Mention in the New York Times!

A few people have asked me about this, as I was interviewed recently for a New York Times Interview about my obsession with Japanese cosmetics. The blog got a really nice mention – you can read it here.

It’s been a funny old week, but I have realised with the love of your family and cats, you can kick arse. Here’s a picture of a cat kicking arse:


Bring it on!

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  1. Pam says

    Hi, I came over from the NYTimes article. I have really been enjoying all of your archives. I have always been frustrated with “Western” makeup, especially mascara (everything makes my lashes flop – I have short, thin lashes) and I’ve been reading with interest all of your reviews on Japanese makeup. I live in Chicago and we have a Japanese supermarket in the suburbs that we make it to every few weeks or so. I noticed when I was there yesterday that they have a makeup section which I never paid attention to before. Next time I go, I’ll be armed and ready. Keep up the great work!


    p.s. what is your favorite mascara so far?

    • Row says

      Hi Pam! Thanks for coming over!

      At the moment I like SANA Gaaafix but it’s a bit flaky. I can’t tell you how fussy I am about mascara – I still haven’t found “The One” x

  2. Lisa says

    I also came over from the NYTimes and, after working in Singapore for 5 months last year, I’m pleased to see the word getting out on Asian cosmetics. Love the blog….so much good information!!