Mini Giveaway Day 1: Win a Lanolips Original Lip Balm!

In need of a mini pick me up? Come hither for 5 days of mini pick me up giveaways. Join in!

Today is a mini pick up for the lips! And nails! And more!

Lanolips is a gorgeous 100% medical grade lanolip lip treatment. I reviewed it here and today I have a full size original one for you to win:


Original is one of my favourites because it can be used for all sorts of dry skin (elbows, cuticles….nipples etc.). Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Would you rather be a Sheep or a Cow?


A Sheep because I’d get to be the mother of a baby lamb…have you seen baby lambs? So cute!

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

β€œRT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a Original Lanolips. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!


Winners will be contacted shortly after the competition ends (in 10 days). If the winner doesn’t reply within 2 days the prize will go to the next person.

Depending on weight your prize will be sent recorded or standard post. I always get a receipt. I do not have endless samples to send out to you if your prize is ‘lost’ but I would suggest that you check with your depot to locate it’s whereabouts. Repeat: I will not send a prize out to you 5 times, do not take the piss.

Prizes are usually sent out within 5 days of a competition end but please allow up to 28 days. I do actually have a job and a life beyond going to the post office. Sort of.

Love you all lots, enter and have fun!

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    A Sheep because they wear nice warm woolly jumpers!!!(cos skinny me feels the cold alot!!!)

  2. I’d rather be a sheep cos the chances of survival are greater – Cow= burgers – Eeeeeee!!!

  3. I have been trying to find lanolips in Brum for ages, with no luck…anyway, back to the comp.

    I’d rather be a sheep because cows have huge saggy udders and they get violated for milk..then die to become steak..

    Sheep are better looking and petite, winning combo for me.

  4. I’d rather be a sheep, as long as I could have lips as amazing as the lanolips sheep!

  5. i agree w/ Sheep since there’s less of a chance of getting killed (probably). Also, better mobility (I bet a sheep can get back up if some drunk teenager tips it over!)

  6. I’d rather be a sheep because it must feel like such a relief to have that thick layer of wool shaved off every now and then! Aaaah.

  7. electronicfly says:

    Sheep, coz I rather get shaved once a year than have my tits fondled every day. πŸ˜› I’ve RTed too!

  8. Gordita says:

    Sheep! I grew up seeing lambs frolicking every spring, so I have a soft spot for them, plus I think they were the first animals my little sister was able to recognise alone, gleefully shouting “SHEEP!”, startling us all! Also, cows have been bred to produce so much milk that it’s basically painful for them. I couldn’t live like that :(

  9. tigerslovepepper says:

    A cow. Have you ever seen cows facial expressions? They don’t give a damn about, I think, anything. Peace of mind (and stupidity, maybe…). xD

  10. I’d rather be a sheep so I could finally have soft hair!

  11. Let me be a sheep if I could choose…!/shin_thian/status/70122499089764353

  12. I’d rather be a sheep because they are so fluffy! Also I think being called a cow is quite insulting why would I want to be one? AND

  13. well my computer decided to press enter by itself…i meant to say AND cows stink of poo. go sheep!

  14. Angelin Ng says:

    I would like to be a sheep because sheep is so cute and fluffy which is very hug-gable like me (=

  15. Roisin Curran says:

    I’d rather be a sheep because they are cuter and I love wool jumpers

  16. a Sheep, cause they are small, fluffy and are the Symbol of God. The look so sweet

  17. I would want to be a cow because my milkshake would bring all the male cows to the yard.
    And they have pretty long eyelashes…

  18. I’d rather be a cow because I love cow print πŸ˜› so I’d be always dressed as I want

  19. Kaley B says:

    Answer the following question:

    Would you rather be a Sheep or a Cow?

    Definitely sheep. They are cuter.

  20. I’d rather be a cow. I have a stuffed cow that has a yellow money bag (complete with $ symbol) sewn on its hands…think I got it for Chinese New Year back when it was Year of the Cow. If my cow can be loaded, so can I! Hence my choice, haha.

    RTing you as @Kikume x

  21. Ooooh Lanolips…I love the rose one!!
    I’d go with sheep…I’d much rather be shaved than milked!! And sheep are so cute n fluffy…I used to love Shaun the Sheep :)

  22. I’d rather be a cow, cos sheep are stoopid creatures. have spent time trying to move both cows and sheep from filed to field ( the joys of a country upbringing) and sheep are a nuisance to move!!!

  23. I think I would like to be a cow.. They always have lovely long eyelashes

  24. kim stam says:

    I think I would rather be a cow… they have more than 1 stomach so get away with eating more…lol :)

  25. A sheep. No reason or rationale apart from: who would want to be a cow?!!

  26. Nice product. I haven’t heard of this brand before. But this is a nice cosmetics product for less price.

  27. sheep cause I’m always cold, covered on wool I wouldn’t be anymore

  28. Sheep! They’re so floofay it’s a sin! i want one for a pet (one day..)

  29. A sheep because FLUFFY! Nothing against cows though, cows are nice.

  30. Rebecca says:

    I don’t want anyone to milk my bits… :S

  31. A sheep – less likely to be milked ‘:D

  32. Sheep since I’m already born in the year of the Ram :d

  33. I’d rather be a sheep cos it’s not cool being responsible for accelerating global warming.

  34. I RT’d too :)

  35. I’d rather be a sheep cause they are fluffy :) and of course as a lamb I’d be adorable, haha πŸ˜‰ tweeted too!

  36. It is very tempting to say sheep because of the fluff and stuff – plus my boyfriend is adamant that you’d just have more fun as a sheep…

    But I’m gonna say cow based on the fact they have cool cow print colours and are more likely to be kept alive (possibly) than fluffy sheeps which people will want to nom! πŸ˜€!/betwixtbeauty/status/70248909456416768

  37. harpreet says:

    id rather be a sheep because they are so fluffy!

  38. A sheep! Not really sure why… I just think it would be more fun as cows always look so miserable.

  39. I’d prefer being a sheep. Because cows are scary. And when I was younger I lived at a farm, and I bottlefed a lamb that was left by it’s mother. It’s called Alberthe. And if I were a sheep I could talk to her! She was my best friend when I was 9-10 years πŸ˜‰

  40. I’d rather be a cow! They look so nice and sleek.

  41. I’d want to be a sheep because …I like them πŸ˜‰

  42. cassidy says:

    A sheep cause I’d less likely be thrown into a meat grinder.

  43. i’d rather be a sheep cos it’s fluffly and mehhh sounds much cuter than moooo~~

  44. a cow because I’d love to moo all day :)

  45. I would rather be a cow because i like the black & white spots!
    It’s purrrthy! :)!/Miss_Cupcake_B/status/70406303159296000

  46. i would rather be a sleep because sheeps are fluffier than cows! =)

  47. I would be a sheep. They must be super warm with all that wool all over their body. And cartoon pictures, they do look super cute.

  48. In this weather probably a cow. Don’t think I could be doing with a big fur coat in the summer…


  49. I will have to agree with you, I’d rather be a sheep, because baby lambs are super adorable!! πŸ˜€

  50. Sheep. That way I recognize the voice of my Lord and follow Him.

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