Meow Meow! Paul & Joe Spring 2012 Feline Collection

I tried to ignore this range, I really really did, but it is so damn cute, and what am I if not a cat momma?!


When I showed this range to Mr C, he groaned loudly because he knew it had me at hello…let’s take a closer look!


Matte Pressed Powder £28:PAUL JOE SPRING 2012 Matte Pressed Powder

I need this I need this I need this, the packaging is perfect, the paw print on the puff is cute and I like matte finish powders (yeah, that too).

Face and Eye Colour CS £19.50 each:


There is-

Kiity Cat: Matte Nude and Pearly Pink

Purr-Fect – Ivory and Moss Green

Siamese, Please – Neutral Bronze and Beiges (all with the cat print).

Very cute but I can live without these….

Lipstick C £16:

PAUL JOE SPRING 2012 lipstick c

There is –

Sex Kitten – Beige

Meow! – Natural Pink

Catwalk- Healthy Orange

Once again very cute, but I can live without more lipsticks….

Blusher Sticks £21:

PAUL JOE SPRING 2012 Cheek sticks

There is –

Glamour Puss – Soft Beige

Minou – Pastel Pink

Cat Fight – Tangerine

Ahhh this is just my kindof thing. I want pink and tangerine!

Nail Varnish £10:


There is –

Tigress – Nude Beige

Kitten Claws – Elegant Pink

Manekineko – Flirty Pink (love this)

Finally, Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (permanent surely?) for £16:

Re MEOW PAUL JOE SPRING 2012 gel eyeliner

Definitely don’t need another gel eyeliner!

So on my hit list is the matte face powder, two cheek sticks and the bright pink nail polish! Gorgeous!

This collection goes on sale on from the 1st February. It is also sold on Paul & Joe counters and ASOS.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. says

    I’ve got the pawprint lipstick and the Kitteh Siamese Please powder! You can get them at but it looks like the pFace and Eye powder has sold out!

  2. says


    How cute are these.. I have used Beuaty bay before and know they are a good website to use.

    Thanks for showing the range in such details being a x 2 cat mumma I must say I will definately be looking to purchase a few of these thing.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Have a good day

    lots of love pinkchickclaire – xx

  3. says

    Looks amazing!!! That pressed powder has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Just wondering though, the blusher sticks look like they’re shaped like cats at the tip, but would the ears not fall off or make the product go funny? I’m reading this off my phone so I can’t see the pics as brilliantly as I would if I were on my computer.
    The shades are really gorgeous. Hopefully the collection will stick around long enough for me to get a ‘proper’ job & some pounds instead of pennies :)

    Steph xx

  4. NoBunny says

    Oh geeze, I’m not even a huge cat person but that paw puff has me! And those blushers are just too cute to use!

  5. Shari says

    Oh man, I wish these were available in the States! I’m a cat mamma, too, and that paw print puff is just too cute. Yeah, I like matte powder, too. 😉 Lucky you for getting all that stuff!