Miffy and Yuskin

I already mentioned my love for Miffy and Yuskin collaborating and here are the goodies;


Cute! Cute! Yet more boxes to hoard.

The main thing I have noticed is that the cream and lotion are both fairly liquid and the tradition gel like yellowy texture of Yuskin is NOT present with this range. Both the cream and lotion are white and sink in easily. If you want a heavy duty cream like the original Yuskin is, then neither of these products will do the job. But as a general medicated cream, a daily use one that is very gentle, then this can work for you.

It also smells light and just like…well cream. The original Yuksin is thick and stinky – you will smell like a medicine cabinet using it.


CUTEEEEEEE!!!! This stuff isn’t LE although Kelly from Ichibankao says it’s hard to get hold of. I was considering back ups but…well have you ever finished a back up? (what do you mean yes? Well then your weird).

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  1. Jessssssssssssss says

    yes I have no money, Yes it’s to nice to use but I need it where did you get it? x

  2. says

    I ordered the UV lotion and cream, waiting for them to arrive :) How do you find the UV lotion? Is it easy to wash off or is it the waterproof kind?

    Am considering the lipbalm too…do you think its any good? Is it more on the waxy side though?

    • Row says

      Hey Blu

      To be honest I haven’t opened it yet so I don’t know it looks like it will be quite liquidy like the Sofina sunscreens. The lip balm is…mor waxy I think, like a traditional stick lipbalm. Who cares, its cute!