Mini Blog Sale 2014 Alert – Asian Cosmetics Galore!

Well, what it is…I am currently trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible over the next few months before we move, and that includes cosmetics.  I was doing some de-stashing and realised that I have a LOT of barely touched and mainly completely brand new products (many Asian beauty products) from my crazy hauling (before I had baby H!) that I doubt I will get round to using, and even if I did I rarely finish anything.  

So I’ve decided to do a SMALL blog sale this week to get these products to good homes.  It will be a MUCH SMALLER blog sale than normal, of products never featured before on my blog sales and primarily brand new items I bought and never used or reviewed, many of them Asian cosmetics (old one is still up here, but bear in mind that the products in that blog sale are currently at my Ma’s and the list is not up to date….basically after a while I just don’t have the time to go into the list and knock things off!).

Nosc2 jpg 2898×1932

So there’s stuff like Etude House, Holika Holika, Shiseido, MAQUillage, Paul & Joe, Mary Quant, Sonia Rykiel etc. etc. I am trying to get my stash UNDER CONTROL! I also have a ton of samples to dish out with every order! 

The blog sale will go live on Saturday 15th February at 7pm (this Saturday!). There won’t be a preview list this time as it’s a much smaller sale, unless I have a spare few hours to type it up before hand (probably not though!).

Usual drill with blog sales, this should be a lot more easier for me to pack up so I’ll have them out in a week or so.  Please see previous blog sale for the terms and conditions.  

See you then! 

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