Mini Giveaway Day 2: Benefit Porefessional Pore Cover Make Up

In need of a mini pick me up? Come hither for 5 days of mini pick me up giveaways. Join in!

Benefit Porefessional is a rather nifty invention, a product that you apply under or over make up to create a poreless finish!


It’s a weird product, I mean its blue but it does leave quite a smooth finish!

They say:

Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores…now you see ’em, now you don’t! Complements all skin tones.This can be used under or over makeup.

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Where is your favourite hiding place?


It used to be the wardrobe. Now? The toilets. Any toilets.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT a Benefit Porefessional Primer. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!


Winners will be contacted shortly after the competition ends (in 10 days). If the winner doesn’t reply within 2 days the prize will go to the next person.

Depending on weight your prize will be sent recorded or standard post. I always get a receipt. I do not have endless samples to send out to you if your prize is ‘lost’ but I would suggest that you check with your depot to locate it’s whereabouts. Repeat: I will not send a prize out to you 5 times, do not take the piss.

Prizes are usually sent out within 5 days of a competition end but please allow up to 28 days. I do actually have a job and a life beyond going to the post office. Sort of.

Love you all lots, enter and have fun!

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  1. Sophia K says:

    my bedroom with loud music playing!

  2. Rebecca says:

    right behind someone hahhaha

  3. Under the duvet! Nobody can see me there :-)

  4. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    Behind the moon 😀

  5. h mcdonald says:

    under the quilt, flat as iu can so noone can tell i’m there!

  6. antonia richardson says:

    the shed

  7. behind my bookcase. Leave me alone peole, I am reading!

  8. in my bed, all snuggled up

  9. Isabelle Smith says:

    im pretty small so in the kitchen cupboard :p

  10. Joanne Baldwin says:

    In the bath with the door firmly locked and some music on!

  11. Solange says:

    In the closet

  12. in my bedroom, where i can play wif my makeups!!

    xoxo elle

  13. Sue Hunt says:

    The greenhouse, I always hide away and water the plants when the washing up is being done :)

  14. ANNE TIERNAN says:


  15. Under the sofa

  16. 1] My fave hiding place is my room of course! :)

    2] Twitter follower as @mynameisjel and tweeted

  17. Under my bed:)
    I follow you on twitter and tweeted @emmybear411
    THANK YOU:D!!!

  18. Behind doors :)

  19. Heather Walsh says:

    In the cupboard under the stairs with the spiders.

  20. katrina walsh says:

    The airing cupboard! Soft, full of blankets and clean clothes and best of all full of the relaxing smell of fabric conditioner :)

  21. the bath!

  22. Isabella says:

    My cozy bed!

  23. The kitchen, I can crash about

  24. Christie says:

    the closet, in the dark

  25. Kerry Robertson says:

    In my bed, my comfort zone!

  26. Heather Shaw says:

    The beach. I can think clearly at the beach

  27. lolly marconi says:

    My bed! Especially on a day like this!

  28. in the bath! hehe

  29. shopping!!

  30. Stephanie Leggett says:

    Best hiding place at work is the medical room! And best place at home is definitely under my duvet!

  31. has to be my bed!! or the bath … or if i am in a angry mood i will be sweating it out in the gym

  32. littleboo_21 says:

    In the bathroom but the kiddies are getting wise to this and come knocking on the door (lol)

  33. Claire Butler says:

    Online in spare room with munchies and vodka diet coke

  34. Heather Vaux says:

    My caravan….total peace and relaxation there and I don’t take the work phone with me!!!

  35. Lynsey Blogg says:

    In my baby boys nursery watching him sleep and listening to him snore!

  36. felicia says:

    I love hiding in my boyfriend hugsss~haha~^^

  37. Clementina says:

    Up in the loft. The kids can’t climb up there 😉

  38. Lynsey Rogers says:

    I hide under a blanket on the sofa :) @iridessa76 on twitter

  39. C.Andrews says:

    Has to be in bed!!!!!

  40. Pauline Appleton says:

    My bed

  41. Lou Chambers says:

    When I was little we used to have a corner seating unit & I used to squeeze under the corner section & hide so I Mum & Dad would forget it was bedtime 😀
    Nowdays…. There is nowhere to hide, boo hoo….

  42. Michelle Williams says:

    In the bath

  43. In bed, under the duvet. With the electric blanket on. zzzzzzzzz …..

  44. Hazel rush says:

    My favourite hiding place is my bed!

  45. Jacqueline Burton says:

    In my car … I can drive away and no one will know where I am =) Tweeted @thespotmeister

  46. Michelle Hammond says:

    I once hid in a washing machine, but now I’m a bit bigger I hide in the washing basket

  47. My fridge. Or it would be … if I had a penchant for chilly spots and was the size of an iceberg lettuce 😉

  48. angela jones says:

    My favourite hiding place is my bed, pulling the duvet up high over my head and going into dream world

  49. Dejeniera Pygott says:

    I’d be very happy to hide in the back room of the fish and chip shop if they’d let me…

  50. Sally W says:

    My car, as long as I am on my own (no children or hubby with me) and it’s as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist!!, cheapest online tramadol, online pharmacy propecia