it, it’s not on sale on many sites bar the Nars site so I’d head on over there…


Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes.

My initial thoughts were not happy ones, because whilst it looks like a trusty violet taupe, I was disappointed with how this swatched – not as creamy and pigmented as I like. HOWEVER – I will concur that with a few wears, this actually did wear really nicely on the lid and looked flattering and sophisticated. With some concealer as a base underneath, it lasted all day.

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes 5

It’s similar to MAC’s much loved Satin Taupe which is a great shade. It’s brown, but violet, but grey, but taupe at the same time.  I don’t think it’s an instant wow colour, I really don’t, yet I couldn’t help but be impressed by it’s durability and general easy-to-use-ness. Just one shade on the lid – done.

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes 4

Nars Etrusque was harder to find as mentioned earlier – the Nars concessions don’t seem to stock it anymore.  It’s a true antique gold – god I love Antique golds, it’s one of my all time favourite tones for my skintone. 

This doesn’t disappoint, it has a very creamy rich texture.  It’s a yellow gold, perhaps a touch of orange in there. It’s eye brightening with a fine shimmer not glitter to brighten. 

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque

For me, if I buy a solo eyeshadow it has to be a strong enough hue for me to wear alone, if I want to. I can wear this for quite a bright, summery eye look.

Nars Eyeshadows in Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes 3

I rarely rarely buy high end single eyeshadows as I find multi colour palettes better value but Nars is a brand I’d make an exception for.  However, these are expensive – £18 each, and the packaging is the typical Nars rubber which gets dirty so easily.
I like both of the colours I purchased, I do believe you can get similar hues for less than £18 though.  
Do you buy solo eye colours?
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