Mid Week Giveaway! Three Ped Eggs to Win & Winner Announcement!


The Winner of the Jenulence Minerals Set is SITA. Please email me your address for the prize

Girls who won prizes a few weeks ago – the fake tan, the Fleurs De Bach etc. I am chasing them up for you, hang tight!

Now, todays giveaway – there’s three Ped Eggs from JML! I freaking love JML as many of you will know…

Pink Ped Egg.jpg

Wanna win it?

A video:

How to enter…

Well, I am close to making my first proper You Tube Video but I want to know – “What are your personal dos and don’t dos in a You Tube/Short make up video? And if you can – what look would you love me to do?”

Leave a comment and you will be entered!


I hate boring videos with too much chat from someone who sounds like they’ve just crawled out of a morgue.

I love energetic videos that are fun and are a little different too from the others.

I was thinking my first look should be Pinks for Valentines day or a Tiger look for Chinese New Year!


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Winner announced NEXT FRIDAY! Open to everyone!

Good Luck!

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  1. Rebecca Ball says

    I love videos with cool music and hate videos that go on too long.

    I think the video should be tips for a big Valentines date.

  2. Tara says

    I enjoy videos with lots of enthusiasm and a bit of humour :)

    I dislike wafflers…I want to know about the make-up, not what you ate for dinner and why.

    I would love you to do smokey eyes! I always find it difficult and would love to be able to watch on repeat when I need to do it myself.

  3. mel says

    i don’t like fast moving ‘/shaky videos and would like clear shots of how something is being done rather than just being told how
    i’d love to see looks for teenagers(like my daughter) which include the less is more message.


  4. says

    DON’T ; wear too much makeup pehleaaseeee
    Do: keep it simple and natural so viewers can relate to you.
    DO : good lighting + background
    DON’T : be distracted by phone tones ( piss me off ) I mean it can be put on silent mode

    Retweeted as makeupdivaa

  5. says

    Keep it to the point and simple
    Use close ups (we want to see what’s going on, not at a distance)
    Good lighting

    Maybe do different styles of make up, how to achieve the look etc

  6. liloo says

    I would love a tutorial for going out occasions like
    ‘shit i only have 20 minutes for my makeup’ and i need to be out of the door in 20 minutes, in other words, minimum time, maximum impact make up look. I love voice overs videos, this minimises the waffling. Hate to have to wait for the end of a tutorial to see the finished look. Love also to have the video linked to a blog, where I can see the picture non compressed by a youtube video. I find it handy to have the list of products which i can copy and paste either from the sidebar or from the supporting blog.

  7. Tania says

    Do make your video short and to the point
    Do have good lighting
    Do use a Good camera

    Make dramatic make up looks :-)

  8. Damiana Moser says

    I like a small introduction to the look you gonna do and the result at the beginning. Then the part where you show how to do the look, not too long; cut it (the whole blending process gets easily boring).

    I hate it when the quality is fucked up or when the view never changes (close-ups are useful!)
    And it pisses me off when the sound is loud or hurts (because the camera is not able to get your voice correctly)…

    I’d love to see videos where you use some of the rather unkown brands (japanese or corean brands). And a video with your daily or your favourite make-up and so on…

  9. Grace says

    Do make sure you get straight to the point of the video
    Don’t ramble and go off on a tangent.
    Would love to see some useful tutorials that viewers could easily replicate

  10. Caroline says

    I love good clear videos, and video where the person doesn’t talk too much nonsense :D. I also love good lighting,a and I would love a vid for a look for CNY πŸ˜€

  11. Emme says

    I love HQ videos where the person is clear, concise and looks great, and I would really appreciate it if you could do a “going-out” makeup tutorial that we can replicate easily at home.

  12. says

    First of all….don’t ramble or babble too much! I hate the ones where the intro is two minutes long. We want to see tutorials not life stories!! Also make sure your lighting is good. MakeupRepublic and MakeupGeek are GREAT with that! I don’t watch videos that have bad lighting because I really can’t see how the makeup looks :( I’m excited to see what you do! I really like when people use palettes. You may have invented a look that I never have thought of :)

  13. ezzie says

    i hate videos with super-long intros with the person jabbling along about their day or something like that

    i love unique, down-to-earth honest videos that are straight to the point and informative


  14. Natalie says

    What are your personal dos and don’t dos in a You Tube/Short make up video? And if you can – what look would you love me to do?”

    Be knowlegable about your products/techniques- no need to sound like a text book, but I hate when people showcase a product an dgethe facts wrong.
    Be yourself. You don’t have to be a ray of sunshine; unless of course you ARE.
    Tell the bad and good aspects in reviews

    Don’t ask for opinions/constructive criticism and then get butt hurt
    Try not to say UM every 5 seconds
    I really hate when people say. ” I’ve got a haul for you guys…” No, you have a haul for yourself. You are showing viewers what YOU got.

    I’d love to see a look with Taupe shadow. Sounds so simple but I never know exactly what to do with it.

    Also retweeted as twitter.com/ikielove

  15. says

    Excellent blog! I am so adding you to my bookmarks, finally reviews that actually tell you something!

    Well in a makeup review vid, it should be short with clear, concise, illustrated instructions. I hate ones that are too long or say something but don’t show images of it cos…why are you on video, right? Also, adding text to underline your points is always good, it gives viewers a triple chance of learning – through sound, image and text.

    I would disagree about adding music, I find vids that add unnecessary things like titles, loud music or sad animations kinda annoying too.

    New looks to do: would love to see how to do geisha makeup, how to do all the basics that a lot of people don’t know, and one thing I always hear but never know what they’re on about…contouring! What is contouring and how the heck do you do it?

  16. Phi says

    I like videos with background music and that have been edited/cut to make them more streamlined and I don’t like one-take, rambling videos or ones with bad quality.

  17. says

    Haha I LOVE the PedEgg commercial! It grosses me out!

    For your video, don’t play really loud music in the background, it’s really annoying when there’s a super good makeup tutorial and there’s loud blaring music in your ear!
    Label the makeup you’re using somewhere.
    You’re so funny and amusing on your blog, make sure you’re like that on YouTube too!
    And i would love to see a great red lip tutorial :)

  18. mayrei says

    Good lighting, please! I hate videos where I can’t clearly see the products and the person, or the colors are washed out, too dark, or yellowy. Michelle Phan (whether you love her or hate her) has the kind of clear, bright videos I’m talking about.

    I like music in videos as long as it doesn’t overwhelm everything… nice subtle music in the background in fine.

    I would definitely love to see reviews/tutorials with more Asian brands.

  19. diskogal says

    Ohhh this egg-shaped thingy looks interesting!!

    Well, the only type of videos I (loathe) really can’t stand are those tutorials where the person just goes on and on (and on…) for no reason…including lots of “um…yeah”s and “eeer”s. Just get to the point or edit goddammit!

    I would love to see a simple, easy, and natural everyday look! I usually don’t like looking too made-up during the day, so I would really like to see a few simple lessons on proper foundation application, contouring etc!

    But I trust you, so I will be happy to watch whatever you decide to do :)