Mini Giveaway Day 2: Benefit Porefessional Pore Cover Make Up

In need of a mini pick me up? Come hither for 5 days of mini pick me up giveaways. Join in!

Benefit Porefessional is a rather nifty invention, a product that you apply under or over make up to create a poreless finish!


It’s a weird product, I mean its blue but it does leave quite a smooth finish!

They say:

Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores…now you see ’em, now you don’t! Complements all skin tones.This can be used under or over makeup.

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Where is your favourite hiding place?


It used to be the wardrobe. Now? The toilets. Any toilets.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT a Benefit Porefessional Primer. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!


Winners will be contacted shortly after the competition ends (in 10 days). If the winner doesn’t reply within 2 days the prize will go to the next person.

Depending on weight your prize will be sent recorded or standard post. I always get a receipt. I do not have endless samples to send out to you if your prize is ‘lost’ but I would suggest that you check with your depot to locate it’s whereabouts. Repeat: I will not send a prize out to you 5 times, do not take the piss.

Prizes are usually sent out within 5 days of a competition end but please allow up to 28 days. I do actually have a job and a life beyond going to the post office. Sort of.

Love you all lots, enter and have fun!

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  1. Behind the sofa lol.

  2. electronicfly says:

    under the bed 😛 Have RTed as well 😀

  3. I tend to lock myself in a toilet as well when I need to hide lol!

  4. My favorite hidingplace is under the bed because it’s saaaaaaaaaaaave! :-)!/Miss_Cupcake_B/status/70433279190380544
    xxx Anouk

  5. mine used to be on top of my wardrobe, behind a giant panda teddy – i wish it was still that place. then it was in my hotpress with all the towels and bed linen… now its in my wardrobe behind all my shoes. x

  6. When I was little, it was the laundry basket…. if I could put up with the stink of undies.
    Now, it’s in the boiling cupboard. Nice and waaarm!

    I have RTd on Twitter aswell.

  7. My favourite hiding place is a wide open field in the countryside where my grand-parents live, it’s like 20 minutes away from me.

    I RT’ed as well

  8. under the bed >.<" that's my favorite hiding place

  9. Andreja (melanie_mel) says:

    Where is my favourite hiding place?
    Uf, that is my drying laundry room. There I have always some time on my own.


    Have fun!

  10. Ahhh…I have so many! My favourite hiding place at work is in the stationary cupboard! Nobody ever goes in there because it’s full of evil filing and there is also the added bonus that I can pilfer pens and notebooks while nobody is looking! Ahhh…I do love a nice new notebook! lol :)

  11. when I was a kid, I would aaaalwwaaysss hide in my laundry basket… I know now that it wasn’t exactly the most hygienic place to hide

  12. I usually just hide in my bedroom now but when I was I kid I used to put a tablecloth on the coffee table and hide underneath it.

  13. Aneela A says:

    When i was a kid , my favorite hiding place was Under the bed :)

  14. under the bed or in my biggest suitcase…yes i fit :)

  15. When I was little every store we went into I would hide in the racks till my mom would be frantic
    twitter: lovahofmakeup

  16. When I was a kid I used to hide behind either the door of our drawing room or under the dining table and now it’s my bathroom when I want to be alone and I don’t feel like talking to someone I lock myself in my bathroom

  17. hungrypumpkin says:

    hmmm probably in closets hehe or under beds definitely

  18. My favorite hiding place would be in the closests inbetween clothes. Sometimes I hide things so well, I forget about them until years later.

  19. …in the clothes racks in any kind of supermarket or big department store. Not so much anymore, but whenever my mum took me shopping as a kid i’d drive her crazy hiding as soon as she turned her back…

  20. Random thing I noticed, you know if your readers are not from the UK when they spelt favourite as favorite :)

    My favourite hiding place is in my bed, under the duvet.

  21. Under my blankets :)

  22. Where is your favourite hiding place?

    Toilet for me too.

  23. harpreet says:

    in the wardrobe too!

  24. Alexandra says:

    Probably my garage lol

  25. I have several favorite hiding places. However, my Granddaughter and my son always find them. I like to hide my goodies such as chocolate candy and other snacks. Some of my hiding places are so good that I can not find what I have hidden .

