Merry Christmas One & All!

Merry Christmas and Good Tidings to One & All!

I hope everyone will eat lots and get lots of presents (I spy a few beauty goodies for me – peeking, moi?).

My lot have quite a food extravaganza coming up!

This was my turkey from last year, just a tiny thing made for two:

As soon as Christmas Day is over, we will all wonder what all the stressing and fuss was about!

Then comes New Year…who else is really looking forward to 2008? I am!

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  1. Row says

    Merry Christmas Ladies! Are we all two stone heavier?!

    Vanessa – I didn’t that much this year but I definately got some lovely things..some really nice lether gloves, lots of nice Make Up, some games. Did you get everything you wanted?


  2. Vanessa says

    Yeah this year I really just wanted to see my sisters so I am really glad I was able to spend it with them this year…I got a lot of clothes and gift cards which is always nice!

    Any plans for New Years?

  3. Row says

    Oh I hadn’t even thought about New Years Vanessa!

    My cousins love Fireworks and my whole family are off work for once so I think we may hunt down a nice firework display possibly even in London!

    Your sisters are very beautiful!