Mini Haul and General Lathargy

I got a mini haul from Adambeauty yesterday, which I shall share…

Esprique Precious Lipstick Dress on Moist Rouge in BE311


This lipstick is so lush, the texture and everything is divine. I have my eye on the Rose lipstick now since the texture really is fab.

I also love the Coffret D’or Quads from this season, I have the green and orange, and have now invested in 05, which is a neutral brown/beige palette:


A lovely day to day one this, although I can’t help but wish there was one strong, smokey colour in the palette.

I am still feeling larthargic and sleepy all the time – maybe I am suffering from the winter blues?

It was interesting reading peoples comments about how to relieve stress – exercise (I have, rather embarassingly, got Colleen Nolan’s disco-cise DVD which remaind sealed) and cleaning (I would, but cleaning products make me itch.)

Still I’m not one to wallow in self pity (most of the time). Have lots and lots of projects to get to, a KFC bucket to buy and a new lipstick palette to make (info and pics later!).

On another note I can’t seem to stop injuring my hands:

Photo Booth.jpg

What’s keeping you going today?

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  1. sue says

    that lipstick sure look lushhhh! nice color too!! i’m lusting over jill stuart’s spring 09′ collection. i want to get the limited edition gloss (sensual veil) and eye jelly (shiny onyx)!

  2. Li says

    Don’t even start about cleaning products itching and injuring hands, you try bareknuckle cycling round Cambridge, followed by washing up, and being scratched by the cat. All this after carrying the box for your bespoke Japanese bike helmet and stumbling causing a massive hole in your knee and seeing your beautiful box (though breaking your fall) all smashed up on the horrible mean pavement. I tell you, Surgical Spirit, L’Occitane, Cortisone Cream, and latex free plasters are NOT glamourous. But I’ll sure be able to buy a lot of them at HN yeahhh! *tries to skip around and cries “OW!”*

  3. Li says

    Basically, if I punch your face I will break my hand and win, double whammy. Now I feel like an internet bully, thanks.

  4. Li says

    If it makes you feel any better I hurt my hand tonight on the oven and now it’s covered in Aloe Vera :(

    • Row says

      Hey Li

      Seriously?!??! Eeek. Ok you win the hand hurting competition. Hope your hand is better soon!