  26. Tracy Nixon says:

    In my ‘Alice in Wonderland Door’!!!! I’ll tell you more…..

    I used to play ‘hide and seek in the dark’ with my brothers and sister when I was young! We basically turned off all the upstairs lights and shut all the curtains to make it as dark as possible then one of us would count whilst the others hid. I used to hide in this tiny cupboard in the corner of my room – well it wasn’t a cupboard – it was a tiny door which led in the loft (my room was an attic room). My brothers and sister obviously never thought of looking there because they knew nothing was in there except piping, fibre glass insulation and spiders!!! (and I honestly don’t know how I had the guts to hide in there but I did!!!). Anyway I was always last to find and made sure I got out from the cupboard before they found where I was hiding so I could continue to use it lol!!! I was a skinny little child so could fit in anywhere small!!! (Im a skinny adult now too and could probably still fit in!). So that was where I hid – in what I called ‘My Alice in Wonderland Door’ in the corner of my attic bedroom!

    I have shared and tweeted xxx thanks for the great comp xxx @TracyNixon

  27. Candace says:

    In our old house, when I was more prone to hiding (after having swiped my brother’s candy or something of the sort!), I always used to hide underneath this old chaise lounge frame that was covered in books and boxes. The frame was just high enough from the floor for me to lay underneath, and my parents couldn’t find me unless they got down on the ground or peered between the clutter on top :p

  28. Under the bed….then wait til someone appears and take his/her ankles! They get so damned scared XD!

    I retweeted your quote too, you can check it here:!/SuperdimitriWeb/status/70559729025429504

    Good luck everyone!

  29. Roisin Curran says:

    underneath the stairs, no one ever expects me there.

  30. cassidy says:

    There’s a door in my closet that leads to another room, so a quick slip in there and I could escape to the other side. :3

  31. I like to hide in the bathroom or, when that can’t be arranged, by acting “invisible.” Sometimes people humor me by pretending it works.

  32. Tina Renee says:

    In the kitchen closet where the mop, broom, vacuum and cleaning supplies are stored. No one ever comes near this closet!

  33. lol I read the question wrong and thought you meant favourite place to hide stuff!! I was thinking…why are you hiding stuff in the toilet, that sounds dodgy!! hahaha then it finally clicked 😀

    I have to say, my favourite place to hide is also the toilet (can’t be a stinky public toilet though, I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath long enough!)…I find the toilet can be quite a peaceful place for quiet reflection, and usually when I can’t bothered at work dealing with customers or staff, I’ll nip off to the loo to play on my phone hahaha You have to time it right though, so people don’t think you’ve actually got a bowel problem 😀

  34. Tan Jia Yi says:

    Inside the store room…xD

  35. yasmine choudhry says:

    fab giveaway, been wanting to try this
    my favourite hiding place is keeping things in jiffy bags, noone ever looks there lol
    i am a follower of yours via email
    I follow you on twitter, user name yasminec9
    i have tweeted the message above
    thank you

  36. My favorite hiding place is my car, with its conveniently locking doors and ability to change locations :)

    I also did tweet the message

  37. my favourite hiding place when I was a kid used to be under the table or under the bed. as an adult now, it’s the toilet because that is the place with the most privacy when i need some quiet any time and i won’t have to do much explanation about it.

  38. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    My favorite hiding place is my car!!!

  39. Fav hiding place is in the comfort of my own room

  40. My favorite hiding place is my bedroom ^^

  41. Fave hiding spot was/is the shed! 😛

    I also re tweeted! Check it out here 😛!/quailey/status/70787258084638720

  42. My favourite hiding place is in bed, so I can pretend to be asleep as well as hiding 😉

  43. Toilets. Perfect place to hide out :)

  44. Under the bed with the dust bunnies. Also retweeted via Elieo65

  45. My favorite hiding place when I was a kid was behind a statue in a nearby square, it would drive my mom mad lol! My favorite hiding place now is my bedroom 😀 x

  46. When I was younger I used to hide underneath my bed or under the dining table

  47. kirsten t says:

    Always behind the curtains, thicker is better.

  48. In my car.

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