Mid Week Giveaway: Win a Bellapierre Cosmetics Eye Gel Worth £55

I’m feeling grumpy this week, what about you? The weather, the scenarios I am finding myself in…grrr!

Anyway here’s a little perk-me-up. From bellapierre, comes this gorgeous paraben free eye gel worth £55.


They say:

Designed for the delicate skin around the eye, this gentle and fast-absorbing formula combines fruit extracts and vitamins to enhance antioxidant performance, neutralise free radicals and help eliminate puffiness. It improves elasticity and suppleness, helping prevent premature signs of aging.

Wanna win?
Method 1.

Answer this question:

I need some good news. Tell me at least 2 things you have to look forward to this week?:


I am going out for really nice dinner planned on Thursday Evening, and hitting the Nars counter and going for a facial after on Friday after work! On Sunday it’s my mum’s birthday so once again will be hitting another restaurant.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win Bellapierre Eye Gel. For info go to – http://tinyurl.com/39xzxeq

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

One week to enter ladies! And gents!

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  1. says

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow,
    becouse a friend of my has a 1 year old doughter named kiki and I have a 1 year old son named Noah…
    noah Is so exited about that .. that he says the hole day … KiKi , KiKi, Kiki .. so cute

    and bij and of the week i’m going out with my boyfriend without our son.. just the 2 of us going to eat and see a movie

  2. says

    Im gunna have to tweet this one, because this weeks not going good for me at all. My mums just been took into Hospital :( Oh I suposse I can look forward to the postie bringing my Naked palette.


  3. says

    Im looking forward to FRIDAY because I start Baby Massage with my 12wk old baby girl :) and then afterwards going for lunch with my little boy and best friend. Also my hubby starts his weeks Holiday after Friday :)

    Sher x

    Jo- Hugs hun x

  4. says

    I’m getting a huge ELF package by the end of the week, and I’m going to spend a whole day just for myself this Friday to chillax before my classes start again.

    RTed btw :) Am @electronicfly

  5. Jenny says

    Looking forward to dinner on Thursday evening with friends and on the weekend my cousin is coming to stay!!


  6. Jen says

    hmmm let’s see…I guess I’m looking forward to receiving all my packages from internet hauling (and from your blog sale haha) – browsing on the internet when I should be doing something else is soooo dangerous! But I managed to get 3 freebies with one of the orders, which I’m rather chuffed with…Martin-moneysaving expert eat your heart out!
    And I’m not working this Friday (yay!), so will probably take my mum for a nice day out shopping and for lunch, hopefully the weather will be nice!
    It’s nice when you’ve got something to look forward to towards the end of the week, work days seem to fly a little quicker lol Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and what sounds like quite a nice little pamper session on Friday :)

  7. says

    I am looking forward to devouring the giant piece of chocolate my mother sent me. It’s as big as a large box of chocolates – but one huge piece *drools*.

    I am also looking forward to going to the local Avon beauty center to check out their lipsticks that MusingsofaMuse recommended to me 😀

  8. sarah says

    would love to win this :)

    looking forward to seeing my boyf on thursday and going to the cinema and out for a meal at a mexican resrtaunt-which i love.

    Also going to a wedding on saturday! so sorting out what to wear and what make up to wear etc :) hopefully it will stop raining!

  9. Namdo says

    This week I’m looking forward to finishing my packing and moving into my new house with two of my very best friends at college for our final year! And preparing myself mentally for the school year– hoping for straight A’s. That’s more than two, but there it is!

    Comment was meant for this page. I’ve been having trouble with your site; it keeps switching to different pages randomly. Hm… probably a problem on my end– sorry for the mix-up!

  10. Harpreet says

    This week im looking forward to getting my maltese puppy on Sunday and im looking forward to receiving these coloured contacts that I ordered from America, which are called solotica, these are meant to be for dark eyes, ooooh cant wait!! :)

  11. Shari says

    I have a lovely farmer’s market tomorrow where there’ll be all sorts of yummy food and good company, looking forward to that. Also, on the same day, I have my wedding anniversary. Not sure if the hubby has anything planned, but I have a couple of surprises for him, so should be good.

  12. says

    I have the rest of the week off so I’m looking forward to this looong weekend, sleep and relax :)
    I’m looking forward to the items from your blog sale too, don’t know if it will come this week but excited nonetheless ^^

    Will retweet too, @vanityfashionis

    thank you! x

  13. Jane says

    Firstly, I am immensely looking forward to the wine tasting session I have organised tomorrow (hopefully they’ll have lots and lots of full-bodied reds!). I am also counting on dropping into the Paul & Joe counter at Harrods to browse and pick beforehand (I saw that they had something new and weird from Elle so gonna check that out).

