Mindless buy of the day: Mini Bourjois Color Exciting Eyeliner

Mini Bourjois sure is cute and adorable, but I haven’t really been blown away with the range. Then when shopping for my friend, Musey, I saw these little pencils which are new to the range.

bourjois color exciting eye liner mini.jpg

Color Exciting Eyeliner
! There are 8 shades in the range – they were just dumped on the stand so I picked out two, in purple 06 and gold 07.

These are so dinky and cute. I love anything mini sized (apart from lunch) although these are very very small. Lose them within a week? You betcha!

Eyes Mini Color Exciting eyeliners – Bourjois Paris - cosmetic and beauty.jpg

They are automatic pencils – they would have to be…have you ever tried sharpening really small pencils? It’s no fun.

See it on my eyes after the jump!
Imagine if you got your entire range of cosmetics from Bourjois mini, how small could your make up bag be?

mini bourjois colour exciting pencil.jpg

These pencils despite being small are fairly comfortable to use. There was an offer on in Boots at the time, 2 for £5 but these were only £2.44 each – so the special off is redundant! You can pick more expensive items though like the mini mascara which is about £3.50.

mini bourjois exciting .jpg

The texture is pretty pigmented and creamy. These swatched nicely with one swipe although I do tend to prefer a drier texture pencil as it tends to stay better on my waterline.

mini bourjois eye liner.jpg

The purple is not quite as vivid as I’d like. The gold is nice too, although neither blows me away.

On my eyes:

mini bourjois eyeliner .jpg

The gold in the colour in my crease – mixed with a bit of purple, it looks more deep mauve-grey. So they are very blendable anyway. It didn’t really work for my waterline though.

mini bourjois eyeliner.jpg

All in all, cute little purchases and inexpensive. I have no desire to go out and buy the rest of them though – they are good, but not amazing and I am more than happy to continue aggravating my back problem by carrying my ‘if the world should end’ make up bag with me, complete with full sized eyeliners.

Like em? Or think they are gimmicky?

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