Mesmerized by Aube eyelashes…

Nothing beats boreem more than watching Make Up videos on You Tube! We all know the king is Enkore with his amazingly useful videos but there is also Beauty Exchange, which is a Hong Kong based website and network who have good videos with make overs done by guests artists.

Rick Chin did some looks using Aube’s summer range. There is no talking or guidence with the video so I didn’t pay lots of attention to them, but re-watching them again, I was mesmerized by the eyelashes on this model:

Gorgeous! Bearing in mind her lashes were nothing like that to begin with! I think the magic was in the short, soft strokes.

I am trying to find out which mascara exatlly this is – I think because it is a double ended tube, it’s the lash and gloss (same shape as this tube) but one side looks like a white fiber base as opposed to the blue gloss:

Aube also do a double produce mascara, which has a handy little bent brush for the corners of the eye:

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a mascara whore right?!

Tomorrow I am paying a visit to my nearest MAC store! I am excited because I don’t get to go very often and I have managed to badger my other half into taking me. And also Christmas tree shopping for my mum…

Will it be a success? Will I be able to wake myself up? Its 4am now so…hmmm….

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