Mild Irritation of the Day: ASOS being crap – UPDATED!

Sorry guys, just pushing this post to the top!

UPDATE No. 3 – 12.03.10

So here I am, nice and comfy on a Friday Night, and I dig out the PJ bottoms I bought from ASOS.

Open the bag and…it isn’t my PJ bottoms. Its a crusty old pink skirt with a stain on it (I am trying to bring myself to take a picture of it but I just can’t…)

The PJ Bottoms have a pattern on them and I had glimpsed in the bag when I was in work and wondered why the item was plain pink – I thought they were inside out!

Just emailed ASOS on their email to explain the situation.

Said that although my size is now sold out, I will take the next size down as a replacement.

All I got (very quickly) was a stock response with return instructions. Yes I know how to return the item – I have a freepost label remember? But when/how will the item be replaced?!?!

On the ASOS dispatch note it clearly says:

Send us an email to – we’ll reply within 60 minutes, send the right item out to you on a next day service and give you 10% off your next order. Simple.

Extreme bad luck? Or messing with my mind?

UPDATE No. 2 – 12.03.10

Item arrived hurrah! Ahead of schedule (due on Monday but came of Friday).

UPDATE No. 1 – 11.03.10

Shortly after this post ASOS did indeed dispatch my order

I have a love hate-relationship with them as it is. I think the site is great to navigate, I think they have some stuff that looks amazing on the models blah blah blah. But they must screw up my orders more than they do to anyone else. (Search of ASOS on the blog if you want to see previous posts!)

Anyway – scenario outlined in the below email which I’ve just sent to ASOS. They will either ignore me or send me another stock reply or god forbid – actually just deal with the matter.

For no reason whatsoever – food carvings


In regards to my order – 18****77.

Order was made on 05th March.

No updates so on Tuesday 09th March – I am sure you can see, I have been emailing and also tweeting to find out what the status of the order is.

Have been told its in the warehouse etc.

Payment has been taken from my Paypal account.

Now – been promised a dispatch notification a few times but it hasn’t arrived as promised. Also been told that the shipping method I chose means that I might not get a shipping notification?

(Since when has the shipping method chosen meant that you DON’T get a dispatch note? Even though I did choose Super Saver Delivery, surely if something has dispatched, you can let me know?)

All I was trying to find out is IF the item has been dispatched – actually left your warehouse and secondly, if it will now make it for the agreed delivery date of Monday 15th March.

Can’t get a clear answer from anyone. There’s no point responding to queries within an hour if you don’t actually answer the question being asked. No?

Please just let me know if:

If the item has been dispatched and has left your warehouse

If Not…

I would like a full refund asap. The order will not arrive on time now, and it will save me returning a parcel to you.

Please let me know

Miss Candy

I hate people not doing what they have promised to do.  The fact that various companies that I’ve ordered things from…like yesterday have already dispatched my items is a making me extra agitatied. 

Am I slightly irate today? You better believe it!

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  1. says

    ASOS are a pain in the arse, it’s probably because they don’t need to work hard to get the sales – for example brands that dispatch quickly (ELF, off the top of my head) need to do so because they need to build up a reputation for good customer service. ASOS on the other hand have already built their reputation for great products and for some reason they don’t feel the need to offer good customer service as well. I’ve ordered stuff from ASOS (very very very rarely) and it takes aaaages. But I occasionally like their stuff so I buy it.

    It’s like MAC – some of the SAs give the impression that they don’t need to help you because they’ll make their sales targets anyway.

  2. Chica says

    Argh Her Royal Poshness- I’ve just placed an order for the OPI polishes as it’s free delivery today. If they turn up like that I’ll be throwing an almighty fit at someone!

  3. Chica says

    Got mine, no breakages thank God! I don’t use them that often though, I’ve heard too many horror stories