Memories and Make Up: Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Colour in Lychee

When I first posted about these Cheek and Lip Colours from Skinfood, you girls expressed make up lurve!

Well…I was thinking about Lychees the other week – maybe I was just feeling nostalgic as it was the “special” fruit we had when I was a kid and because I have this everlasting memory of sitting the back of my Mum’s car, my Nan passing me a lychee (I was about 9) and seeing a maggot thing crawl around the top of it.

Yes really. I think I screamed and threw it towards the front of the car, or did I put it back into the bag? Can’t remember. Knowing my calm demeanour as a child, it was probably the latter.

So…it’s not really been the same for me and lychee (though I love the scent) since that moment.

Coincidentally, Mr Candy isn’t keen, and I always said I’d never marry a man who didn’t like mango and lychee. Here is the lychee, if you don’t know what it looks like:


So I know Skinfood has all kinds of beauty goodies based around food (they even have a cheese face mask and black garlic face cream ) so sure enough an eBay search showed that they had this Cheek and Lip colour in Lychee flavour!


They had other lychee scented stuff which I also purchased, just waiting to arrive.

Anyway – this is a gorgeous colour. Had no idea what it looked like but its the perfect creamy peach. Not very lychee like though – I’d be bold and make it a red if I was developing this product:


I guess these are similar to Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges which are fabulous too, but Skinfood’s product is creamier and softer and for me, slightly more wearable on the lips because they are so dry.

The pigment is at a good level too, no rent-a-clown going on.
See how there’s a small chip in the colour? Its because there was a black dot of dust on it so I just had to scrape it off and in the process remove a chunk of product – d’oh!



It reminds me of my YSL Rouge Volupte Tender Peach lipstick some how! Its a gorgeous colour, very wearable and a nice texture too.

Here it is on the lips :


I really like this product on the cheek and lip.

At the moment, I am OBSESSED with cheek and lip dual use products, and MOST, for me, do not live to up the lip side of the bargain. This one really does.

I’d love it in a stick form too.

On the cheek:


Hell yes, I like, possibly love. So screw you Mr Maggot!

I bought this for about £7.50 from seller Jinastar on eBay. Better than any of the other cheek and lip rubbish I’ve tried lately.

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  1. Caroline says

    wow thats such a pretty colour! Going to ask my cousin from HK to send me one now! :)

  2. Lucy says

    I’ve been ever so slightly obsessed with reading Skin Food reviews since you sent me a beer shampoo sample from them with a competition prize I won.
    It was so good, my boyfriend kept sniffing my hair and poking it 😉

    I’m now lemming absolutely everything they make now and this is no different. Damn you!

    • Row says

      I love skinfood – I think its my brand of the moment?

      Men and Beer! Works everytime!

  3. jaffra says

    I love the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Stonewashed Pink but the bastardos discontinued it! I actually managed to finish a whole one up, i’d been using it since university..

  4. Naz says

    I’ve been ‘watching’ these for a while on ebay, you may have given me the push I (so didn’t!) need!

    Looks gorgeous.