    Then I also have your package from your Blog Sale 6 to look forward to!

    And for Saturday, I’m going to a jacuzzi party at my friend’s so that will give me the chance to test out the Majolica waterproof mascara. Will see how that goes!

  14. rebecca ho says

    im really looking forward to shopping with my sister some time this week; there’re lots of things i really wanna buy!
    im also looking forward to meeting up with my close friend since i havent seen her for ages because she went on holiday to dubai. PLUS the next time i see her she’s gonna give me my belated birthday pressie 😀

  15. Phoebe says

    This week I can finally get excited to buy new goodies for Uni now that I got my a level results! Celebrating with friends this week with lots of dinners and nights in with dvds and take out!

  16. Halifax says

    I look forward to the weekend – go sailing with my friend, then a sleepover. Hope the weather is nice enough. And maybe look forward to some packages in the mail, lol

  17. Giselle says

    Not sure if I count, since i’m in the US…but here goes. I’m looking forward to finally watching Inception this weekend, and to receiving a reward product from my Sephora purchase tomorrow!

  18. Danielle Graves says

    On Friday I have a date with a mate. We are going bowling and to an all you can eat chinese and I can’t wait. He’s a good lad and so it should be a good night :o)

    Saturday I am going to go spend my birthday money on some new make up. I’ve been eyeing up the Famous by Sue Moxley range so may opt for a few of those pieces :o)

  19. says

    Okay… 2 good things I’m looking forward to this week.
    1. The fixed Rock Band Guitar I ordered is coming in the mail in a few days!!!
    2. Probably going to be hitting SF Sephora up for the Smashbox Masquerade Makeup Demo this weekend! I’m excited =)))))

  20. says

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow fri cos I’m going to go see inception!! 😀 I heard its great too~ and I’m looking forward to the weekend so I can relax. Yay to sleeping in!!

  21. Ashley says

    I’m excited for Saturday as i leave for a 2 day shopping trip across the borders! WOohoo!

  22. visenya says

    I’m looking forward to a friend’s birthday on Saturday – we’re spending it as a girls’ night in. And catching up with another friend who’s back from the UK.

  23. Calista 101 says

    I’m looking forward to my movie day (planned forever) whereupon I am going o watch so many movies I won’t be able to blink and survive on a diet that consists only of junk food.

    I’m also looking forward to the school holidays which are coming up in a couple of weeks – so close and yet so far…

    And bonus look-forward: SUMMER! It’s coming soon in NZ and I can’t wait for it to arrive… ice-creams, beaches, bikinis, tans, hot wind. What’s not to love about Summer?

    Sorry, just asking, is this an international competition? Thanks.

  24. says

    im looking forward for next monday cos my mom bday =) i ll make surprise for her!
    and looking forward to learn how to make chees cake with my friends this sunday for my mom .. coz she loves chess cake 😀
    thank you! 😀

  25. Ana Belén says

    This week, I’m looking forward to go shopping with my boyfriend and go to the cinema to see ORIGEN with my friend!

  26. Clare says

    Not sure if I’m too late for this but I will answer it as though I were answering it the day you posted! This week I was looking forward to spending a week with my boyfriend. We played house and looked after a puppy, it was lovely. I am also looking forward to getting details about my college course :]

  27. Lyudmila says

    1 new: I won a prize in international competition. This are earrings!
    2 new: I have a lot of time communicated with my little niece, while her parents were at a wedding!

  28. says

    Firstly, I am looking forward to how my blog turns out to be as I just started recently a new blog :)
    Secondly, I am looking forward to shopping for makeup(will be hitting mac counters later this week) 😀 😀

  29. janet umney says

    Hi you, I really like your blog site and I hope your feeling a little more perky, right the two things that I am really looking forward to this week are Friday evening relaxing infront of the tv with hubby whilst we are munching our way through loads of chocolate bars, crisps, pop with a dvd… my second bestest thing ever is on saturday morning, a nice cup of hot sweet tea in bed and the kids pouring in one by one sitting on the bottom of my bed, cracking silly little jokes, all the while they are chattering over each other, about boys,makeup, clothes, music and such the like. Laughter echoing around the house making memories for each of us to treasure.